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  1. I'm not sure if it's a mimic or not, but it does seem to be doing a reasonbly decent job of impersonating a cinnamon apple scone... I had to go buy a bag of flour for something last week, so I decided to make some basic flour-and-water biscuits. Then it occurred to me that I could put a small slice of cheddar and apple in the center of each one... But I ended up eating all the cheese before I got around to making the biscuits, lol. So I found a recipe for biscuits on the internet, and decided that it wouldn't be enough dough for what I wanted, so I doubled it. And then completely improvised the amount of cinnamon, sugar and mashed Granny Smith apple bits I added to the mix. (Yeah, there is a freakin' LOT of cinnamon in there, lol.) They're a little dry, but not bad for one of my improvised cooking adventures.
  2. Just for giggles, here's Floor busting out some straight-up opera... O Mio Babbino Caro by Puccini...
  3. A Dutch woman singing in a Finnish metal band who's married to the Swedish drummer of the band Sabaton... One of the members of After Forever, Mark Jansen (no relation to Floor), later went on to found the band Epica .... The Scandinavian metal scene is like a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Baconson, lol... EDIT: And yep, it's pronounced Floor, just like floor. It's a common joke that people experiencing her singing for the first time were "Floored". Last named pronounced like it starts with a Y.
  4. Ooookay. In the category of things I wasn't expecting to see today... Floor Jansen, lead singer of the Finnish metal band Nightwish, covering her young daughter's favorite song... Let It Go, from Frozen
  5. Now I'm dying to know what you put on your armpits. Funny Story: Jack actually did have toothpaste in his armpits today. Jack works at a toothpaste factory, and and ended up being briefly hi-Jacked by the compounding dept. to help them clean out a large tank. Jack's job involved reaching down into the tank with a long pole to scrape out leftover product, and thus Jack ended up with toothpaste in his armpits.
  6. Jack done pretty good with his mystery bags A and D... I ended up with two bottles of Clockwork Brass, a bottle of Briar Rose, and two un-numbered paints... Spooky Purple is a desaturated violet color, and Sky Shadow is almost the same very-dark-blue as Nighmare Black. I tried it on a plastic sled once... We were balancing our sleds on the edge of the top of the hill so we could back up far enough to break out into a full-speed run and do a jumping baseball slide into our sleds, which would then go flying down the hill with serious velocity as we rose back up to our feet in the sled and surfed our way to the ramp at the bottom... (Yes, we were insane back then.) I landed in the sled a little bit to one side, so when I immediately hit an icy patch I instantly rotated 90 degrees to the left and shot off the steep, wooded side of the hill in a flat spin like a fighter jet. Halfway down my right hip slammed into a rotten sapling hard enough to break the tree, snap my leather belt, and cause my plastic sled to explode into tiny pieces. I tumbled down the rest of the hill, rolled through a small brook at the bottom, and came to a stop when I hit a large rock on the other side. I got up and walked away with barely even a bruise. Or so I thought. It wasn't until years later when arthritis set in that an EMT friend arranged to hook me up with a free x-ray and I discovered I'd actually ended up with a small hairline fracture. (Which hadn't healed well.) Stands six feet back and mimes hugging the kitty.... Paint being a little cold won't harm it as long as it's not getting close to freezing. (And if you've got freezing temperatures inside your house, you've got bigger problems than your paint freezing, lol.) Personally, I'd say if you have a spare electrical outlet near your painting area you should pick up a tiny space heater. Even in a large room, a tiny heater near your painting area will be enough to keep them safe.
  7. Y'know, it's absolutely hysterical how every single recipe for "two-ingredient" flour-and-water biscuits immediately tells you to add six other things that apparently aren't "ingredients"...
  8. He really is... His IMDB page lists 215 entries as an actor, going all the way back to appearances on CHIPS and Hill Street Blues, and including voice work on some of the biggest animated films and video game franchises of the past twenty-five years. And he played Barclay to perfection - you felt bad for the guy when he screwed up, you cheered when he came through in the end, and even when the guy turned into a hyper-intelligent super-villain and almost destroyed the ship, you still liked the character.
  9. Woof. Damn that's a great sculpture. And a paint job worthy of it. Awesome job on the eyes... The entire face is awesome.
  10. Take my pants off in public. Apparently, it scared a lot of people. They all ran away screaming. As a borderline sociopath, I have to make an effort each day to not have an interesting life, lol. Yay, impulse control issues...
  11. There's a couple places in CT and RI like that - you can get off the interstate, but getting back on requires you to take a short side trip, or you end up on a divided highway and you may have to drive a few miles to get off of that and turn around, get back on it headed in the other direction and then get back on the interstate.
  12. Yes, thank you for the seizure I just had, lol. Apparently I picked a good week to stop dropping acid... </Airplane reference>
  13. It rained most of the weekend. High temp today was 43, with a low of 33. No snow, no rain, but winds strong enough to toss my plastic trash can into somebody else's yard across the street, and roll my big blue recycle can all the way down my driveway and tip it over on the grass. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 46, and then Wednesday a high of 57. After that, the temps are going back up to the mid-60's again, with 68 predicted for Saturday. Mother Nature is apparently rolling percentile dice every day to determine the temperature...
  14. Yeah, a number of years ago, there was a rash of reports of caps cracking, all right around the same time frame, which would suggest a bad batch of caps. I have a lot of old Reaper paints, and some of the oldest are still fine while others eventually cracked after a couple years. However, I don't believe it's been an issue for quite a while. And, as mentioned, Reaper does sell caps.
  15. All week, the high temps have been in the mid-50's, with the lows around 46 or so... Today, the HIGH temp was 46, and it dropped as the day went on. It's about 31 degrees out right now. It snowed most of the afternoon. Only a tiny bit of it stuck, but it was big white fluffy flakes all day.
  16. Any time you feed animals on a regular basis, it doesn't take them long to figure out "you = food" and begin expecting to get fed when they see you. They're a lot like human kids that way, lol. I think I may have met some of Grump's friend Crazy Crow's relatives last month... I stopped at a McDonald's for some food and in the parking lot, instead of the usual seagulls or small birds, there was a huge flock of mixed black birds. I've never seen that before... There were a handful of ravens, several dozen crows, and a scattering of smaller blackbirds. And they were all part of the same flock apparently, since they were all sitting in the same tree, and all taking off and landing in unison in response to food being thrown or cars driving by. It was bizarre. Even more so since after I ran out of french fires to feed them, they kept hopping right up to my car and then jumping back, like that's how you get the food machine to dispense more, lol. One of the crows actually hopped up onto the door of my car and sat there in the open window inspecting the interior to make sure I wasn't holding out on him, lol. Then he looked at me, looked over at the building, looked at me again, rinse and repeat several times, as though trying to tell me to go get more food...
  17. Yeah... Intelligent, talented redhead? Definitely checks all my boxes. Her and Denise Crosby were definitely factors in why I didn't skip watching some of the lamer episodes.
  18. I used to have that one back in the day... Great work on the patterns.
  19. Reaper does make a set of alien strippers....
  20. Nah... I still have the rest of it. I just keep it in a trunk in my closet, and hang it out in front of the house around this time each year so it can hand out candy to the kids.
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