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  1. I am editing Caverns of Thracia as I write this (well; actually taking a break). Hope we treat it to your satisfaction!
  2. Vault of Larin Karr and Chaos Rising, two modules soon to be released by necromancer, will have pdfs listing appropriate Reaper Figs to use for play; keep a look out for these files, to be uploaded for your use soon. LK is out any day now. CR will be released Xmas!
  3. Distributor in Europe...hmmm; contact White Wolf. They handle distribution for us. The links to their site can be found on our web page (necromancergames.com). What we will be doing in the near future is setting up files listing Reaper minis that go w/ our books; we also are collaborating on Reaper making models for some of our monsters (several are in the works already; but only Ron can discuss that). In this way, a DM and his players can get all the stuff to maximize their enjoyment of tabletop game play. If you have the right minis, it just makes D&D more fun. If you have the right modules, it does the same...more on Dwarven Forge later Bill
  4. ps Crip; we have a module called Demons and Devils...
  5. Classic D&D is our theme. We are the "First Edition Feel" guys. Lots of dungeon crawls, Gygax, Kuntz, Bledsaw etc. We hold the rights to Judges Guild, and are working w/ Gary too. Lots of dice...lots of combat...old-school D&D. We also have a great many (15 at last count) modules out; with many more to come. Take a look at our site (see above post); and we will be linked here soon! Bill Webb
  6. ah, Barrow wights...think those make an appearance in our upcoming Tome of Horrors; maybe we can get a cool mini to match?
  7. Necromancer is proud to be working w/ the best Miniatures company in the industry! We will be recommending Reaper models to use when playing our modules and will post lists here and on our site. We are happy to say that Reaper has been most kind in discussing with us out new models to meet the needs of out table top gaming fans. Let us (or Reaper) know what models would help make your excursions into our dark catacombs more enjoyable; after all, its far more fun to eat those adventurers with a Type II Demon than with an improvised huge d6 or bottlecap! Pfd downloads of Reaper's line of minis matched with Necromancer's dungeons will be appearing shortly. I encourage you all to check thses out! Have fun, and good hunting!
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