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  1. It's my understanding that during the popular period with the well known characters monsters have become a bit of an endangered species. Witchers are pretty rare as well and don't often work together much. By setting the game in an earlier time they can have lots of monsters all over the board to keep all the players happy and keep the game going.
  2. At 4 bases wide those 25mm bases are starting to edge into the adjacent squares. Overall the base size issue is a non issue provided you only have 2 or 3 miniatures close together. If you have 4 or 5 or more clustered together then it begins to become a problem. It becomes a much larger issue in narrow corridors or tunnels. Basically I consider Dwarven Forge scenery to be beautiful and a very nice fit for a lot of the older miniatures in my collection but anything produced in the last 15-20 years is likely to have problems fitting in. I'd agree that it's great for 25mm
  3. Expensive and you need small bases. You can squeeze in 20mm square bases but if you've got some 25mm squares or 30mm rounds then you're going to have some trouble actually using the squares on the floor - especially in the narrower tunnels and doorways. While it is expensive you do get what you pay for and it's high quality stuff. Since 20mm square bases are a lot less popular now than they used to be they might have considered an up-scaled range in a slightly larger size as a lot of people are using 25mm rounds and 30mm rounds these days. I haven't checked if they've created any d
  4. Am I reading this correctly that the Trading License pledge level does not include any of the actual files? They do know that Kickstarter doesn't allow you to select multiple pledge levels on the same account, right?
  5. Still waiting for my wave 3 stuff but the fact that some people are receiving it gives me hope.
  6. That would be the dwarven equivalent of the old "Diet Coke Break" advert.
  7. Yeah. I'd like to see them keep Legends of Signum separate from the Confrontation stuff 'though if they do get hold of it. We don't want the two getting tangled up together.
  8. Well they only stopped because Sans Detour threatened them with legal action. Since they've gone into administration I'd surmise that Sans Detour aren't in any position to take Cadwallon to court.
  9. Given that Mercia is Dark Ages I was expecting Anglo Saxons. These are High Medieval verging on Bretonians. I feel both pleased and misled at the same time. But I don't own a 3d printer anyway so nevermind.
  10. Wearing the iconic medieval Italian Barbute helmet that so many Star Wars fans think is something someone designed back around the year I was born.
  11. Someone really loves Italian Medieval Barbute helmets........
  12. So some thoughts. More damage means quicker fights. This house rule is intended to replace damage dice scaling with by size with a size based damage modifier. We don't have all the details of that yet. The optional rule for nonlethal damage on a missed attack (battle fatigue) would be so open to abuse. It would encourage things like rapid shot, two weapon fighting, monk flurry of misses etc because you'd be guaranteed some damage anyway and each attack would just wear the defender down. It might be fun to use that rule for single combat (like a showdown with
  13. This looks like a simple & elegant attempt to address the caster/martial damage disparity. I'm honestly considering trying it out for myself. I played a lot of 1st edition & 2nd edition where we had to conserve our energy and pace ourselves. The 15 minute adventuring day was always a bad idea.
  14. In a hilarious twist of fate one of the members of my local gaming club (in England) has just received an email from the French police asking if he'd like to join action as a victim of a breach of trust action being taken against Sans Detour. This implies they emailed a large amount of backers. He's considering his options. It seems backers on other forums are reporting the same email as well.
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