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  1. Lol - while I myself am perfectly cool with keeping everything else that might be in the box, I'm not sure how well it'd go over with everyone else, hehehe...
  2. With the arrival last week of the Ogre King, I now own the entire first series of LJN's 1980s-era 3.5-inch Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Action Figures: Strongheart, Mercion, Ringlerun, Melf, Elkhorn, Northlord, the Young Titan, Warduke, Zarak, Kelek, and the Ogre King. It's taken me nearly fifteen years to assemble all of them, complete with all their weapons and equipment. From the second series, I have complete figures of Deeth, Bowmarc, Drex and Mandoom... That leaves regular figures Hawkler, Grimsword, Zorgar, and Metaflame, as well as the "Battle Mattic" versions (they have an arm action) of first series figures Strongheart, Warduke, Zarak, and Elkhorn, and the "Shield Shooter" versions of Northlord, the Young Titan, and the Ogre King. I do not foresee myself completing the second series anytime soon, and may possibly never do so, but I'm okay with that, lol.
  3. I like it - I'll throw some money at it...
  4. Unfortunately, you can't reuse plastic once it's been melted and formed. (Well, you can, but it's a much more involved process than just remelting it...Plastics Recycling is its own separate industry.)
  5. @Marc @MattParody Since you guys are in the Clearman box after me, how do you guys feel about old lead like Grenadier or true 25mm stuff like Ral Partha?
  6. Yup. Eyes and all, lol... (Well, okay, they're closed in that picture, but there are other pictures which clearly prove he does in fact have eyeballs.)
  7. Yeah... G'N"R was like the Anti-Hair-Metal band....
  8. Actually, that might possibly be my fault - I on the other hand have been awake since 5AM on Friday, and it's now 7:30 AM on Sunday and I am not the least bit tired. Clearly I am unintentionally drawing power from some outside source, lol. Hrmm - y'know, I should probably go check to make sure that all my neighbors haven't become dried up husks...
  9. Y'know, I never realized it was an actual thing until just now, but I guess I have one more thing to add to the list of weird things Jack does, lol. It doesn't really happen all that often for me (plus, I have fairly good control over most of my reflexive responses), which is why up until now I always kinda figured it had more to do with my allergies or just being really sensitive to sudden air pressure changes... Hmph.
  10. Actually, the whole Japan thing was due to the renewed interest in vinyl in the early 2000's combined with Japan's punk obsession and The Reducers having opened for a lot of big names that came through the Northeast back in the day such as The Ramones. Once upon a time you used to be able to find the Reducers' vinyl albums in used record stores for a decent price, but now they're so damn scarce you'd think they were pristine copies of the Beatles' White Album, lol.
  11. Now this is How You Rock N Roll.... So, there's this little local band called The Reducers... They're a post-punk/rock outfit that's been around since the late 70's, and despite never having had a major record deal are basically famous all over the east coast (and oddly, in Japan, lol). The Reducers have just released a live album, called "Live in Montville". It's a live recording of a show they did back in the '80's... Outdoors behind a fan's mobile home... Recorded on a boom box hanging on a tree. Yet miraculously the sound quality of the recording was supposedly amazing, and bootlegs circulated for decades. Now it's been remastered and tweaked to studio quality. And available for download. Yeah... Now that's Rock N Roll.
  12. It was released by Atari for console and PC back in 2011, and it's on Steam for something like $15, although I bought a physical copy on EvilBuy for around $10... Actually, in 4E the difference in complexity wasn't in the classes themselves but in the choices of builds, paragon paths, powers and feats - you could build a simple wizard or a complex fighter if you wanted to... Daggerdale is very much a typical button-mashing, barrel-smashing dungeon crawler in the spiritual tradition of Diablo and Gauntlet. Although you can play it with a keyboard, it's definitely designed from the ground up to be played on a console controller. It's an extremely cut-down version of the 4E rules. You have a choice of four characters - halfling wizard, human fighter, elf rogue and dwarven cleric. At creation, each character has a limited number of ability score points to customize their scores and they have a couple of powers which they can assign a limited number of points to. For the wizard and cleric these are their spells, while the fighter and rogue get different combat maneuvers that either do lots of damage or average damage and temporarily inflict status effects like being slowed or blinded. Every class has the option of making basic ranged and melee attacks with their weapons. Each class also has a Class Ability that they can use, with a recharge period: the fighter can block some damage from an attack, the wizard gets a short-range teleport, the cleric a heal, and the rogue can do a combat roll to change position. Every level-up, you get two more points to put into your powers. You gain more powers at certain levels. Every two levels, you get a new feat. And at levels four and eight you get to increase two of your ability scores by one point each. Leveling up seems to be slow - they wanted 10,000 XP for me to get to 2nd level, and 40,000 to hit 3rd. The magic items are leveled, so you can't use them if you're not high enough level, and very much in the same vein as Diablo - "cracked helm of conflagration", "worn shortsword of... something", etc. The game only has a single storyline, and is extremely linear - you have the option of declining quests, but there doesn't seem t be much point to doing so unless maybe you wanted to somehow farm XP or hunt down enough gold to buy a specific item from a particular merchant before having to leave the area, etc. It's an interesting time waster, but I probably won't bother to play it all the way through.
  13. Bah... I got sucked into playing Dungeons & Dragons : Daggerdale, and wasted the entire afternoon/evening... I was just going to start a character and see what the gameplay was like, but, five hours later, the halfling wizard is almost two thirds of the way to third level. It's supposed to be based on 4E, but the experience totals are much higher - took 10,000 xp to hit second level. I'm not fond of the autotargeting - it's tough to switch targets if the AI has decided to ping something but you want to hit something else.
  14. One of the pieces of "grafitti" in the part of town I work in is a copy of Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring", although if I remember right it's reversed so she's facing the opposite direction.
  15. Let's all raise a glass of paint water to him...
  16. Well, I was going to fill up the post with a bunch of <redacted>s, lol, but I don't feel like typing that much... So, um... Drinking a big glass of milk. Not too cold, because that bothers my teeth, but just cold enough to be refreshing. When I was a kid, during the summer I might well finish off an entire gallon of milk every day, just by myself.
  17. Back when I was younger, our cat Tommy was a mutt - we weren't even sure he was entirely cat, lol. There was a relative in there somewhere that most definitely was not your average North American domestic house cat. The top of his head was pretty much level with my kneecap. he used to actively pick fights with some of the local dogs.
  18. They generally release a certain number of figures from the KS into retail each month... Given the size of the Kickstarters these days, it can take a while to get everything out. Since all the Bones are coming from China, with the coronavirus messing everything up as far as manufacturing schedules and international shipping times, there's really no way to tell what's coming out when until it actually happens.
  19. Jack is massively annoyed right now... For the only time ever, in all the time he's been searching EvilBuy for AD&D minis, he finally found an auction for the 11-456 Mimics - not just one of the three, but the entire set - ... And then he got sucked into a Youtube hole and forgot to bid on it... ... ... ... ... I'm going to go to bed now. And probably cry. Feh. Dammit.
  20. I generally buy three or four 12-packs of the same brand at a time, and I number each pair with a fabric marker on the top of the toe - when one of the pair wears out or disappears, or the numbers get too faded to read (by which time the socks are generally worn out anyway), I just throw the other one away as well. Growing up there were three guys in the house, and it always irritated the hell out of me on laundry day when I'd get their socks mixed in with mine.
  21. Michael Komarck is awesome... Back when I used to run the What Do YOU Think My Character Looks Like? thread on the official D&D forum, I 'shopped sooo much of his work. Which was a bloody damn nightmare, since all his stuff is so damn intricately detailed, lol. It's hard enough to pull something out of one illustration and paste it into a completely new one so that you can't tell it's not original, but at that level? There's one pic of a guy in armor and a hood messing with one of the straps on his bracer... I swear I recolored the hair three times, the clothes at least twice, modified the background, added a weapon, removed his weapons, I even pasted on a different head and made him a Githyanki...lol. Depends - was he in the Batplane?
  22. My college buddy Nat was a big fan of the Ramones, Space Ghost, and the Misfits... One night, we were listening to the Misfits on our way up to Rocky Horror and it went something like this... Glen Danzig (and me and Nat singing along): I've got something to saaaay... Me: Gabba gabba hey, gabba hey hey hey! Nat spit soda all over my damn car. Also, I need a new monitor, dammit - this one keeps color-shifting toward blue and back every couple of seconds, which is really fracking annoying...
  23. Just to be clear, I'm questioning her choice and placement of her tattoos, not the fact that she has them. The young lady in question was Russian, so maybe it's a cultural thing over there with people in her peer group, who knows? But even as a teenager, it seemed somewhat questionable to me to get a large, obvious tat somewhere highly visible. (All four of mine are in places where they're covered by my t-shirt.) Maybe it's because I'm from a middle class family and I've been working since I was fifteen, and it was always pretty clear that having highly visible tats would often keep you from getting ahead in any job that involved dealing with the public. Maybe it's because my early experience taught me that the nail that sticks out gets hammered, so it makes sense to adopt adaptive camouflage and look like you blend in, making it easier to convince the people around you that you're one of them so it's easier to get them to leave you alone or to do what you want them to. Eh, whatever. Have you tried salting it? If you have a power drill, use the largest bit you have to drill a hole down into the thing as deep as you can, then fill it with salt... Capillary action pulls the salt into the plants system, and dries it out. How well do you adjust to changes in your sleep schedule? Having three days off in a row can sometimes be just enough to make it tough to get back into your regular rhythm on Monday. Depending on how many breaks you get, you'll want to bring both a decent snack and a real lunch - when I was working warehouse work on 4/10s I'd pack two sandwiches and basically eat lunch twice. It's probably either a wheel that popped out of the track or the track getting bent - those are nearly always the cause of this kind of problem. If you can get the door open a little, you could probably slide a mirror-on-a-stick under the door and get a look at the track to see if it's bent or there's a wheel out. Pro-painted on EvilBuy is literally anything that has primer or paint on it, lol...
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