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  1. Such a show off. Oh, wait. That is the name of this sub-forum, right? Killer, Derek. KILLER.
  2. I don't see why we couldn't do that. We'll get that going! We are really trying to be better about "official" answers here. We certainly understand that there is a ton of information spread out over multiple outlets. Too many irons in the fire!
  3. The only folks who are going to need to be concerned about substitutions are the backers who close out their pledges after December 1. I don't expect that anyone in this forum will need to worry about substitutions. And there will be backers who forgot to close out their peldge or didn't know the December 1 cut off. And we will do our best to accommodate those backers as best we can to get them what they ordered. Inevitably, there will be backers who *never* close out their pledge. We still get folks contacting us telling us that they never got their Vampire Set from B
  4. Who can say exactly how Wiebe was inspired? That man mixes so much zoology with fantasy and sprinkles it with a touch of whimsy to get his amazing results.
  5. That's my mistake. It is going to be smoky grey. Apologies for any confusion. I've corrected it in the Pledge Manager. There are a LOT of moving parts to keep track of.
  6. I believe that Katie, who handles our Customer Service emails, might have just been covering the response in the same way that we cover our Learn to Paint Kits, where we *do* substitute figures when we run out of stock on them. On the LTPK sets, we have a list of figures that we use as substitutions that we've determined are pretty close to the intended figure. BTW, Katie has been out of the office since March handling emails at home as we're still distancing. So she can't communicate as effectively with our other employees as she could when in-house. On the Miniature M
  7. Like Clearman said, the Bonesylvanians were originally metal figures and keeping the costs low for metal production was a big factor in Bob Ridolfi's designs. You never know. Large-scale Bonesylvanians could pop up in plastic in the future.
  8. Resin Murkillor is going up at noon today. Only 150 or so available.
  9. Wanted to share something with you guys before posting anywhere else. This is the Gragg Elfslayer mini that we'll be using as our social media free figure. Details will be announced tomorrow, but here's what we'll get added to the Core Set if we hit that social media goal. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson from a concept by Talin.
  10. I don't see that. As of right now, 10:00 am central, the counter is showing 1 day, 1 hour 59 minutes. Which would be noon tomorrow.
  11. Tough crowd. Hmm. Maybe you guys need something fun and cute! Here's Yuka and her baby polar bear companion, Tuktu! This is from one of our Kid Heroes Stretch Goals. Sculpted by Christine Van Patten!
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