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  1. Reaper does make a set of alien strippers....
  2. Nah... I still have the rest of it. I just keep it in a trunk in my closet, and hang it out in front of the house around this time each year so it can hand out candy to the kids.
  3. I have fond memories of the time I sat a small cat on the table during a boss fight once, lol... Even worse, I had managed to teach the kitten a trick - whenever I tapped one of the plastic prepaints, he'd also tap it and knock it over. My players were openly discussing how to hide my corpse, hehehe.
  4. I think I only ever caught the first two seasons, but I liked that show. In the past month, I've managed to plow through the first six and a half seasons of Game of Thrones again. There were actually a couple good scenes in there that I'd somehow forgotten about. Should be done with it by the end of the week.
  5. Sometimes when I find my back bothering me during hobby time, I switch out my regular computer chair for a wooden chair with a somewhat high back, and turn it around so that my chest is up against the back of the chair... Dunno if that would help.
  6. @OneBoot You should find this interesting... A lady in Tacoma is teaching her dog to communicate by pressing buttons...
  7. One of the things I like to do is make hot dog sandwiches on toast - I slice the dogs into rounds and cook them in a skillet with some chopped onion, then put some Swiss cheese down on a piece of light toast, cover it in hot dog rounds, add another slice of Swiss, a layer of the onions, and then another piece of cheese and the top piece of toast. I heat it up in the skillet until the toast gets darker and the cheese gets all melty, then slice em in half with a bit of ketchup on the side to dip them in. Well, the kid's definitely got your hair... No. No, it shouldn't. Lol. There's about three weeks every spring where damn near every square foot of land with grass growing on it is covered in goose crap...
  8. Right... i am not about to let a turkey-and-swiss sandwich after work count as "dinner"... I am getting off the damn internet now and going to make real food, well okay, some vague approximation thereof involving hot dogs and french fries. But it will involve actual cooking.
  9. Okay, this is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen in several months... I just saw it over on ENWorld and had to share it... (and she's damn cute, too, lol.)
  10. Four ten-hour days isn't too terrible as long as you're not doing something where you're constantly running your elf off the whole time doing physical work*. The key is actually to lay off things like coffee and energy drinks after the first half of the day and switch to something like fruit juice, and remember to bring healthy snacks and space them out during the day. Munching on something every couple hours and staying properly hydrated will keep you going, and you won't be all wired up when you get home. *( On the other hand, I worked four tens when I was at a boating supply warehouse, as a small item picker. That was sort of rough for the first couple weeks. I was literally power-walking about fifteen miles a day carrying up to fifteen or twenty pounds of stuff, running back and forth picking orders and boxing them up to ship. And we worked until the day's orders were shipped, so sometimes those tens turned into twelves or fourteens, at least at the beginning of the boating season. On the up side, I lost about twelve pounds the summer I worked there.)
  11. Y'know, I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite... Coming home from work, traffic on a busy city street was held up for nearly three minutes by two dozen geese crossing the street - against the light... Hell, they weren't even in the crosswalk.... Damn tourists. (Must be French Canadian geese...)
  12. Eh, much easier to dispose of bloodstained shirts than a gun when hiding the evidence - knives and garrotes may lack range, but they leave less of a trail...
  13. I seem to recall OneBoot has a little plastic purple kitty in her possession - she could bring her forum avatar to life...
  14. The one and only time I've ever played Riff, it was at a national convention in front of 250 people, lol. And my friend's dog ate my space suit, so I went on stage in a new suit I'd spent the whole day of the show finishing...
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