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  1. I bought a nice big 34 X 48 playmat that has 1" hexes on one side and 1" squares on the other. I'll give this a shot. Thanks, all!
  2. To be honest, I despise measuring with rulers and that sort of stuff. I'm just not interested in doing it. Maybe for some things like shooting or spells. But not for everything. However, I want the freedom to play with whatever miniatures I want so that's the goal here. In that case, squares would work perfectly for 90 degree turns. I'm fine with that as well.
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been on this forum in probably 10 years. I've always loved the Reaper figures. Now I'm looking for a miniatures game that uses square or hex boards and not rulers. Has anyone adapted CAV or Warlord rules to those types of boards?
  4. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it. There's a great bit of help here. I knew I'd get good answers here and you guys did not disappoint me. Thanks a lot!
  5. I got away from painting minis for a while, but I've come back to it. So now I'm a bit more committed than I was before. I've gotten a lot of answers from other sites, but I have one question left to ask before I put brush to paint. What's the proper way to thin paints? I've read that I should use flow improver or drying retarder or water or some combination thereof. Anyone have ratios or a good suggestions on how to do it so that my paint moves well and fill areas I need it to fill?
  6. These suggestions are all really good. I especially like what jdripley and Shak had to say. I agree that Mercy/Conversion seems to bulky. But what are the odds of these changes being implemented? This rules release is beta I believe, so I guess theres a good opportunity for these things to be fixed.
  7. Okay, so its like I thought. You grant Mercy so a leader or healer can walk over and convert. Mercy and convert are steps 1 and 2 to a greater ability
  8. I doubt it. Keep in mind, this is open beta.....right?
  9. Playing games and relaxing with some good friends. Care to disagree?
  10. Right answer sir. Other acceptable answers include: Cause you deserve it NJ doesn't have good weather God hates you Did anyone else have an awesome weekend?
  11. Just wanted to report that Risk was a smashing hit. My girlfriend, my best friend, and his wife all thoroughly enjoyed it and want to play again! I'm excited because that means I may be able to get them to play other games as well. I just bough Nexu Ops which is really highly rated at boardgamegeek. Plus, I already have my girlfriend playing (and enjoying!) Warlord. What can I say, I'm good at what I do!
  12. Yes, I could really use the car wash. Why does the NJ weather suck so badly?
  13. I'm only a beginner, but I see the Necropolis being able to play more of a swarm style offensive since the Skeletal Swordsmen are so cheap. I like that idea as I feel it captures the fluff of the undead. I also like the splitting of the Crusaders Faction SA. Very interesting to see how easy that will be to actually pull off in a game.
  14. Not currently. But I have had one in the past that escaped and was found under a stack of Bibles. Is that an omen?
  15. I'd love to, but postage on that would be nightmare. How often do you see Kangaroos?
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