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  1. I love it! The NMM on the speartip is great and the shield is nice, subtle, but very well done! -LW
  2. The dwarf looks excellent! I really like the beard, as many have said. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one finished! -LW
  3. So I have been combing the net for a particular DVD: Painting Miniatures with Jeremie Bonamant Teboul (Multi-language edition, not French only) Does anyone have an angle on this or am I completely fubar'd until coolmini sells it again? -LW
  4. I had much the same issues recently after coming back and what I have done is basically invest in the distilled water. It is cheap. I also use "gunk" which is 4:1:1 water, retarder, flow improver. For the most part the paints are fine. However some will take a bit of mixing in the pallet. (I use a porcelain 7 well flower from Dick Blick) My only issues have been some of the whites, but they are frequently grainy in my opinion anyway. -LW
  5. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys... I just keep saying to myself "have patience, learn from each, and it will always get better!". I mean the reason I started all this was because I want to be able visualize and execute what is in my head on these miniatures. It will just take time! -LW
  6. is feeling better about the painting thing today...

  7. Always have loved Grimgor, and I think you have done a great job! I agree with you on the ribbon, but the ork skin looks great! -LW
  8. Heya folks, I'm starting to remember things now lol. Of course some of those are things I was doing wrong, but at least I feel better about my brush! Anyway this is Elmore Angel from Darksword miniatures. I picked up her and several others from the booth at GenCon. Truthfully between Reaper, Darksword, and Privateer, I could probably live on these miniatures. Anyway only the face is done at the moment, but as many of you saw before that is one of my trouble parts in most miniatures. I think very often the highlights are slightly off, and my skin tone tends to be washed out alittle bit. I would like more of a glow to the skin. Oh well something to work towards. Without further ado... Truthfully I think my camera helps this mini out a bit. As always comments and suggestions are welcome! -LW
  9. Welp it turned out better than it started, which is good. I think it was a good warm up for remembering what I am doing. I still feel rusty and impatient but I think that will pass with time. Without further ado... I appreciate comments and suggestions! -LW
  10. New stuff... getting happier with it as long as I don't look her in the face. Some stuff I still need to do include all the metal, the tube, the boot links, belt buckle, the anklet, the sword, and finally the pantaloons. To be continued! -LW
  11. Man Frog when you do a project you really do a project! I look forward to seeing it progress! -LW
  12. I would be interested as well. If only to give me a goal to shoot for! -LW
  13. Agreed. Forgeworld definitely knows how to turn out excellent products. Wish I could say the same for GW anymore. The way you have done the blood thirster is much the way I always envisioned Angron to look! -LW
  14. Heya folks, Welp, here it is. The first mini I have painted in three years. To be honest I was tempted to not share this with anyone but I figure maybe by posting it and commenting myself on what all I screwed up it won't happen again. First the pictures: Here is what I see. Mind you this is probably being over zealous in critique. 1) I should not have started with the face after such a long time being away from painting. I just over did it, then tried to correct issues, then over corrected right into thick paint. 2) The lipstick was a horrific mistake. 3) I watched the new DVD out by Natalya Melnick from CMON and tried, unsuccessfully, to emulate the techniques. My gut says to back up, go with what I know and relearn the brush control before trying fun stuff like wet blending and feathering. (Opinions?) 4) White primer... I've never done well with it. Despite that many respectable painters feel that white is the way to go, there are equal number of painters that go with black. Black has always been more forgiving for me so I should have led off with it. 5) The range of hues in the face is wrong, obviously the paint is too thick, but depth should have been created via deeper shadows and less highlight over the high spots. 6) The hair... oh god the hair. I tried to get cute with the color and ended up making her look like she hasn't colored her hair in awhile. Dark roots and blonde highlights = not good. 7) The purple isn't bad, which gives me hope. Yes I think the shade hues should be smaller and maybe a broader highlight on the hat but it could be worse. 8) Something you can't see in the pictures. I can barely sit there for an hour without needing a break... I'm either super ADD or sitting is harder than I remember. 9) I need patience, thinner paint with better brush control. I need to worry less about layering a.t.m. and focus on clean lines. That is all. Comments are always welcome and I will post more over time. -LW
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