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  1. Hi, I was looking for a working link for Aryanan's photo manual. It sems the old link is invalid. thanks,
  2. But seriously, I decided to get some of the rubber D&D minis because I am teaching my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughters wargaming as they are really into fantasy and I am sick of watching them bowl for my painted minis with the dice. Trying to have fun with my kids and stressing about them nicking my paintjobs, so we are moving onto rubber until they paint their own armies, Ernst
  3. Funny, I was just checking out these rubber things today online looking for some I could not get in metal, so thanks for the post, but here is a tomatoe just for being the first one - SPLAT. Ernst
  4. HI, that is the Shire Dragon by Grenadier from around 1984 or 5 from thier dragon of the month series 3, during which they did a lot of funky and creative dragons. Ernst
  5. Hi, that is a Heritage Dungeon Dweller from the Wizards and Magic Users Blister. It was also in a boxed set where it was known as an evil sorcerer. I paint a lot of heritage, they are a lot of fun and I have just about every Dungeon Dweller made by them. The Dungeon Dweller line was produced in 1980 and was meant to be an offical D&D line, but negotiations fell apart and so Heritage released them as Dungeon Dwellers. The dungeon dweller line had about 260 or so in it and many of the monsters are the most accurate representations from the D&D monster manual for which reason they are a very collected line of miniatures. If you want to see pics and identify most heritage you can go to www.dungeon-dwellers.info Enjoy the old lead! Ernst
  6. Hi, I am as curious about the mini I will hopefully still get as I am about who is painting it, could the person who is painting for Kalapurusha let me know who you are? thanks, Ernst
  7. Its great, especially the purple cloak - i have the damndest time getting purple right... Ernst
  8. Hi, I just finished Jen's, will probably get it in Saturday's mail... Ernst
  9. I agree, he looks a bit girlish in the eyes, I think I put a bit too much mascara on him, but then I figured he can better seduce the vampires to an untimely demise. Yes, vegetation is not a sculpt. I have not even got to the point of buying any green stuff or basing materials. Started painting for RPGing and the whole idea of dressing up the bases is new to me, and something I want to get into, though I right now I have been concentrating on my brushwork. I have to get some basing materials and greenstuff next time I get into Civilization (seattle). Ernst
  10. Hi, I finally finished my mini for Strateegos for the 54 mm exchange. The mini took 4 weeks to arrive due to a shipping problem, but I got it and got it in at the bell. I posted it in Show Off at http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...=30761&st=0 Ernst
  11. Well, here it is the 31st and I finally got Magnus done for Strateegos on the 54 mm mini exchange. It took four weeks for me to get this mini because of mis-shipment, so I just got it done in time for the deadline. I have been learning to paint for about 9 months and this is what I was able to do for Strateegos, hopes he likes it! The camera darkened it a bit, but it is a fairly accurate representation of what it looks like. I am working on my NMM's right now and so I am sure you all will find lots of room for improvement on that, so feel free to comment on my NMM's or anything else. The pants are meant to be somewhat worn midnight violet leather, the camera made them a bit darker than they really are. I posted this on CMON, thought it would fun to get it rated to see where I am at in my painting, so if any of you all have a spare moment to rate it, I would appreaciate it. CMON link is http://www.coolminiornot.com/181155 Thanks, Ernst
  12. Hi Steve, she is beautiful! Can't wait to see her live. Now if my wife is just not jealous I can keep her in the bedroom... Magnus finally arrived after 4 weeks since my order was mishipped, so starting him today and will by done before the deadline at the end of the month. Ernst
  13. Hello, I don't know what you thinned your paint with, or if you even did thin it? But, I have seen too much drying retardant cause paint to crack, though usually within a couple of hours. Ernst
  14. Thanks Joe and Eastman for the tips. Any experience in brushing on Dullcote, how does that compare to the aerosol dull cote? Thanks, Ernst
  15. Hello, does anyone have any experience air brushing primer and sealer rather than using them from a aerosol can? The thing I hate about the aerosol cans is that the fumes are so bad (duplicolor and dullcote). I was thinking that maybe there was something that I could airbrush that would not have all those fumes? Any suggestions would be appreciated, Ernst
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