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  1. If you're going to be in the DFW area on Saturday, July 25th, then please come and join us for our Kickstarter Countdown Pizza Party at Reaper Headquarters in Denton, Texas! We'll be providing pizza, drinks, cake (yum!), and previews of the new Bones! Special guests joining us include Rhonda Bender, Izzy Collier, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson, Michael Proctor, Bob Ridolfi, Gene Van Horne, Kevin Williams, and Jason Wiebe. The Kickstarter Countdown Pizza Party starts at 1:00 PM and goes until 5:30 PM. Hope to see you next week!
  2. We've uploaded five different faction logos (Chimerans, Five Suns Mercenaries, Tribunal, Mutants, Confed) to Zazzle and I hope that they will go live tomorrow. If you want to know all about the factions, ping ReaperWolf when you see him right here in the Forums. Still working on a Sophie shirt, but hope that will go live by Monday too. Thanks for being patient; we're all trying to keep our heads above the water!
  3. Muchos gracias, mi amigos! I appreciate the kind Birthday Wishes! Cowboy Chicken for lunch, and now we have a big fat birthday cake from Candy Haven waiting in the break room. I'm not going to be able to move in a little while... Not to mention Ladystorm greeted me with a gigantic bag of candy this morning...oh lordy! RR
  4. We're pleased to announce our Special Guests & Instructors for ReaperCon 2015! Cue the dramatic space music! “Alien†Alison Bailey Anne “Area 51†Becker Rhonda “Bionic Woman†Bender John “Blade Runner†Bonnot Brice “Cloverfield†Coconeur Izzy “Curse of the Puppet Master†Collier Jennifer “Gremlins†Greenwald Julie “Galaxy Quest†Guthrie Erin “Heavy Metal†Hartwell Bobby “Journey to the Center of the Earth†Jackson Chris “Laserblast†Lewis Aaron “Lawnmower Man†Lovejoy Tre “Mad Max†Manor Noel “Mars Attacks!†Meyer Joe “Outbreak†Orteza “Gigantor†Glen Phillips “Android†Andy Pieper Brien “Pacific Rim†Piersol Michael “Predator†Proctor Jessica “Robocop†Rich Bob “Running Man†Ridolfi “The Dark Knight†Derek Schubert “Sharknado†Shannon Stiltz Gene “Village of the Damned†Van Horne James “WALL*E†Wappel “Kick Ass†Kev White Jason “Wolfman†Wiebe Kevin “Weird Science†Williams Tish “The Terminator†Wolter Please keep in mind that this guest list is subject to change, and we hope to add more Special Guests in the coming days! Join us for a great weekend of miniatures painting, gaming, friends, and fun!
  5. All three of the new ogres are metal. There were resin copies at the Artist Conference, but they're long gone. Yeah, I thought that was odd. I suspect he is the metal version of the Bones II barbarian. You're right.
  6. Very nice job on the cow, Andy. And the other two as well! :)
  7. They're comparable in size to any of the other animal familiars that we produce, i.e. small. And yes, the wrapping paper that Rhonda freehanded is pretty incredible!
  8. Pictures of the Christmas Elf and Christmas Familiars in Previews.
  9. Couple more new figures in there now painted by Tish Wolter and Erin Hartwell, both sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  10. The only digital ones in this latest batch were Hosilla, Willow, and Blink. The Ridolfi ones were sculpted old-school with green stuff.
  11. Even though we're still enjoying a wonderful October and Halloween is nigh, we're still pleased to unveil our Christmas miniatures for this year: Christmas Eve and Christmas Knight. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Previews Design by Izzy "Talin" Collier, sculpted by Bobby Jackson, and painted by Jessica Rich. You can see them up close and personal at the RAC right now! We hope you like 'em!
  12. Since there is a Headless Mouseling, have you named the trophy bird Ichabod Crane? I think that's a splendid idea!
  13. Just to be clear: The Lizardmen in the Previews section are *not* the ones available in Bones right now; these are two new sculpts. They *might* (or *should*) be in Bones next year sometime, but it will be a while before that happens. These two are excellent companions to the current Bones Lizardmen.
  14. I believe that's a starknife. Mr. Schubert could probably verify.
  15. Previews Updated with Derek Schubert Goodness
  16. Schubert's Freehand is Sunday at 4:00 pm. Schedule has been edited to show.
  17. I just checked with Customer Service; free shipping on mail orders over $35.
  18. Okay, here's what we will have at the show. Special Edition Miniatures (should go up online during/after the show) Headless Mousling by Gene Van Horne Punkin' Headed Bugbear by Jason Wiebe Chibi Sophie by Bob Ridolfi Here's what we're *hoping* to have for purchase at the show, fingers crossed: Early Release DHL/Chronoscope Minis (limited quantities, and will only be available at the show; general release next year) three new ogres by Bobby Jackson (best ogres we've ever produced) two new Deep Ones by Bobby Jackson (Lovecraftian goodness) two new Pumpkin Horrors by Jason Wiebe (bigger and better than the other three available horrors, which are fantastic) three new Stitch Golems by Chris Lewis (one big one, two small ones - in my opinion, three of the most fun minis we've produced) new Graveyard Golem by Bob Ridolfi - this one barely missed making it into the Kickstarter last year, which is unfortunate because it's super cool! Those who make it will also be able to have a peek at some of the new models coming out later this year and early next year (like the Death Dog from Julie Guthrie, the new Dregs from Paul Muller, and a bunch of other new stuff). It's gonna be great! We promise to take lots of pictures and put them up on our Facebook page!
  19. Yes! You get to keep what you make. And I've seen an example of the tree from Guthrie's class, and it's pretty darn cool. Did we mention that these classes are FREE???
  20. I've added class descriptions for our free RAC classes. Check the thread out here.
  21. Hi Everybody! Here are the class descriptions for the Artist Conference. Remember, these are FREE classes! Please note: these descriptions could very well change, so please keep that in mind if you're planning on showing up and taking a class. Also, these classes will be larger in size than the ones we've previously offered at Reaper Con. We're planning on approximately 10 students per class. Some might have more students. Here we go: Julie Guthrie: Craft Your Own Creepy Halloween Tree - In this class, Julie Guthrie will teach you how to create moody and creepy trees perfect for Halloween dioramas for tabletop gaming applications. Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 12pm, Sunday 10am Bob Ridolfi: Craft Your Own Scenic Bases - In this class, Bob Ridolfi will teach you how to build scenic graveyard bases. Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 10am, Sunday 12pm Jason Wiebe: Converting the Bones Undead Giant - In this class, Jason Wiebe will provide step-by-step instructions on how to convert the Bones Undead Giant into an even bigger and meaner undead giant! Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 4pm, Sunday 4pm Gene Van Horne: Basic Tool Making - In this class, Gene Van Horne will show students how to create just the right kind of tools useful for sculpting and converting miniatures. Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 2pm, Sunday 2pm Michael Proctor: Shaded Metallics - Covers high-level shaded metallics techniques. If you want to excel at getting the most out of your metallic paints, this is the class for you! Students will need to bring their own brushes. Saturday 2pm, Sunday 2pm John Bonnot: How Not to Suck - A comprehensive survey covering everything you always wanted to know about miniature painting and forgot to ask. John expounds on the many materials that will help you in your task not to suck as well as specific painting techniques to help you build a good foundation of skills. Consistently rated among the most valuable classes we offer! Students will need to bring their own brushes. Saturday 2pm, Sunday 2pm Jennifer Greenwald: Intro to Figure Painting - A class that covers the basics for people who either have never painted or who have just started painting. Students will need to bring their own brushes. Sunday 10am Jennifer Greenwald: Painting Modern Figures - Modern, as in, not fantasy guys, and not space marines. There are a few things to consider with modern figures - how to do denim. How to do guns. Since they tend to be simpler sculpts, what can you do to add interest? What kind of base do you put them on? Learn it all in this class! Students will need to bring their own brushes. Saturday 10am Derek Schubert: Painting Monochrome: Much of painting monochrome is learning how to depict different materials and textures with a limited range of colors. This course covers that and the more general choices and techniques related to executing a convincing model in sepia, noir, or other monochrome schemes. Students will need to bring their own brushes. Saturday 4pm Derek Schubert: Freehand Techniques: A class covering the painting of freehand designs onto surfaces such as cloaks and shields. Covers how to choose, simplify, and execute freehand designs and patterns. Students will need to bring their own brushes. Sunday 4pm Rhonda Bender: Basic Blending - A basic class on learning to blend using the layering technique. Students will need to bring their own brushes. Sunday 12pm Rhonda Bender: Flesh and Faces - A guide to painting skin and faces for students familiar with starting techniques and looking to improve beyond the basics. Focus is on human skin tones, though techniques can be adapted to include other colors. Students will need to bring their own brushes. Saturday 12pm Kevin Williams: Sculpting and Converting Mythos Monsters - In this class, Kevin Williams will show you some simple yet effective techniques to turn your ordinary miniatures into things of madness! Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 12pm, Sunday 12pm Bobby Jackson: Converting Bones-Townsfolk Edition - Everyone needs more townsfolk to populate their villages. In this class, Bobby Jackson will provide you step by step instructions on how to create teeming masses of innocent victims for monsters to terrorize and for heroes to rescue. Students will be supplied with everything they need. Saturday 10am, Sunday 10am. Any questions, please fire away! RR
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