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  1. Heya folks! My latest creation. I am happy with it so far, I know I could do a few things alot better, not a big fan of the scales for as much time as I put into it. I do like the face though so take a look and see what you think. Thanks, LW
  2. Heya folks, This is a figure I finished for our local GW LoTR painting comp. What do you all think? Also still working on this picture/photoshop thing so if ya have any suggestions hit me with it! Thanks! LW
  3. Heya folks, I just got my camera today. As I am a total and complete newb at this taking pictures and cropping them thing it took me all day just to generate this one crappy picture of my PWG. Take a look Im sure better pictures are coming as I get practice. Any tips from folks with a Powershot A710 would be appreciated. Be as critical as you can, or want to with this, I want to get better of course! PS. I managed to accidentally crop the base.. which isnt as horrible as it sounds as I haven't done anything with it yet, its still full of white primer and glue... Thank you guys! LW
  4. Yay! Just got my new camera... And figured out that I don't know the first thing about how to use it. Ill post a pic as soon as I get one that doesnt look like a blur. For those folks with a Powershot A710... any tips? Thanks, LW
  5. Seriously .. the Alexia fig first time Ive ever seen it and I showed it to the wife. She says "where did she put the batteries". It seriously takes me a few minutes of looking at it to convince myself that its not really lit up. If only one day I can do stuff like this.... lw
  6. Hrmm, 80 bucks you say... I might be able to convince the "BOSS" that this is a good idear! lw
  7. Thank you all very much for the responses. Ive decided to put off my OSL attempt until a later mini, (the current one is set for a Local GW painting comp). I do like the fact that every time i ask a question it gets soo many good responses and debate. To me it says Im asking the right ones! I just recently bought a PowerShot A710 IS Silver 7.1MP, 6X Zoom Digital Camera and I can't wait to show yall what im doing. Its honestly the reason I bought it, though the wife thinks its due to taking family pictures! Shhhh.. LW
  8. Heya folks, Have a question for those folks playing with OSL painting. I read on another board about people painting OSL but in the description of how it was done they said they used a wash to do it. In my mind OSL would be almost an highlighting step whereas a wash in my mind is a shading step. How do you all approach the painting of OSL. Do you use a base -> midtone -> highlight on the lighted parts of the mini? In other words if you had a sword that glowed green, would you start by painted the illuminated sections with the darkest of the illumination colors and work your way up to the brightest or do you use one highlight color (in this example, green) for the illumination, almost a ultrahighlight on the section being worked on. Im not entirely sure if this makes sense to everyone, this is my first attempt at it and Im still getting my head around the process. LW
  9. OK... got that Parchment paper last night and tried it. Seriously whoever is not using this stuff needs to get it. It works literally 100xs better than the sta wet paper. You gotta work with it a bit more initially to get it to lay flat as the above posted but the rewards are much much better! Thanks for that tip! lw
  10. By Reynolds paper are you speaking of this? http://www.alcoa.com/reynoldskitchens/en/p...mp;prod_id=1799 If so.. schweeet. Ill get some asap! Thanks for all your great suggestions!
  11. God lord I like that... Usually I don't post, mostly due to time, but this a great! The color choice and the blending is unreal. Awesome work. LW
  12. I do cover them, but ive found a few folks on various forums that have said that acrylics have a problem with much colder temperatures, it makes them break down. Maybe Im reading the wrong forums, dunno! The Boiling water is the prep step pretty much verbatim from the directions on the package, course now I gotta go read it again (damn O.C.D.)
  13. Heya folks, Got a couple questions for all you Sta-wet people out there... Regarding the Sta-wet thing, I am having the worst time keeping the paint wet. Maybe Im doing it wrong but lets say Im throwing down a basecoat of Imperial Purple. I got my pre-prepared sheet, got my sponge under it. The sponge is so wet that if I added any more it would probably have standing water around it. Ill drip like 3 drops of paint from the bottle, and 1 drop of gunk (@ 40ml h20, 10ml flowaid, 10ml slowdri mix). Mixing that up yields a lake about 1/2 - 3/4 inch wide, and Opaque as hell. The trouble is, if I put more water in, it seems more like a wash in consistency. That works pretty decent for a basecoat, but when I work towards highlight layers the trouble is still there, too much wash not enough coverage. If I reduce it down to 2 drops paint and 1 drop gunk it seems a bit too thick. Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong? Also, I wake up the next day and the paint is pretty much dry, or if not dry a flat colored pancake in the palette, if I add water or such all I get it some particulate and a bit of gunk on the backside of my brush (I use the butt end to stir). Could it be the water from the sta wet palette mixing things up, am I prepping the sheets wrong (boil water, put paper in a big flat baking thing, put boiling water over the paper, wait 15-20 minutes?) Or is this right and I need to learn to work with the consistency better? Also a general question about quality.. Should any RMS paint ever come out of the bottle more as a solid than a liquid? My Pale green for example came out last night as a toothpaste like line of mush. Same thing happens on a few of my greens and greys. Thanks sirs and Madams for any help yall can put forth. I can't tell you all how much this forum has made me a much better painter than I was in a short time. My hats are off to you folks completely. LW
  14. I got this from a site that I can't remember where anymore... (I usually save the entire page in another folder for safekeeping when I find a decent tut) Unfortunately I got no examples but this seems to work pretty well. Tutorials Stubble and its application... For your rough and ready barbarians, a little 5 o'clock shadow always helps capture that I-sleep-under-the-stars-and-gut-rabbits-with-my-teeth look. I have seen a number of different ways of achieving the stubbled look, but have found a particularly easy, consistent method. Paints used (GW colours): - Dwarf Flesh - Codex Grey 1) After you have painted all the flesh tones on your model, take a look and see where you think stubble is appropriate - this may be a shaven head or beard or even something a little more stylish like the beginnings of a goatee. 2) Starting with an equal mix of Dwarf Flesh and Codex Grey (and of course some water - you want an almost milky consistency), block in the areas that you want stubble. 3) Load your brush with codex grey, and then wipe most of the paint back off the brush as if you were going to dry brush something. Dapple the paint over the areas blocked out in 2) 4) Repeat 3) using dwarf flesh, but remember you only want a slight dappling effect otherwise you will cover the whole area, so keep the movements light. For a slightly heavier stubble, you can then add a touch of black to the codex grey and dapple VERY LIGHTLY back over the desired areas. You can also use a very light black was to get a similar effect, but I like the almost textured feel you get from dappling the paint on. LW
  15. I guess one of my biggest issues with the wall is something I alluded to in an earlier post. Actually its kind of a combination... one part of it is, "hey I can try that new technique soandso told me about" and the other part is, too much impatience with being imperfect. I see folks like Anne and Jen, and quite a number of folks on this forum that paint like they were born with it. I see what why can do and then do a compare and contrast with my own, depression sets in fast. I realize that its a bad idea, just can't stop doing it! Also Im trying my best to keep from biting off too much at a time, that is, work on one particular skill set per mini. If I tried NMM, OSL, and fancy basing all at the same time, Id start drinking I think, plus I wouldn't get better. Ultimately the wall for me is the dose of reality that comes from seeing what I CAN do vs what that gremlin in the back of my head says.. "Oh ya... if THIS can draw silver at a GD, so can you..." http://gamesday.us.games-workshop.com/down...ge/8_silver.jpg ... sorry Mr. Kurpaski if your reading this. The wall is both an obstacle and a driving force for me... sometimes its more of the former than the latter. LW
  16. Just out of sheer curiosity does anyone else hit a wall during the process of painting a particular mini? I seem to get maybe 1/3rd of the way into a paint, usually when there is an initial basecoat and there is primer still showing, and then BANG Im like... oh this isnt going to be good, in fact I suck... etc. I either have to put it up for the night, go play some fps game for awhile, or do something else. Its very odd and I didnt notice it before when I started painting, but now its there in almost every fig I do. Does this happen to anyone else or am I defective again? LW
  17. Heya folks, Just wanted to make an observation that just occured to me tonight as I suffered over painting the Buhrdûr sculpt. Is it just my imagination or does GW have some pretty horrendous sculpts. That is all... just blowing off steam... back to my frustration... LW
  18. What kind of quality difference is there between the GW brushes ive been using forever, and Winsor and Newtons, basically the gold standard from what ive heard? Is it significant, are there any brushes in the middle in terms of cost or is it really worth it to sink money into W&N 7M before more paint etc...? Any help is appreciated! LW
  19. Small update! Im proud to say that after a couple years hiatus in painting and spending way too long on painting a single mini I managed to win the first local painting comp this saturday! I honestly thought I was beat due to a few awesome paint jobs that I saw there. Ill post a pic as soon as I figure out where I can get a decent digital camera (or borrow one)! Again thank you all for your support and help! LW
  20. Heya folks, Just wanted to touch base and let ya know that I seem to be doing much better after what yall said. Im currently painting a Sister Repentia (GW) for a store painting competition. Ya I know.. no pressure coming back to painting and jumping into a comp, but its going well and it seems I dont suck as much as I thought.. at least in my own mind. Ill post pics as soon as I find a decent digital camera! And thank you all again! LW
  21. Hey folks, Thanks alot for the words of encouragement. Ive learned a few things, one of them is that I should sleep it off sometimes lol. I do appreciate it though, and Ill take it one step at a time, Rome wasnt built in a day! I'm amazed daily by the work I see you folks putting out and whats even better that yall do this and still have time to help born-again n00bs like me! Thanks again, LW
  22. Heya folks, I just came back to painting after a couple of years hiatus. Previously I just used GW paints straight from the bottle, ya I know... thinning ftw! Anyway I sat down last night with a crappy 1st gen ork fig from the old 40k starter box just to see if I was any good still. The simple answer is ... probably not! I am doing a number of things different now and Im alittle worried that maybe Im changing too much at one time. First of all Im now starting to get a set of RMS paints, going from GW from the pot to RMS where I must measure out what Im using is a big change for me. Secondly, Im trying to use a wet palette. To be honest, Im not exactly sold on it from what Ive seen last night. I was used to a 0.50 cent ceramic tile to paint with when I actually used it. Thirdly, gunk... thinning paint with gunk, I like the idea, I like where it could take me in skill, but I feel like Im painting with milk. So I guess the question is, am I asking for trouble here? It seems like the ork I was painting would have been better if I wasn't putting so much effort into revolutionizing how I paint. The night went kind of like this in my head... Wet Palette... Isnt this thing supposed to not dry out?... well it is... blast it RMS paint to palette... thin it with da gunk.. well now it looks like a puddle...and the edges are drying out.. how much is a 'drop' anyway Paint da orky... holy god 3 coats to make him green... and why does it look chalky somehow.. Upon putting brush to face of ork... SPLAT, green puddle on face... Ok.. maybe I can highlight him with some feathering... how does it go again... 2 brushes.. one for the milk paint then the other to 'feather' it out, doesn't look highlighted at all.. omg I suck now... Moral support needed. LW
  23. Ok folks, I see soo many great how-tos on basing and making wonderful mini terrain that I really only have one question. I apologize in advance if its answered elsewhere, I just can't seem to find it. Once you got that wonderful custom base done... how in the world do you attach the mini to it? Several ideas present themselves, pinning, glue, premade slots etc.. how do you all do it? Thanks in advance, LW
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