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  1. I eat onions on practically everything but ice cream...
  2. Y'know, for years I've been thinking it would have been a brilliant marketing ploy to sell D&D to kids to make "Ral Pasta" - little pasta bits in fun official AD&D monster shapes... Edit: "Ral Pasta" is also the term I use to refer to all those miniature lots on EvilBuy where they're selling like 200 miniatures but only have one or two pictures of the whole mess sitting jumbled together in a box....
  3. Sounds like you may just be barking at the wrong tree, so to speak... Seems to me like the group has found their One True Way, and you're just the odd man out who's looking for a bit more from time than the standard beer-and-pretzels game they want to play. They look at you funny because from their perspective you're the guy who's trying to rock the boat. There's not a lot you can do if the group is dead set on doing things the same way all the time, except decide whether or not it's bothersome enough to keep you from just accepting the status quo and going with the herd. Maybe you can save the deeper stories for your writing.
  4. I think those three grey plastic guys were MageKnight figures. The little metal guy with the spikes is one of Reaper's Bloodstone Gnomes (there's a whole faction of them), the little paladin is a gnome (77681 Blink Berenwicket), and the frog-thing is actually supposed to be a Blue Slaad... Amusingly, you grabbed almost half of the stuff I just put in, lol - the gnome, the knight, the mini-taurs and the two Hordes figures were all from me. Now I'm totally picturing the High Priest of the Mushroom God, some spaced-out druid who's sampled way too much of his master's bounty, that the party needs to keep focused on reality long enough to get coherent info out of him...
  5. Pipes aren't a common accessory for a miniature, outside of a few wizards or maybe a Hobbit. Your best bet might be to find a darf with appropriate clothing/armor/hair holding a staff (or at least with a hand in a good position to be holding a staff), and then add the pipe and staff as necessary. Here's a few staff-wielding cleric-like dwarves who have hands that could be modified to be holding a pipe... https://www.reapermini.com/search/dwarf staff/latest/03731 https://www.reapermini.com/search/dwarf staff/latest/14467 https://www.reapermini.com/search/dwarf staff/latest/02707 https://www.reapermini.com/search/dwarf staff/latest/03455 https://www.reapermini.com/search/dwarf staff/latest/02187
  6. "Yo, Aragornnnnn!!!!!"
  7. Fortunately(?) I've never had the cash to acquire either that much space or the stuff to fill it... (My whole miniatures collection only takes up about four standard kitchen cabinets.)
  8. Considering the subject matter, the face works perfectly, lol - that little guy is three sheets to the wind in a hurricane, and about to capsize...
  9. My haul from the Generic Fighter box... Not shown are some random dice and some small sheets of gold leaf...
  10. Yup, been there (who am I kidding, it's my current shipping address)... Welcome to the support group - cookies and coffee are over there on the corner table...
  11. Generic Fighter box shipped out 2/20 after weather delays...
  12. I've had this one on my want list for awhile now... Love the colors.
  13. Yeah, the Great Sell Out (Which was followed the next year by GSO II) also saw me dumping a fairly sizeable collection of original World of Darkness stuff, both Vampire and Werewolf, as well as most of my Reaper minis...
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