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  1. There are a couple ways of deciding this one. One is number of models. If you want another 500 point army really really fast then go with Ogres. The only issue here is that they are VERY much like chaos in that its a low numbers high point value no shooting army. So your game play might not be all that different. The Night gobbo army is a fun concept... but thats all it really is. Tons of friggen minis in that army and even at 500 points your still talking a ton of models. To get this one to even decent playability you will need to get to 750. Tons of little green and black bodies. and so on and so on.... sorry drugged atm. If I were you and already had a chaos undivided army? I would go for the Dwarves or the Empire.. both are shooty ish armies and play a lot differently from Chaos. Neither would take a TON of models and both have great figures with them to make them special. Personally I would avoid the Tomb Kings unless you are going specifically for a 1000+ point army there. The reason for this is that the Tomb Kings suffer at low point values due to their required troops for leadership. (Course you could.. ehem ... dip skellies and make up a Tomb King army fast as hell too) .... hehe I just reread this and decided i didnt help much. Just do what you think you would have fun with. If it was me? I would go for the Dwarves.
  2. Up until last night I had a nigh perfect driving record. Nothing so much as a parking ticket. I also considered myself abit immortal. Im 32 and never really had too much come at me injury-wise, ive been sick of course, nothing major, never a broken bone, or a severe cut. So I always felt a bit touched by God, stupid I know, but thats what happens when you have nothing happen directly to you. I was coming out of the Blues Hockey game last night and turning left at a 4 way 4 lane intersection when me and my wifes car was blasted by a car that I swear to god was not there when I looked. I think what happened was that the SUV that was slowing up to stop masked the car full of college kids behind it. They must have decided to break for the light and passed the SUV on the right at the intersection and accelerated. They found me in the way of course, turning left on a green light in the middle of their lane. All I could do was spin the wheel and try to avoid them T-boning us. They hit right at my wifes door where she sat next to me. The force was enough to blast us across the intersection and set me facing the way I came with my nose in a drainage ditch. Luckily because of the hockey game the cops were everywhere and I believe there we police lights on before I even stopped moving. All in all I could be alot worse, broke my nose, bruised up body and my wife is sore all over. She's always had some back issues because of a car accident as a child. Now I feel like its worse. But we are alive. I have no idea if the dude was drinking, if the accident is my fault, or even how I am going to replace the car because its totaled. I do know this though. I didnt get a ticket at the scene.. thats gotta be good news. Also I was talking to the EMT on the bus on the way to the hospital and his first two calls of the night were a Double DOA shootings call and the delivery of twins. Im not invincible anymore... but I am lucky.
  3. Try two things.. 1) Simple green.. again the thing that strips our minis should do the trick here. You will need to rinse a bunch of times but with a super absorbent chamois or a sponge should go a long long way. 2) If the cat has some how broken litter training try a product called Dr. Eisleys Cat Attract. Its a special litter sold at Petsmart (i am a manager at one of the stores) that is guaranteed to work for cats. LW
  4. Alotta life in 3 little minutes aint it. Bravo
  5. Im happy about 2 things on this one. 1) No chalky paint! Yay! 2) The eyes. Unfortunately I messed those things up about 10 times trying to get color into the eye like Mrika did on this fig. She must be doing something I dont know how to do... or using a single hair brush lol. I think she looks ok at about 6inches from the eye... any closer and we are getting fun things like ... noticing that eye screw ups thickened the paint alot around her eyes. Im not thrilled about how blocked the muscles look either. I like her lips.. and teeth. I guess that brings up broader questions of... at what scale should we evaluate paint jobs like this. Should I whip out the monocle and go to town?
  6. Heya folks, Check it out... please feel free to blast this one. I have gotten to this point in a little over 5 hours.. which I admit is probably too fast. Feel free to pick it apart.
  7. Heya folks! Unfortunately due to life... and apparently mold issues I was unable to do what I want for this comp. In the interest of seeing how she does however... I present Halloween Sophie. Good luck to everybody!
  8. Me and the kids had a great time ourselves tonight! The kids had quite the haul.. cause man people are handing out tons of candy... check the haul! And the HAUL.... yay yummies for me!
  9. Well .. if we are going that route with this. 1 thing.... a clone.
  10. No he is right.. the "fix" as you call it isnt anything to do with a political party actually accomplishing anything. Merely its the presence of Democrats in the White House that tends to spur a better economy. The numbers dont really speak to peoples impression of whats going on in the world.. in fact they ignore them completely. Nowadays impression is all that moves the stockmarket... and the economy no matter what the pencil pushers would like to say.
  11. Dont forget shipping!! Probably need my first born for that... almost worth it too!
  12. Simple answer... Elect democrat.. historically it tends to fix markets.
  13. I was starting to wonder what was talking to me... apparently the sponge had gotten a timeshare in the Miami area and had, somehow, gotten a starfish preggo... damnedest thing I ever saw. I was forced to let the little lecher go and hire on a new sponge. This one was a bigger sponge 8' x 11'' and he now lives in a Glad Ovenwear box. He hasn't been used yet as he is still making moving arrangements and I have taken a few days off of painting to explore the world of nekkid jello sculpture but I feel like it will be good for us to work together. When I come back to the pallet I expect that things will improve and the posting will commence! If nothing else... I have my jello.
  14. Easy peezy lemon squeezy... 1) Army of Darkness (is this horror?) 2) 28 Days Later 3) Alien/Aliens 4) The Blair Witch (This is the only one where you absolutely needed to see it in the theater on opening night, if you missed it.. sorry) Editorial: Due to my wifes squeemishness I am not allowed to watch Horror with her... therefore if anyone knows of a gorgeous redhead that would like to watch Horror movies with me please let me know.
  15. Waay back in the day me and a few friends of mine came across a miniature game called BattleTech at a local hobby store named Boardwalk in Cincinnati (I believe its still there... 20 years later). BTW if any of you live in Cincy.. its in Hyde Park. The minis were made by the great Ral Partha... which was also... a Cincy company. We were hooked instantly. Course back then there was very little support products or structure for it so we had to learn on our own (not to mention we were like 14). We painted them with Testors acrylic, made terrain with the white Styrofoam stuff... after finding out that aerosol cans destroy Styrofoam "Hey its cool man.. now its lavarock!". Tried for hours to put together the Marauder Mk II model.. (to this day ive never managed to get one together for some reason.) Then came the computer games, and I lost interest into the hobby for years. The Commodore 64 was just too damn good.... After a long while I found out about a game called Warhammer 40k, went to work for GW... left GW... and started painting seriously... THe beauty of the Bricks and Mortar is quite honestly the communities they engender. You cannot have this hobby without some bit of community and for younger folks especially this means Locals. They are great places to learn new stuff, get encouragement, and play with other people just like you. I dont know about anyone else but I always feel jazzed about doing this hobby after leaving a Local... they just make me feel loved for some reason. I have probably 6 or so locals in the area. One is my old store GW St. Louis Mills. Another is probably the best store in the area, even though its new, the Miniature Market (which is an online store as well) has a new B&M, there is also a chain of hobby stores in the area as well, but they are abit more Comic related than mini. Aside from a distinct fear creeping into the back of my head regarding pre-painted minis its a great time to be alive for the mini hobbyist.
  16. World of Warcraft Cleaning the house... Hey its not fun but its more fun than wading through garbage if I didnt! Watching T.V. because Inuyasha and House are the shiznite...
  17. Ok... here is my major malfunction. Chalk. Or rather... it seems like I am having an epidemic of paint that after I apply it to the mini suddenly begins to turn whitish. Here is what I use currently in as much detail as I can possibly give. 1) Ceramic plates for ... well pretty much nothing now except for the random swipe to clear a bit more paint. 2) Ceramic flowers for mixing washes and glazes. 3) W&N series 7s that have been washed recently... 4) 1 mug of tap water for rinsing brush 5) 1 mug of distilled water for additional thinning 6) A wet palette that is starting to age... appx 8 months of constant wetness. 7) gunk mix of 4/1/1 water/flowaid/slowdri in a dropper 8) a large dropper bottle with additional gunk mixed. This is now empty as the last remaining gunk has been poured into the smaller dropper bottle (need to mix more) Thats all. Yet for some reason, and not completely all paints but its getting friggen close. When I paint, lately it has been browns and oranges and such, it will go on ok, but then when it starts to dry I can see it to pale out.. and finally dry quite a bit lighter and somehow chalkier.. Maybe im just tired and doing something wrong.. but looking at the list there is something I am missing Im sure... HELP! LW
  18. I like the fact that in one of the pictures its on his "runway" and in the background is a couch... that is almost the same size..
  19. Texting a good friend to keep the boredom from destroying me.... all day.. Thumbing through WD, Casketworks, Cry Havoc, or Privateer.. behind a locked office door. ... sigh.. even in my delinquency thats all I do wrong.. I suck.
  20. Heya and welcome to the addiction.. we have Mini Anonymous meetings every 2nd tuesday, and jackets... The mini looks great for your first stab at it! There is talent there, and probably the most important part... patience that I can see. The first thing anyone needs to learn is proper basecoating. Its not easy and alot of folks are always working on this first step. Making sure you have a smooth and even coat on the initial pass will allow all the rest of the work that comes later to be that much better. My first suggestion is just that. Look at coverage all over the place... and that means flipping the mini upside down. (You would be surprised what ya have missed in this position). Also.. try taking a picture of the mini after your base coat. For some reason the camera has the annoying habit of showing flaws very very well. Use that to your advantage! Anywho... great first mini and I personally look forward to seeing more! Dont get discouraged... it happens to everyone, but when you work through it you will do that much better!
  21. Oh damn your doing your own pumpkins too! ... grumbles about having to kick it up a notch on painting my piece... In all seriousness it looks good mate! Keep up the good work.
  22. Still look good mate! The pictures could be better.. hehe but oh well!
  23. I use both the back end of the brush and dropper on occasion. The dropper for things that im using as base.. the back end of the brush because Citadel has the taste kids love!
  24. Looks awesome mate! Only thing I think I would perhaps take a second look at is the base. Perhaps a more elaborate one would bring it out more. Even if you left it alone though, its a very nice piece.
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