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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the picture on my driver's license.
  2. Erm... Define weird? I once painted a Viet Cong with an AK-47 in baby blue pajamas with little duckies on them, with a red target circle on top of his hat with a smileyface in the center, and did his gun in NERF colors... I did the X-Monsters... A Cyclops, a Phoenix, a Banshee, a dire Wolverine, a werewolf for Beast, etc., all painted up in the appropriate superhero colors... I did day-glo orange, pink and yellow camo on a mech... I think my definition of weird is probably significantly different than a lot of other folks, even on this forum.
  3. Other Fun Fact: I work for the company that invented modern toothpaste. Prior to 1850, "tooth powder" was sold in jars, and you had to mix it up at home when you used it. In 1850, Dr. Washington Sheffield, a well-known dentist in New London, CT, was the first to manufacture pre-mixed paste, and also the first to put it in a metal tube. He got the idea from his son, who had just returned from Paris and saw how the artists' paints were sold in the tubes. Today, Sheffield Pharmaceuticals' Dr. Sheffield Natural Toothpaste is the official toothpaste of the Boston Red Sox...
  4. Actually a handful of good figures in there... Their box set of wizards has some nice character to them. There's also some good stuff in their other lines, although as you can see the quality varies wildly. Superior Models eventually spawned Perth Pewter as a sub-division (sort of funny for a company with about eight people, lol), and eventually Perth became it's own company and the successor to Superior.
  5. Who says I'm not already? I mean, I have never aspired to such a thing. Ever.
  6. Rt. 1 in Groton - right at the very top of Hamburger Hill, next to the consignment/estate sale shop. He mostly does smoking accessories, but there's some other stuff for sale as well. (He's got some really cool glass octopus figures.)
  7. Just found this lost relic at a thrift store for five bucks... Starhunter tv series featuring Michael Pare... (Somehow, I managed to not know this existed until now.)
  8. I was just thinking about D-Day a few days ago while I was driving over the bridge - from there you can get a geat view of the Cross Sound Ferry that goes from New London, CT to Orient Point, NY. One of the ferries, the Cape Henlopen, was originally commissioned as USS LST 510... Eight hours after the initial D-Day landings she reached Omaha Beach for the first time, and continued to ferry men, equipment and vehicles back and forth between England and Normandy for nearly a year. Decommissioned in 1958, she was refitted as a civilian ferry, and is one of only a handful of D-Day ship
  9. The Eye of Jackna is a bit small to try inserting into an eye socket, though I still wouldn't recommend trying it at home, lol. (Especially if there's still an eye in the socket.) It's small enough you could probably insert it into a nostril or an ear, but I wouldn't recommend that either.
  10. Just discovered there's a local glassblower who's opened a shop in the area, so I went in and bought something from him, and had a nice conversation. And now I can tell people I have a glass eye, lol. (It's a tiny little eyeball necklace.)
  11. Finish them? What? We're supposed to do something to them?
  12. Bought their album last year, great stuff. Not as much of a fan of their English collaborations, but, eh... Well, that explains the missing pallet of components we can't find at work... If it starts raining blue plastic mouthguards, please gather up as many as possible and overnight them to my company - we need them for the current job on Bottle Line 2... I once threatened an unruly group of players with unleashing Vecna's Left Butt Cheek on the campaign world... Pirate. Painter.
  13. I have come to accept that as a 5'11" man with a neck larger than some folks' legs, my purpose in life is to reach for the high things and carry the heavy things. I kind of wish eBay auctions involved posting pictures of the bidders - I have what might might generously be referred to as "resting axe murderer face"... I've only ever been to a couple of live auctions, but I tend to do well - I've won staring contests with the laws of physics before, so mere mortals tend to flinch once my glacial stare of inevitable doom starts to cause ice crystals to form in the air around them.
  14. Oh, the horror. The humanity. (Or... humanoidity, if they're orcs, I guess.) Well, speaking as a former semi-professional, if there aren't any cameras directly trained on the spot (or at least not from multiple directions), and they came well-prepared, it's possible to pour out the antifreeze into a couple of easily-concealed 20 oz. soda bottles fairly quickly... Jamming a pen through the foil safety seal twice would allow for a small, controllable flow while allowing air to flow in so it doesn't start glopping out in spurts. It's all about the steady pour.
  15. Decent vacuum cleaners are actually reasonably cheap these days.
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