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  1. Hell, write up some rules and stuff them inside - I'll buy a copy, lol... I've seen some of their stuff on EvilBuy - they've got some interesting figures...
  2. So, this is how frackin' lazy Jack is... The last TWO times I've run out of clean socks... I just stopped off at Wallyworld and bought a new package. I suck at life-ing.
  3. One package shipped from AUS on May 9th has been sitting in San Francisco for two weeks now. It was actually roughly on schedule until it hit the US, lol. And the dice I ordered from China at the beginning of April may or may not have left China yet.
  4. It's all just grease and other stuff on the outside of the envelope, and fortunately dry by now - the contents were unharmed. I found the direction sheets for the 1980's LJN AD&D bronze dragon and destrier toys on EvilBuy for cheap, so I bought em. They were shipped in a comic book bag taped between two sheets of corrugated cardboard so they were fine. As for what happened, I can only assume it got caught in a sorting machine mishap and yanked through somewhere it wasn't supposed to go...
  5. Apparently there have been protests in CT, but it seems largely limited to the large cities. Here in southeastern CT we're all small cities, towns and rural areas, and if not for the reports about protesters in Hartford and New Haven you wouldn't have known anything was happening at all.
  6. My brother's wife has published a handful of books, and for a time even ran a small self-publishing business. It's really cool seeing someone's name on a book cover when you know them well, isn't it?
  7. Despite the fact that we have a fairly flourishing beaver population in CT, basically nobody around here actually eats them...
  8. The Hound + The Fox - Walk With Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8apDbxaY_8g
  9. Lol - at this point, the biggest restriction on exporting live beavers is the post office's ability to get them delivered while they're still live... With their tastebuds. <ducks as objects fly overhead> (Actually, I've heard conflicting reports about whether or not they taste good, but I've never tried it before...)
  10. One thing you can do as an anti-fogging measure, assuming your glasses are comfortable enough, is to pull them out away from your face just a bit, and make sure they overlap the top of the mask. Doesn't help much if you're going to be leaning over looking down at stuff for extended periods, but for walking around it does help a lot. Also, if you have an old dust mask in your garage, you can pull the metal nose bit out of it and sew it into your cloth mask.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GA5Mf-BCvk Did you hear that Sam and Stan, the famous singing Siamese twin lobsters, just received divorce papers from their wife? Sounds like something to train the minions to do now that they're teenagers...
  12. For anybody with First Nations heritage and all the history buffs... This guy has made a 1491 Census map of Turtle Island... I.E, This is possibly the most accurate existing representation of what the native tribes of the US and their territories looked like in the years before the European settlers came. Aaron Carapella, who's part Aniyunwiya (Cherokee, in their language), spent 14 years compiling the information for this map, studying old books and calling different tribes.
  13. I have all four in metal (but loose), and now these two guys in plastic in the blister, so I'm only missing the other two. My eventual goal, some years in the future, is to have the entire series still in the blisters. But I'm pretty much declaring a moratorium on my collecting for the foreseeable future in order to concentrate on paying down bills in response to some potential job uncertainty. So, as it stands, I now have 75 of the 142 SKUs in the 11-xxx Monsters series. 13 of them in their blister packs.
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