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  1. Eversberg. Eversburg (This is an insult.) Eversbert Eversburt Eversbyrd Eversbirg Eversbreg Eversbird Eversmerg Eversbarg Eversbe (??) Evensberg Evensburg... Eversberg Etc. M.
  2. Doll cereal killers? Does Matel have Barbie Bran out now? Of course I jest. To be honest I never met anyone named "Chuck" I don't think... M.
  3. Heh, my wife and I dated for ten years, getting things straight first. (paying off credit cards and vehicles, getting a place to live, finishing school) She then set a date we were going to be married and told me to be there. Technically, I never asked her to marry me. Eh you where married long before that day, you just didn't know it. M.
  4. Well I'm not a nay-sayer, I think it's a good idea I just wanted to know about your long term ideas with the house market being as it is. M.
  5. Field, are you sure you want to build a house already? It's one hell of an investment -- you just moved into that palce, are you sure you like the area? Are you sure you like your job? What about if you get married? And a host of other things. With the housing market as it is, it may be better just to buy one -- if you build you may sell it at a loss, which is bad for you, and offensive to my beloved Capitalism. M.
  6. I don't know how I would react to being proposed to by my significant other... M.
  7. Check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dowry Guess I was thinking brideprice then? M.
  8. Cadaver, you're wrong about the dowery. The father in law to be does not pay the groom, but the other way around -- you buy your wife off of him. M.
  9. I made an obsidian knife once...I don't think I'd use that as material ment to be placed by the skin to be honest. M.
  10. Eh this isn't for me to propose to her though I guess what you all said is perfectly applicatable. Interestingly nobody went with the dual setting. While I have alot of affection for this girl, I'd likely have to fight someone over her hand, AND she's a Christian, which causes more problems about "traditional" weddings and stuff. I was considering sapphire myself, actually, in a hypothetical environment. Ironically it is her birth stone, she finds it beautiful, and I love blue sapphire. You mean like this? M.
  11. I think Lucien is a suitable name for a boy, don't you? Though the final names will fall to my wife, as she did most of the work. M.
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