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  1. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to drop a line and let you know the following figures are scheduled to ship to distribution on Monday: 14017 Naomi, Female Vampire 14019 Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf 14022 Lysette, Female Sorceress 14023 Sigurd, Viking Warrior 14024 Eredain, Wizard 14027 Orcs (3) 14031 Lupine Rager We should have an official announcement on the main page next week, along with photos in the store too!
  2. I'll add my list of faves, a day late and a dollar short if you guys will forgive me! 02086 Faramere - my old player character 02111 Gabriel Darkblood - tons of animation; love the swirling cloak 02114 Galladon - for obvious Tolkein-esque reasons All of the Werner Klocke knights 02551 Monique - speaks for itself 02539 Silver Dragon - beautiful piece 02579 Ettin - Wiebe's best work, I think Plus, there's lots of stuff that the sculptors are currently working on that I think will be some of my new faves (Werner's female thief for the Warlord line just rocks, and Bobby Jackson's new templar for the same line is the best piece he's ever done for anyone, hands down!).
  3. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that yes, we are reading these posts; forgive our late replies! Anyhow, there are no plans to produce Army Packs of Gnolls or Bugbears at this time. † † :( The savings wouldn't be all that much, and there wouldn't be any new figures to introduce into the pack anyways. †I don't have any plans to make any new gnoll or bugbear characters either...unless somebody really twists my arm! †:) No new plans to produce additional packs with more than 4-5 figs in the Army Pack range either, so if you need 30 skellies, you might just have to buy 6 army packs of 5... Hope I didn't rain on anybody's parade, but that's the status as of now...
  4. Checked out the greens lately? †We've got the perfect fix for you!
  5. Necromancer Games, in my opinion, makes the best d20 stuff out there. †It would be the ultimate experience to play Rappan Athuk using the Dwarven Forge stuff and a bunch of Reaper minis. †Talk about a gamer's dream! Like Tsathogga said, we're going to be working with the fine folks at Necromancer to put out some minis of their monsters from the upcoming Tome of Horrors (can't wait to get that!!). If you guys haven't checked out the NG stuff yet, you are missing out! We'll have more info as it becomes available...stay tuned!
  6. Hi Guys! Well, unfortunately there are no animals on the schedule til next year, and those are a cave bear and a winter wolf. Oh, and maybe some giant frogs too!
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