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  1. Fun Fact: Back in college, Jack played the drug dealer named Mother in the play A Hatful of Rain*... Later that year, some of his castmates sent him a Mother's Day card. *Outside of his Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment roles, Jack has been notoriously typecast as the well-dressed bad guy throughout his career.
  2. I'm currently painting another version of one of the TSR 5303 Magic Users and Illusionists box set figures - the "magic user with pack"... He represents one of my old NPCs, "Patch", a "kindly old wizard who's fond of performing magic for children", but who actually happens to be Neutral Evil and occasionally makes one or two of those children disappear. I still have my original figure from back in the '80's, so I'll be posting a few side-by-side pics in a week or two, assuming I find the time to finish it. I've posted some pics of my early work before, I'll have to see if I can still find them. My shadowbox I've had since I started painting at age 15... Most of these are from my Testors enamels days. The wererat in the middle and the goblin and kobold on the bottom shelf are the first miniatures I ever owned, bought from a kid down the street who painted. The stunning quality of my early work, lol... The guy with the shield is my first ever conversion...
  3. I love those old Black Legionnaires - they make such great classic bad guys.
  4. "Donner, party of one!" On a related note, someday I'm going to get a t-shirt printed up that says... 1st Annual Donner Family Reunion & Barbecue ***1848***
  5. I got one of the Preview minis in my last Reaper order a few months back. Interestingly, one of the figures I pulled out of the last round of the BoG was a slightly defective copy of the Arilyn figure from the B6 core set. Not sure how that ended up in the BoG...
  6. Sometimes a hair dryer will work for taking stickers off of stuff as well... Hey, if you're selling the minis to make space, then tossing in a few extra makes even more space... Well, Jack has finally landed a job, after being out of work since November... I start on Monday. Jack's bank account is overdrawn, he hasn't had hot water or heat for two months now, and his internet got shut off again last week, but at least he's going to be able to start trying to catch up on things again. Unfortunately, neither my first paycheck nor the money I'm going to get from selling off a bunch of my minis will arrive in time to keep my car insurance from getting cancelled, so I'm going to have to borrow some money to take care of that, but things are starting to finally look a little more up (or at least less down).
  7. Heh... Actually, I usually play music while painting - it's much easier to concentrate when all the voices in my head are singing the same song, lol.
  8. The Lockhorns by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner FoxTrot by Bill Amend
  9. I have a few fishtank pieces that are eventually going to be part of projects - one of them is the ruined front wall an old Greek-revival style building (a bank?) that's going to double as a ruined Gothic church for an undead piece: I'm doing a nighttime cemetery scene in the foreground, with the building itself backlit as though the interior is on fire, and a bunch of ghouls will be perched around the scene. I also regularly hit up the Goodwill Store - they have an entire aisle full of resin and plaster knick-knacks and little statues that make great scenery. This guy is just under five inches tall, and the sun emblem he's holding used to be a bit dangling from a cheap plastic clip-on earring I got out of a bubblegum machine. I get the speckled stone look by base-coating the whole thing a somewhat dark grey and then standing back about two feet away with a spray can of black primer in one hand and a spray can of white in the other, hands about a foot and a half apart, and then doing a quick simultaneous back-and-forth pass across the piece with both hands (Yes, I crossed the streams, lol)... I then rotate the piece about a third of a circle, do another back-and-forth, rotate it again and do one more pass. Then I check to see if there's any spot that's too much of one color, step back about another half foot or so, and give that one spot a quick little half-second shot of the opposite color. Although I haven't gotten around to finishing this guy yet, the next step is to darken all the shadows on him, and then do a few random uneven brown and green washes to make it look dirty.
  10. Chocolate Cherry used to be one of my go-to colors for a lot of things back when I was using craft paints for all my painting... It's a great color. (I wonder if I still have my bottle tucked away in my craft paint drawer...)
  11. Basically everything I have is packed in figure cases or cardboard boxes - I only own a handful of painted figures, but all my unpainted plastic/resin stuff is sitting in various cardboard boxes and my metal stuff is all in a giant stack of Chessex cases. In line with my previous response, there's no such thing as too many dinos, just not enough table space for them...
  12. Mohgra Blackaxe, a female half-orc I converted from the male human 02604 Lorn, Barbarian... "Mohgra Blackaxe raised the chopper she'd claimed from the last chief of her tribe and roared a challenge at the seven humans who'd come to avenge the man she'd killed yesterday. He had carried a nice sword, and a pretty red shield. The shield wasn't so pretty anymore, but Mohgra had kept it anyway." Front pics linked for nudity
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