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  1. Hopefully that means soon they'll be available for people to order more. After putting this much effort into making them it would be a shame if the guy wasn't able to continue producing the figures.
  2. In my experience it plays quite fun. I took it down to my local club and we all were able to relax and enjoy playing it for an evening including players who usually baulk at anything someone got on kickstarter. Those same players even said they'd enjoy playing this one again at some point. Of course we could all tell it was inspired by the Alien franchise but it wasn't trying to hide that so we just enjoyed it. Kind of like watching a B movie that isn't trying to pretend it's something that it's not and is just embracing it's nature. Now one player did get a lucky objective. He was able to just head straight to an escape pod and sit in it for most of the game. We had some hilarious stuff like ... there was a fire in one of the rooms on the ship. The fire began to spread and then the ship's fire station/fire control room caught fire. My crew member needed to walk through a burning room on very low health carrying a fire extinguisher to get to the second burning room which was the fire control station where I could extinguish four burning rooms at once if I managed to put out the flames there (which all involved me needing to survive the first burning room in the first place). I think at some point someone started the ship's self destruct sequence as well. There were also a few jokes about the scientist being in a wheelchair and needing his disabled access ramps to get through doors. There is a lot of running away. There's a difference between cinematic and heroic. Think Alien or Alien 3. Not Aliens (the action movie one that wasn't really much of a horror film). You can fight the aliens but ammunition is limited so you want to be selective about when you fight and when you run away. As you move about the ship you generate noise tokens. These do not represent the sound of your movements. They represent the sounds the aliens are making as they roam the ship. Too much sound in one direction means there's an actual alien coming from that direction. The aliens can also use the vents as well. Alien stats vary as they're constantly changing and evolving. If an alien crawls back into the vents it's simply removed from the board. If you encounter another alien later on it could be the same one or another one entirely. It all depends on the kind of story you want to tell. Which video did you watch? I know some are boring. The Beasts of War gameplay video was quite a funny one. They clearly enjoyed the game for what it was kind of like that whole B movie embracing it's true nature thing I mentioned earlier.
  3. Those should all become available on their web shop separately at some point in the future.
  4. As I wrote I'd like to imagine. Every time I see an update about Nemesis delivery I think "haven't they managed to send them all yet?" I got my copy of Nemesis quickly but I'm still waiting for Tainted Grail because I was too poor at the time to afford split shipping.
  5. I'd like to imagine the original Nemesis project is fully shipped. I've had my copy for ages now.
  6. Fairly well actually. They delivered well. Not too late. everything in good condition.
  7. Oh fu-for goodness sake. I was just getting ready to save up and not spend money on another Signum project for a while......
  8. Oh at least. Maybe more but the more they make people wait the more time they'll have to deliver good news on improving the situation with their other projects.
  9. It is confusing isn't it?
  10. Strange. I don't seem to have received an email about the pledge manager yet.
  11. And they're actual dragons instead of Wyverns masqurading as dragons for once. Skyrim, some bad tv "documentaries" and Game of Thrones have got a lot to answer for. If you want to have wyverns instead of dragons then don't call them dragons just because you know it would be more popular and mainstream. Those are some very heavy price tags on those pledge levels 'though.
  12. Oh I backed it for $1 to get the project updates and see if it goes as badly as the Confrontation project did. If it looks like they've cleaned up their act by the time the pledge manager goes live I might change my mind but we'll have to wait an see. However, to quote another source... I've seen similar messages on 4 different websites now (including this one) so I'm reluctant to part with more than a simple token pledge right now.
  13. I'm watching for now but I've come across reports of them having a lot of outstanding undelivered projects across 3-4 different websites and lots of typos and bad rules that don't get fixed or updated in their delivered games. I like the figures but I'm going to take a while to make up my mind.
  14. The project is live. Bizarrely they're only running it as a 2 week project to pressure people into backing quickly. The entire game is a kickstarter exclusive but.... Meaning it's not really that exclusive then if they have some left over or fancy selling some more later on.
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