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  1. Nice designs but I don't own a 3d printer.
  2. At least it's not going to be an Epic Games exclusive during early access.
  3. The project is live and not as expensive as I thought. I suppose they knew it was so popular they'd get loads of backers anyway and the slightly lower price point would help encourage more. Link.
  4. Oh those are good. Really great likenesses. Nordom's limbs must have been a challenge. This message from the guy who originally stuck a skull on a flying base and who's friend once wrote The Netbook of Skulls for 2nd edition and even updated it to 3rd edition so people could continue playing Morte if they liked.
  5. OH yeah, sorry. I should've probably updated people on that when Easy Army got updated for KOW.
  6. The project will be launching on the 20th. Not just conflicting with the Nova Aetas revamp but actually launching on the same day too! We do have some new pretty pictures to enjoy 'though (all the same it's a shame it's Mythic Games and not someone with a more respectable track record).
  7. Zavvi in the UK now have a deal to take preorders for the new Hasbro version of Heroquest. I don't think they're allowed to send them outside the country. EB Games in Australia and Mighty Ape in New Zealand seem to have similar deals set up too.
  8. Just imagine if you were running a Lone Wolf game set in Kalte (Magnamund's version of the north pole) where the Ice Barbarians of Kalte practically look like this but go around on skis with kids in pappooses on their backs and the children shoot arrows at you!
  9. They're fairly normal human sized. I'd say around 28-30mm heroic scale. They're not as tall as Kingdom Death's 35mm figures, for example, or Ludus Magnus Studio's 35mm figures for their boardgames. They might look a bit tall next to some of the Hasslefree 25-28mm figures, for example. They're also bundled up in thick suits like Inuit or ... you know... Wildings who've just come down from north of the wall, for example. Slightly smaller than GW's imperial humans. Definitely smaller than Sigmarines. Would you like me to dig them out and take some size comparison photographs? The Snow Fox comes on the sprue. Technically in the army list it's an upgrade you can give to independant character models who don't go in a unit but putting it on the unit sprue means you've got no excuse to not put them on characters. Also you might want to look into Ludus Magnus's Giovanni Del Nord. He's significantly shorter than most of the rest of their range but he looks like he knows nothing about that. You know nothing Giovanni del Nord. His beard is so fine it's practically stubble and you could easily get away with painting it as a slightly pointy chin, a well defined jawline, and slightly protruding top lip. He's slightly shorter than the recent Song of Ice and Fire miniatures from CMON/Dark Sword and he's about the same size as the Mantic northern barbarians (but obviously not wrapped up anywhere near as thickly). He's got a nice distinctive wolf's head design on the shield and the sword pommel. The quillons (crossguard) are massive but could probably be trimmed down pretty easily. Those would be 30mm round lipped display bases (aka Warmachine bases aka Malifaux bases) and it looks like some 30mm flat bases as well (and some irregular integral bases too).
  10. Mantic's Northern Alliance army features some great fantasy barbarians dressed for cold weather. They're bundled up so warm against the cold that the only real difference between the men and the women is their heads. It would be easy to use one of the female heads to represent a beardless elf. One of the heads differs from the photograph. The bare female head actually has a kind of hat/loose hood on it covering most of the hair but you could easily change that with some putty work and paint. They also come with options for spears. Additionally they can be purchased with options for bows or two handed weapons but those are metal arms and do not come in the core unit box. The Northern Alliance army list also features ice elves and half elven berserkers. They have previously shown off sculpts for some of these but I think they're only available as part of a skirmish game bundle for now. Most of the northern elven units haven't been released yet. So far all we've got is the Ice Elf bolt thrower.
  11. Those who know me well generally know what a massive Darkest Dungeon fan I am so I've been very good to not post about this one yet. I've been holding off 'til nearer release date to avoid putting a thread up too early. There is going to be a kickstarter for a Darkest Dungeon boardgame. This makes me happy. It will have miniatures! This makes my heart sing with Joy. It's going to be by Mythic Games. This makes me somewhat concerned. I've heard horror stories about their rulebooks needing updates and finally becoming playable a year or two after release (or even in a second crowdfunding campaign if it's their Joan of Arc game). That being said it will have gorgeous miniatures that, while similar to many of the unofficial Darkest Dungeon miniatures, knock then pants off many of them. I'll probably be backing this for the figures alone but I appreciate any concerns that people might have. They claim they're looking to launch some time in late October or early November. There are a few more pictures and a handful of videos doing the rounds at the moment including two or three gameplay sessions. Here's what I was able to piece together from them. It’s a campaign game. You don’t play as the Heir. You play as the Heroes. You randomly generate dungeons then head inside making important choices about your resources (food, torches, spades etc). When you meet monsters you lay out a mini dungeon board and fight it out. Heroes and enemies occupy four positions. Attacker, Defender, Ranged and Support. The skills you can use are based on the position you’re in. The battles have a four round limit so they don’t drag on too long. Take too long and you have to retreat back into the corridor. Corridor encounters happen. There is a scouting system. Every 3 dungeons you have to tackle a boss dungeon. You randomly generate the boss beforehand and he has in town effects and other effects so you really want to get rid of him when the time comes. Boss battles are all or nothing. If you fail a boss battle you don’t retreat. You just loose the entire party. After 3 bosses you go into the Darkest Dungeon itself to end the game. So that’s 9 dungeon runs (or 12 depending on if the boss dungeon counts as part of the once every 3 dungeons frequency) then the end game run to complete the entire campaign. They currently only plan to have 8 core heroes in the game (you can bet the other 7 or 9 will be stretch goals). When you loose a hero there are two replacement heroes in the stagecoach. Take a new hero. The stagecoach does not appear to generate new heroes beyond these two replacement heroes. If one player’s hero dies and they are unable to obtain a replacement from the stagecoach then you all lose. Game over man. Game over. They intend to launch around late October or early November. Mythic kickstarter campaign lengths are as follows. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 32 days Solomon Kane: 24 days Reichbusters 10 days Super Fantasy Brawl 8 days Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5 15 days Enchanters: East Quest 11 days Steamwatchers 11 days Hel – the Last Saga 14 days So we’re probably looking at 8-15 days which is quite a short period to scrounge up cash in.
  12. I just got the newsletter email. They intend to launch on the 20th.
  13. No start date yet but they seem to have an end date a little over two weeks away.
  14. I believe the Bard says it best.
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