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  1. Redoing the cloak.. the ritterlich is bad. I thought for awhile that it was my Brilliant blue so I repainted with the base Ritterlich. When I went instead to do a highlight of 4drops Ritterlich to 1 drop linen white it make it even more chalky than what you see here. In what is probably WAAY too many coats of paint I have now gone with my only other deep blue base and that is Ultramarine Shadow. We shall see how this works out. LW
  2. Here is an update... I finally decided that my major issue with this model is that the sculptor made it too angular. I think this is one of the models that was done totally on computer which could explain a number of things. LW
  3. Ya... this one is a giant PITA. The face is purposefully made so you can only do some form of sharp progressive highlight for the skintone. Then I made the mistake of actually assembling it first, its a nightmare. Soon it will be over and I can thankfully have only 1 more GW fig to paint for awhile, a good one too! LW
  4. Lets see... I have no pictures of minis before I quit for awhile. The first one I have is the first one I did since coming back to painting, and that was in Feb... ere it is: My improvement I credit towards this forum, Ive learned tons here. LW
  5. Oops... I think I missed it! Happy Birthday Helltown!
  6. Heya folks, Check it out... aside from the yellow, which is my archenemy Im moving along pretty well on this one. Im pressed for time so I have limited time. Total time spent on this one, probably 8 hours at this point. Comments and suggestions, even the aforementioned "Devastating Critique" welcome! L-dub
  7. WAAAAY back in the day when I discovered painting. I painted the old Ral Partha BattleTech minis with testors, that and flowerstyrofoam terrain was the shiznite! Course I discovered it and then let it drop for 15 years. No pictures from back then, it was all commodore 64 anyway. LW
  8. Ok, I guess I should put my two cents in. After all everyone else has and unless we all chip in how are we gonna get that keg anyway? First things first. This board is amazing in that almost everyone Ive seen here enjoys their hobby and displays their work without the usually grabbastic stuff that usually is associated with the internet. That is a GOOD THING. When I worked for GW we had a general guiding philosophy that when it came to customers in the store. When it came to peoples hobby, it was THEIR hobby, whether they liked conversions, painting showpieces, painting armies or playing to win, whatever it was, when we spoke to them it was about THEIR hobby and not ours. Similarly here, where we are all at different stages of skill level and interest in this hobby of ours. Some folks, myself included, do it not only because we enjoy it, but also because we are competitive people, a drive to get better as it were. Some folks just do it because its a stress reliever and it fulfills their creative side. Some of us have alot of time for it, other don't, and some that don't have time sacrifice numbers for a single quality piece. All are equally valid forms of the hobby. As to the question of whether or not people are put off by the quality of work they see here. Honestly I dont know how to answer this. When I see someone painting well I generally want to emulate them and thus I try harder to paint next time. I don't recall ever seeing anyone actively put off from a painted army before. Ultimately I think the important thing is that you enjoy what you do. I do.. and I hope you do as well. LW
  9. Hrmm... This seems to be a good time to introduce everyone to a practice on the MMORPG community. The Waffle Recipe.. the perfect way to say.. um.. time to take a breather and have some WAFFLES! Apple Cinnamon Waffles (6 servings) Printable Version * 2 cups flour * 3 tbs sugar * 2 tsp baking powder * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 2 seperated eggs * 1 1/4 cups milk * 1/3 cup vegetable oil * 1 finely sliced apple * 2 tsp cinnamon * any brand waffle maker 1.Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. 2. In a small bowl, beat egg whites until stiff; set aside. 3. In a meduim bowl, beat egg yolks well. Stir in milk. 4. Add sifted dry ingredients to egg yolks and mix until moistened (be careful not to over mix). 5. Add vegetable oil. Fold in egg whites. 6. Pour cinnamon in mixture. Stir. 7. Add apples. Blend lightly into mixture. 8. Bake in preheated waffle maker for at least 4-5, until crisp and brown. You can also try adding different fruits and spices instead of apple and cinnamon. There ya go! LW
  10. We can go with Lurien the Ultimate Warrior if you want! I think OSL will be something I do very limitedly. Im not familiar enough with the technique and unless you do it just right I don't think it looks legitimate. I need to work heavier on basic skills and save this fancy stuff for later. LW
  11. Heya folks, Here she is in all her undead goodness. Turns out that Lurien is a banshee because after I got 'finished' with her and looked at the OSL I did she screamed... LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!! She then made me promise to avoid OSL like the plague till I don't suck. Anyway, I do like the base, though the more I worked with it the beefier it became. Probably will try to trim down the next one a bit. Please critique at will! I think I need to work on a number of things before OSL becomes a viable technique for me. Anne, if your out there, what do I need to do to make myself bettah! L-dub
  12. Ya Im gonna go with the solid hair. The eyeballs and such are gonna get some more OSL werk as well. Since I am not feeling all that great atm I am working on the base. (It doesnt exactly take my best). The next post will be the finished one in Showoff. LW
  13. OK.. this one is a very rough attempt at doing her OSL hair and eyes. The hand is done because I need to strip that hand anyway due to a seam being there... hopefully that will improve. The robes are done. Comments... etc LW Am I borking this...
  14. Meg, That is the one question I was never able to 100% confirm. "Does it matter what paint we use" when I was working for GW. From what I can tell, I don't think it does. I doubt very much they will put one of those fancy articles in WD on how ya painted it without citadel paints being used though! btw... is it my imagination, and I am sick right now so it might be, what's the deal with the posts in this topic system for the board now? Not a big fan to be honest.. maybe its just one of my settings all screwed up. LW
  15. Mouse, Wildwood is west of St. Louis near Chesterfield Valley and The Spirit of St. Louis airport! L-dub
  16. Heya folks, Just wanted to start a WIP for a model I just started to work on. The base has been done with Apoxie Sculpt and is my first real attempt at a fancier base with some woodland scenic material as well. Honestly the base will probably be done a bit sooner than the model will . I will also try to do the whole Demi-Metallic thing on the parts that are metallic for the model. This is very very basic... and is posted to serve as a baseline. L-dub (god I love you for that one Meg...)
  17. Man.. that is the shiznite... I would love to see a zoomed picture of this guy. Also, could you please have your DM friend report to you on what happens to the poor bastards that run into this thing. Im thinking.. FUBAR. LW
  18. Heya folks! I think I am pretty much done with all but the very last white highlight in the robes. I honestly would like it to be a bit whiter and washed out but I think its workin the way it is. The blue was done as basically as progressive layers with a glaze or two. The glaze I use for stuff like this is basically the base for the section i am working with. In this case the chest and arm section of the robes was done with predominately indigo sky, thus after a few highlight layers I added a glaze of indigo sky, then continued on with the same highlight layer I just did. Course now its gut check time. Looking at her I got three issues. 1) Her hand has a seam on it still... luckily I can still file it down and reprime. Its just annoying.. 2) The glow.... do I do it? I want to ... but what if I royally screw the pooch on it? Mess up the whole thing.... ugh. 3) Her hair... my first call was redhead, but now I'm leaning towards brunette. This is where you need to know what my head is thinking.... The glow not only will extend throughout the skin/robe transitions but also from the eyes and finally the hair. Basically the head of the model would look like a flame with the glow being an extension of the hair. I think I need to get more sleep... but anyway, here is the update. LW
  19. ... or... it could be that some folks want recognition of their skillset in the hobby they enjoy. The Demons to me are not only something to strive for they represent a real echelon in what we can achieve in the hobby. I can totally understand what Meg wants to do. Not to mention that prepping for competition is a VERY good way to polish your skills, take it to the next level etc. LW
  20. Heya folks, Another stage, though she is still much to dark on the top and several folds down below the base of her legs are almost finished. The intent is to bring her up to highlight not only on the folds but also lighter as she goes up. Here ya go! LW
  21. Think Orcs here for 08... betcha. LW
  22. Meg, Got this from the UK site, its a decent overview I guess. Recently I think there was an article in White Dwarf addressing some of the more nuanced thematic issues with figures and their place in the storyline/ethos. http://uk.games-workshop.com/goldendemon/c...s-guidelines/1/ Got paint all over me... Ill look for the mag asap. LW
  23. Ill be coming I think in 08 as well. Ill need to convince my wife that its a good idear and such, but I think I can pull that off. Only 645miles.. but I suck at distance driving so I dunno what Ill want to do by then. General question actually, clinics and stuff are published when usually? LW
  24. Sue, I hope you make a full recovery. My father had the hodgkins lymphoma when he was 44 so I know alot about what your going through. Nowadays you can't much tell whats gonna cause health issues, chinease toothpaste, dogfood, peanutbutter, McDonalds Coffee in your lap etc... I hope its not directly related to the paint. My guess is that it is not else more folks would have it. If you ever need anything, someone to talk to, etc please feel free to IM me at Moonshine_Jack at yahoo or drop me a PM. Wishing you the best, LW
  25. Yep... also found a partial thing about it at: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/ Oh well.. its too bad too because they make some decent stuff. LW
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