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  1. A couple of suggestions.. 1.Invest in a color wheel. 2. Buy better paints... Each bottle will last you a long time. You just need to dilute them a little. 3. Spend some time reading tutorials. Dont' worry about shading, highlighting, NMM etc..you still havent mastered the basics.. 4. Go to the CMON site and do a search for your figure and see how others have painted it to get a idea of what it can look like.. If you have a strong stomach and brass balls, CMON can offer better advice. It will probably sting more but it will help you improve faster. 5. Spend more time researching tutorials etc. 6. Buy a bottle of Pinesol. It will help you practice and will be cheaper then buying figures. Painting is like bowling.... If you just toss the ball down the lane you will never improve. Research the figure, colors, plan em out... have a tutorial handy...then paint one part at a time. Disclaimer.. I'm going to say what all the nice people on this site say. You are doing great. YOu will be doing commission work shortly and your first Gold Demon isn't far off.
  2. Skintones need some highlights and shadows. Her flesh looks very anime. Otherwise decent work.
  3. I didn't take a pic of the back..the cape didn't come out to well..Not really happy with it since I basically gave it 3 layers and washed it. The armor is not really doing it for me either..
  4. No need to apologize. I'm glad you were able to list the wrongs with my mini. Its unfortunate you could no do the same with Spike's which could benefit her just like this will benefit me. I've also taken the time to search your wips and you definitely have alot of talent. I wish I could paint as well as you.
  5. I'm going to give the chainmail another wash of brown and black as I noticed it looks to clean in some areas.. I wanted a very dirty and grimy look to the chainmail as an orc would never polish and clean it.. I used Testors Dullcote which is a spray for the matte finish which for some reason does not work well on reds and blacks. I then tried using a brush-on matte finish by Floquil and I think the testors I used earlier made it ineffective. Once again.. I forgot that adding any kind of matte finish will wash out highlights so I still need to be brave and additional additional highlights that will dissappear after the matte coat is applied.
  6. Just finished this up.. I won't waste more words because I'm the target of some children who are going to rip this apart....But alteast they will help me prove my point. Vote Here
  7. People are actually going to my gallery to give me low scores because of this...... this community is really great for improving ones painting skills.
  8. I edited my post a few times with responses. The person who posted this has 3k posts so I will back off with my suggestions as anything I say the poster should have read on a forum or two by now. I personally believe that "gentle critiques welcomed" are for people who just started on their first mini or are new to the hobby.. It sounds like the person cares more about getting good feedback on a bad job..then getting honest feedback at all. I apologize and will not post further on this topic, nor will I post my opinions on the poster's future works.
  9. Which one is the one you painted a year ago? To me they look almost identical. The one on the left has better red tones then the one on the right. Its hard to determine how much you have improved because I don't know your age and how many minis you have painted in the last year... If you've only painted about 3 figures in total between the time you painted the 2 above, then you have improved drastically.. If you have painted more then 15, then the quality of advancement is subpar unless you are very young.. The figure you painted is a very simple model since it has very few bling on it. I would suggest you strip it and repaint it a few times. It should take you no more then 4 hours to paint it with simple techniques. Once you have repainted the figure about 4 times you will notice significant differences. I'm not trying to be brutal, but honesty is a greater assest in this hobby then a sugarcoat.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. I am starting work on my next figure and I think this time I will try a GW figure.
  11. Spent another 4 hours today playing with my camera.. ]Vote Here for New Uploaded Version[
  12. I'm losing alot of detail in the picture due to the issue of clarity.hence thats why I'm asking for tips on how to improve the actual photo taking process. In person you have see 3 shades of red and the skin tones pretty well..
  13. I spent about 3-4 hours taking pics..trying different settings..and the pictures always come out a little out of focus..as in not sharp and crisp enough.. Please help me ownz my LeeT camera!! Flash off Macro On Exposure about +1.7 ISO=80 aperture=8.0 (highest it will go) daylight setting figure is about 8" away.. no zoom when in macro sharpness=normal contrast=normal VOTE HERE
  14. I've been painting for a few months and I'm still jealous about the painting classes you can go to out there. I feel like last painter on earth out here in Orlando, Florida. =(
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