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    ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    Note on purchasing extra Swag Bags and Bonus Bundles: one of the wrinkles with the new system is that you'll need to complete your transaction for your admission tickets *first*; once that transaction is final, you can then go back and purchase extra items in a second (or third, or fourth) transaction. A small annoyance, but really not a big deal.
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    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

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    Thanks, Kit!!!
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    Sorry, I'm just now getting back to this. I'll have Kit check it out.
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    It's what Ladystorm said, our thematic ReaperCon setting for the last two years (and this year as well). But it's so much more! Check this out: Dreadmere at a Glance (see attachment). If you have any other questions, please fire away! DreadmereHandout.pdf
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    How Tall is that Mini?

    As many of you have already noticed, we're switching out our sizing conventions in order to tell a model's size here on reapermini.com. This year, you'll see our models slowly phasing out the "Bryangles" in favor of our "M" and "B" letter markers. Eeach marker is 1/4" (6.25mm) and will hopefully not only give you an idea of the size of the model, but also tell you whether it's a Bones model or a model from one of our metal ranges. Check out the photos for a better explanation. :)
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    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    Kinda wish I could play it myself. But I know all the tricks. :)
  8. Hmm, our pattern was too easy to see. Maybe we'll have to try and change things up...or maybe not. :)
  9. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/07003 Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, painted by Anne Foerster. Everybody needs goblins, right Buglips?
  10. *raggafraggin cut and paste* Thank you for pointing that out. :)
  11. Reaper Ron

    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    You're very welcome! Adding an appendix with useful miniatures was a no-brainer. The Bones Bundles concept is already under way, just gotta pull it all together! Stay tuned! BTW, DD2 (title forthcoming, but will feature the Bloodbite Goblins) is already being developed. We hope we can implement a Bones Bundle when this one launches. DD1 Really grew beyond the initial scope, but it was just too cool to not keep going with it. I expect DD2 to be a little more modest in terms of size.
  12. Reaper Ron

    Bloodbite Goblin Painting Guide

    Now you've got your Bloodbite Goblins, and you're thinking, "Gee, I wish I could paint mine like Anne Foerster's versions." Well, now you can! Hop over to our Dungeon Dwellers page and download the free pdf file. It's FREE! In it, award-winning painter Anne Foerster spills the beans on how to paint goblins like a boss. Did we mention it's free? Go get it now!
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    New Bones Releases April 9th, 2018

    New releases with a hard release date of April 9, 2018 Bones Plastic Fantasy Miniatures 77583___ Med. Air Elemental by Julie Guthrie $2.79 77592___ Frost Giant Queen by Chris Lewis $9.99 77614___ Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King (Huge) by Chris Lewis $12.99 77615___ Fire Giant Bodyguard (Huge) by Chris Lewis $12.49 77616___ Fire Giant Warrior (Huge) by Chris Lewis $10.99 77617___ Dungeon Dressings - Hearth by Andrew Pieper $9.99 77618___ Dungeon Dressing - Bar by Andrew Pieper $3.99 77620___ Logar, Executioner by Bobby Jackson $2.79 77621___ Avatar of Protection (Water Buffalo) by Jason Wiebe $3.49 77623___ Avatar of Courage (Lion) by Jason Wiebe $2.99 77629___ Sylph (Clear) by Werner Klocke $2.79 77630___ Sacrificial Altar by Kevin Williams $5.99 77631___ Vorvorlaka by Bob Ridolfi $2.79 77632___ Sarcophagus by Bob Ridolfi $3.79 77633___ Coffin And Corpse by Bob Ridolfi $2.79 77634___ Cursed Gravestone by Bob Ridolfi $3.29 Reaper Package Assortments 97408___ Bones 3 Monthly Assortment Package - April 2018 Box $175.31
  14. Reaper Ron

    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    Revised PDF has been uploaded; changes include fixing some typos, corrections to tables, overall cleanup and clarity.
  15. It's a character. A rogue.
  16. Reaper Ron

    Bones Super Glue - status?

    Yup, discontinued.
  17. Pretty darn well. Bobby Jackson sculpted all the Bones 3 goblins, and the leader pack of the Bones 4 goblins, and they're all based on the same goblin "template".
  18. We're pleased to announce the next miniature in our Reaper Dungeon Dwellers promotion! Starting February 1st through February 28th, 2018, you can get this FREE "Baran Blacktree" unpainted metal miniature with your qualifying purchase. For all the details, please visit www.reapermini.com! (Sculpted by Bobby Jackson; studio model painted by Rhonda Bender of Bird With a Brush Studios.)
  19. Reaper Ron

    Can Anyone Identify These?

    Hey guys, Trying to help a customer identify these minis. He thought they were Reaper figures, as they're very similar. I'm not sure of the manufacturer as he says there's no info on the bottom of the bases. Any ideas? These were the best photos he had.
  20. Reaper Ron

    Help with Identification

    I don't think so. He's too nicely sculpted for the Heritage Dungeon Dwellers range. LOL!
  21. Reaper Ron

    Can Anyone Identify These?

    And once again, the Reaper Forumites come to the rescue! Thank you Glitterwolf and everybody else! :)
  22. Our very own Rhonda Bender wrote an amazing painting guide for Baran Blacktree. It's FANTASTIC. Check it out: http://www.reapermini.com/DungeonDwellers
  23. We were honored to be interviewed by The Painter's Guild's Will Friedle! Check it out! Join host Will Friedle as he sits down with Reaper Miniatures Creative Director Ron Hawkins. Learn about the creative process behind how minis are made and how they make their way to your collection. Want more? Watch Geek & Sundry Painters Guild Mondays on Alpha. Grab your paintbrushes! Sign-up for a free 30-day trial at https://www.projectalpha.com/ for all your miniature painting needs. Visit them on http://geekandsundry.com