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  1. Wow, that was awhile back. I was hosting that clip, but not any more. Probably have it at home somewhere - I'll see if I can dig it up tonight.
  2. T minus 1 hr 45 min! Get those last-minute entries in. Good luck!
  3. blitz

    unit missions

    I knew you were going to say that. Turns out Falcons are a little slow. Mine didn't quite make it to cover when Chrome's Mastadon crested that hill. Kabllewwyyy! Scrap metal.
  4. blitz


    Working on it....
  5. blitz

    Hunt for a CAV

    I don't know of any other Emperor images out there. The only other one I could find here was the original concept sketch, which I don't believe was ever previously released.
  6. No problem. Some others here (previously dead links, I just discovered. All fixed now).
  7. A few renderings here.
  8. blitz

    CAV drop ship?

    Try this: http://www.mil-net.net/articles/hercules.cfm
  9. Oh, if only you knew the things that I've been storyboarding in my head. Someday there will be time, someday...
  10. blitz

    Kai Must Be Stopped!

    Yeah, what he said. Don't mess with the Steel Griffins!
  11. If nanotechnology in the CAV universe is advanced enough for field repairs, then it should be able to generate and alter a paint scheme, even in the middle of combat. The military is already looking at it.
  12. Posting this on Chrome's behalf: Brok's Armory recently announced that they are closing their online store and are liquidating their remaining inventory on eBay. Brok had 4 auctions going on, each consisting of 14 different CAV minis, plus a 5th auction for a copy of the Rulebook and both JoR's - the perfect Christmas present for any CAV newbie, if you ask me. Unfortunately, I just found out about these and the auctions end at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon (Fri, Dec 19th), so you'll have to act fast if you want to take a shot at one of these. To see the auctions, just go to eBay and do a search for "Reaper CAV". If your tastes in gaming extends to other mecha games like BattleTech and Heavy Gear, Brok has multiple auctions for those games as well. He also has tons of stuff up for VOID, Confrontation and Celtos. You can see his entire listing by going to his website and waiting for the page to redirect itself.
  13. blitz

    Big Dictator

    Hellion's Dictator is about 5-6 inches tall, depending on how your build it. For some pictures of it next to a Dictator miniature (2 1/8" tall), go here. It would probably look small next to an Armorcast MadCat, but then CAV's are generally smaller than 'mechs anyway. The fluff says a Dictator is 29 ft tall.
  14. blitz

    Drop 'em on a dime

    The Herc article has been updated with some Acrobat files from GhostRider and LadyStorm, including the templates, assembly instructions, and decals. Also, some links have been added to AutoCAD and plot files for the templates, submitted by KAMUT. Thanks for the contributions everybody!
  15. blitz

    Drop 'em on a dime

    Oooh, I like that idea. Definitely adding that to the Herc2.0 list... Btw, making the Herc carry gunships is up to you, but I have to say I don't think it's very realistic, unless you completely ignore scale. Most gunships to scale would be over 4" long, so a radically modified Herc could carry maybe one section of gunships.
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