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  1. Are you sure those aren't just windmills? Actually, it's more like people who have embraced the stereotypes out of some bizarre notion of regional pride...
  2. At the risk of getting buzzy, the Forefathers knew what they were doing when they wanted to limit the 'democracy" to just educated people, who'd been taught to think with their Classical educations... Defaulting to 'average" decision-making ability as a way of running a country doesn't particularly inspire me to visions of a bright future. People are dumb. In other news, Jack lost an auction Thursday night for the TSR 5307 Official GenCon RPGA box set - he was trying to be reasonable and keep his max bid to around $100, but the auction ended at 10pm that night and Jack was asleep when the box finally sold for $135. Jack was so tired last night that he laid down for a nap around 6pm intending to get up at 7pm. He ended up sleeping until 10:30, sleeping right through the end of three other auctions for the TSR box sets - the 5305 AD&D Monster Tribes, 5306 D&D Basic Figure Set and 5308 AD&D Heroes... Tonight, Jack just lost an auction for another copy of the GenCon RPGA box set - his last-second bid of $200 was topped at $224. Jack is disgruntled.
  3. Flumphs are secretly our Universal Overlords.
  4. Mad Jack

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Hair? What hair? Gone on top, and about down to the base of my neck in back. Not by any particular choice or action - I haven't gotten a haircut in twenty five years - my hair just literally stopped growing.
  5. I just paid more than I should have for this little lady, but she's freakin cool... Denizen Miniatures Halfling Heroine w/Sword Fantasy Range FA 22~ 1984
  6. Getting some rain up here now, probably gonna get that storm Missy mentioned eventually. In other news, I work with a real live Kender... Seriously - her name is Monique, she's about five foot...one?, and she... literally... does... not... Stop... TALKING. She talks to herself all the time - most of the time you can't even tell if she's speaking to you or herself. She wears her inner monologue on the outside, and has no brain-to-mouth filter. She's like a cartoon chihuahua or something. I'm reasonably certain I'm going to need to find a space to bury a body at some point.
  7. Mad Jack

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Buying more minis... I just acquired three more box sets from the Grenadier Colossal Lords series - the male and female frost giants and Dracona the Dragon Empress. (I now have five out of the twelve, as well as all three of the Master Wizards sets.) I also acquired the 11-451 Satyr and 11-522 Banelar from the Ral Partha AD&D Monsters line, the Half Orc Slime from the Grenadier Comedy Lords box, and an incomplete set of the figures from the RP 10-504 Dragonlance Villains box set. In relation to a slightly different hobby, I also got a really good deal (like half the regular price) on the 1986 Maia & Borges Presto the Magician pvc figure from the D&D cartoon. For those that don't know, these European-manufactured figures never got a large release in the US, so they're fairly rare and expensive when you find them. I now have Presto and Sheila, which means that I have about 1/4 of the figures now. (#lifegoalslol)
  8. It's been a family tradition since I was a kid to have one bowl to hand out to the T'n'T'ers and one bowl for the person handing out the candy...
  9. If anybody's interested, I found an EvilBuy listing for a Thinkgeek official Jim Henson 1:1 scale replica puppet of FIZZGIG from The Dark Crystal.... It's going for about $30 with two days left on the auction... Seller's name is the-dragons-egg.
  10. Sorry, Marv, but naked punk rock vampire ogres in chaps waving giant pickles just isn't going to become a thing, no matter how hard you try to make it one...
  11. Mad Jack

    Green Death, Hidden Moron

    You too, huh? Unsurprisingly, I had quite an aptitude for that game back in my college days - everyone else was playing checkers and I was a freakin' chess master, lol. I once managed to get behind a guy in a long line at the cafeteria and surreptitiously slip one of those "champagne poppers" into the pouch on his backpack, with the string tied to the zipper pulls. He sat down, reached into the pocket, said, What the...?" and wasted himself when he pulled it out to see what it was. The version we played stated that you couldn't have any witnesses to a hit unless you were disguising your identity (mask, hoodie and sunglasses, scarf over face, etc.)... So it was usually either catch your target in an isolated spot or kick in the door and hose them down with squirtguns blazing... But not me... The one exception to the public execution rule was if nobody could tell you were the one who'd done it. I was notorious for racking up no-witness hits in crowded rooms, lol. Quite a number of my targets weren't even aware who had gotten them until I went up afterward to collect the name of my next target. Aside from a talent for inventing dirty tricks and at least a passing proficiency in a number of relevant skills, my armament consisted of a pair of the Zebra guns that shot the little yellow rubber pellets, and a number of the cheap Halloween "switchblades" that slid back into the handle when you "stabbed" someone... Decades before people were modding Nerf guns, I had replaced the springs in the Zebra guns to more than double their range, and replaced all the inner workings with aluminum parts for greater precision. If I was lucky enough to be aiming downwind, I could pop somebody at almost 40 ft. away, and could put a round through a sheet of newspaper at five feet. Twice I got people in public by ricocheting my shot off a wall or door. Two of my four switchblades were also modded so that the points were rounded off and the blades weren't attached to the springs any longer. I had also more than doubled the power of the springs, so that I had a pair of "ballistic" knives with about a twelve ft. range that were easily concealable in my hands. Nobody expects to be killed from ten feet away by a guy leaning against a wall with his thumbs hooked into his pockets... Silly string noose, a "book bomb" that opened up like one of those 3D Christmas cards to say "BANG!", even a tripwire connected to a makeshift water balloon catapult... Oh, those were fun days.
  12. Hssss! Hates the Dilvish, we does, my Precious!.... I had to work yesterday, and it's too late to head up there today. I've only gotten there once this year so far. Public Service Announcement: The Harp Twins are going to be playing at the Faire during the final weekend!!!!!!
  13. Mean Mary - I Fell Into The Night
  14. ReaperCon bag and a few other figures are on their way... Also, I picked up the new CD by The HU. If you missed these guys the first time they got posted here - Yuve Yuve Yu Wolf Totem
  15. The HU have released their new CD... I just bought it off their website...