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  1. Yes, it was specifically addressing prepainted miniatures. Bones has certainly been able to do this with unpainted miniatures, to the point that WizKids copied the format.
  2. I would strongly suspect it has been discontinued. Given the lack of news regarding LE, the success of the unpainted Bones line and the number of competitors in the pre-painted market (abet most of them produced by the same manufacturer), it does not seem like a good market to get into. Further evidence might be WizKids move into unpainted miniatures with a D&D line, a Pathfinder line and their own generic fantasy miniatures and terrain. The LE line never really seemed to take off; it had something of a wide range of minis over a short time, but lacked depth (only single models of most monsters or race/class combinations). Bones has been a major line for Reaper, and must certainly be easier to produce. Those old enough to remember Merric's law know it's truth, no one has ever managed a way to do all three: Non-Random Packaging, Cheap Prices, and a Large Range of Figures: Choose two.
  3. http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/Road_signs_warn_of_zombies Is there something we should know about this? Maybe it explains any delays with Reich of the Dead....
  4. Oddly enough, I like much of the "fluff" of 4E...the new pantheon, the elemental chaos, the Shadowfell, the whole "points of light" thing. I like this all as a backdrop for a good game. I don't care for the "crunch" though. It's too different from what I've played for so many years as D&D; it's too Anime" with all the cutesy names for powers, too war gamey with all the "slide one square", etc. I don't care much for the idea of "daily, encounter and at-will" powers, or of making everything have them. I do like the greater flexibility in creating NPCs and monsters (the reduced stat block is very nice). So. I'll do what I've done with every edition since OD&D; I'll take what I like, add it to what we play now ( a very homebrewed rule set) and ditch what I don't like. Simple for me, since we play in a small group that has mostly played together for a couple of decades/.
  5. The gold dragon sculpt look svery much like an old McEwan miniatures dragon sculpt from the late 70's. I have two from way back in the day. They were the best looking dragon sculpt around in those days, at least our group felt so. I wonder if Heritage bought the rights to them from McEwan? When I got back into the hobby in the late 90's I tried to find more of them, but McEwan had been out of business for a long time by then. Regardless, that's a very nice find. And I must side with those who urge you to rip it open and put it together!
  6. Really, the D&D movement is just based on inches. A move rat eof 6 suares is just 6". You can easily just use a ruler and it works fine. We often do it that way in outdoor encounters, where we use large felt mats as a base (I have a green one for grass or woods, and a light blue one for stone, ice, water, etc). I then add different terrain effects to the felt (trees, towers, buildings, hills, etc). The original Reaper game (pre-Warlord) has details for all of the continent of Adon (sp?). I believe it is called Dark Heaven Legends, but I could be wrong. I have a copy, but just actually packed it away. The game itself was lacking compared to what Warlord seems to be, but one of the books describes each of the nations, regions, organizations, etc of Adon. It had a good bit of detail, using ot set up a campaign world would be a cinch. I got my copy on eBay a couple of years ago for $10-15, there should probably still be some listed there or vintage gaming sites, like Noble Knight or such. Maybe Reaper would consider making pdfs of the books available for downloads for folks who want more info on Adon. They're certainly not getting any profit from the orginal game any longer.
  7. The one area DDM still has on Reaper is on size. Due to WotC strategy, they can make the large monsters really large (heck, size creep is taking over that whole line, actually, even standard minis are now 30mm+, rather than 28mm). While size isn't everything, it does add an impressive touch. The DDM ogres dwarf the Reaper ogre; I actually used my Reaper ogre as a leader for the DDM half-ogres, and it was still a bit smaller than those. I don't think Reaper is going to be able to match the DDM size wise, but they can beat them in sculpt & paint. That will likely have to be their niche (as well as the non-random thing, which actually has pluses and minuses).
  8. Well, the PPM aren't intended to replace the metal for true believers. They're intended for the person who either doesn't want to or think they can paint, or who don't have the time; or those who want to spend the time painting a few special minis, and then buying these to fill out the ranks of minions and monsters. In this, I think they succeed. While I don't think the orcs are great looking, they're fine to throw out on the table for an encounter (literally, throw 'em out there, won't hurt 'em). The minotaur is clearly the best of the first batch (I own them all except the skeletons, I just have way to many PPM skeletons from WotC to buy any more). The ogre is okay, good enough to throw out there for a simple encounter, but I wouldn't want to use it for a boss or re-occurring NPC type. I'm really hoping this line builds up and improves over time. I've got a large horde of the WotC (about 4000, actually) but I'm probably done with them. I don't really like the looks of there new 4th edition sculpts, and I have so many that now I'm looking for the PC/leader/special minis types. But, back on topic, a very nice review that captures the strengths and weaknesses of this mini. A very good idea to see if they could give out the paint details, but that kind of assumes they use their own paint line for thes eminis, and I don't think they've ever said that. Still, even if they're just the closest matchs, it would be a help.
  9. This is a good example, and perhaps Reaper did choose well in making skeletons a first choice. As a long time (since Harbinger) DDM collector with nearly 400 of the things, I have way too many skeletons to consider buying more from Reaper. But I checked my favorite eBay site (Auggie's) and found he had no skeletons for sale in "Large Lots", where you can get 10 of a given mini for prices from $.15 to $.50 each (and he has a flat shipping rate of $3.50, regardless of how many or what type of mini you buy). In fact, the only skeleton I found he had was a burning skeleton for $1.39 each. He does have "Deathlocks", an arcane-casting skeleton in lots for about $.25 each. However, suppose the next DDM set has a "Skeletal Soldier" (they've already had warrior skeleton, skeletal archer, skeletal legionnaire and about three other skeleton types of humans). Then Auggie's and other sellers will have plenty of them (they've always been a DDM common, meaning every third booster will have one of them), and probably be selling them for $.25 to %.50 each (undead always go a bit higher than most commons), with the $3.50 shipping. So, say even the $.50 price, you get 10 for $8.50; much cheaper than the LE skeletons; but only for a time (the time limited sets mean most minis gain value over time). Then they'll become more expensive until they're either sold out or even or above LE's. Same thing with the orcs, but not so much with ogres, minotaurs or trolls, especially if compared to DDM rares. Versus DDM rares, the LE are probably always a better buy one figure vs. another (meaning you're buying the DDM on the secondary market), and even if you buy lots of boosters (I usually get two to three cases, so 24 to 36 boosters), you're unlikley to get more than 2, 3 at the most, of a rare. So if you want a lot of ogres, trolls, etc. you're better off with LE. DDM uncommons are probably close to equivalent with LE. The DDM uncommon troll was easy to collect in large numbers (I have seven), but on secondary market, even new, went for at least $2-$3 dollars each; and more now (if you can find any from a set released about two years ago). It also can't be argued that for many folks, going to your FLGS and picking up a pack of skeletons is easier than finding and buying they same number off eBay. Folks like me who've been into DDM long enough to know the best ways & places to collect them probably aren't going to buy LE i the same numbers, because we don't need to. I am planning on getting the minotuar, ogre and a couple of trolls, and eventually some of the orcs (I have a green skinned orc subrace in my homebrew they'll do better for than the gray skinned DDM, which are another couple of orc tribes). I'm hoping for more LE that match up with the DDM rares, some uncommons and then things DDMhasn't and are unlikley to make (townsfolk and the like). I'd also love a LE pack of three or more simple mounted solder-types, but since DDM folks have said mounted minis are expensive enough to only be rares in their line, and DHL & WL doesn't have these type, than it may be a pipe dream!
  10. You missed the "Go to the buy-it now site on eBay that sells common DDMs like skeletons for 10 for $3.00, buy 20, pay $3.50 shipping and get 20 for under $10". Yes, this is entirely possible, and not really difficult. I do it myself all the time. That's why I can't see myself buying things from the LE line like orcs and skeltons (maybe orcs for variety). I will buy stuff like ogres, minoturs, etc. though and would love to see them make townsfolk & some others that DDM doesn't make.
  11. Not to interrupt this seemingly endless and vital debate over PPM vs. metal, but http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26918 has pix of the first Reaper PPM, in a showcase (not great shot but pretty clear). I think someof them look really amazing (they are masters, not production paints, though). I think, at least in these pix, it is very hard to tell the difference between these and metal Reapers. Some look nearly identical. Of ocurse, it isn't the same as having themin hand, but they make me excited. I can't wait to get my hands on some.
  12. SO, it is the week of ReaperCon....we want pix!! we want pix!! Please!
  13. ???? Reading? Math?? I thought this was supposed to be a hobby....
  14. "Drawing on Reaper's vast experience in miniatures and a catalog of 1000's of metal models to design Legendary Encounters™, Legendary Encounters™will quickly become the most popular prepainted plastic miniatures line on the market." Reaper's first statement on the LE line. This has been taken to mean there is the possibility the sculpts will be the same, although there have also been various takes on if you can use the same molds for plastic & metal (generally, most seem to believe the answer is "No"). To date, I don't believe Reaper has made an exact announcement, but given that the names are the exact same, I'd assume they are either the same sculpts or very close. But we may not know for sure until Reaper makes an announcement or (most likely, IMO) until they give us previews of these minis.
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