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  1. Thanks Sanael. With the skin I think next time i paint up an ork im gonna try and make the highlights more subtle. Im not entirly sure if this would help with a smoother transition from the dark to light but it might be worth a shot. Also i agree that i should try and thin my paints further. I have experimented and they always seem to come out either to thick or to thin. I guess its just something ill need to get used to doing. Anyways, thanks for the help
  2. Thanks guys. I guess i just forgot about basing this one and Jabber, I still havnt attatched it. Hopefully these pics will make it easier to see?
  3. I love the blue. The skin tone looks great as well
  4. Hello everone, This is my first mini ever painted so any C&C would be greatly appreciated. P.S. sorry for the aweful quality of the images. (Like everything else i need to work on my photography skills). Thanks
  5. Thanks Doug. I will deffenitly head over there and look around. Thanks for the tip on the learn to paint kits as well
  6. Hi all, Im new to this whole panting thing so im not exactly sure what everythig is. Anyways i was wondering if anyone knew any models that are good to start off with. Not to complicated and give me a chance to try out some simple techniques. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. : Sweet Baby jesus. That was a wonderful tut and a wonderful no AMZINGLY WONDERFULLY SUPURB paint job. Can i be the god father of your childr en
  8. So I did a model and the paint was two thick so I watered it down a bit. It worked better. I was wondering if he drybrushed the skin?
  9. Hey I got some American Walnut dipping stuff so im gonna try it out.
  10. i was thinking of a dark brown. It would give the whole odel a nice shade but the nly thing that im worried about is the muscle definition. DO you think a dark brown would make the musculare tone look wierd?
  11. The new warcry rules say that it gets everybody up icluding enimies I think. So the only time i really would cast a warcry would be to get guys up from combat. The only exceptin would be if I got mowed down by nranged attack and I wouldn't probably be close enough to even get a warcry to affect 2 models. Also can you give a sargent a castibng upgrade even if it doesnt have a cp to start with? That would make things eaiser but I dont know if that is legle? So even if warcry is most of the time not useful would you still take a tomahk list just cause the fighters, archers, and hunters all be
  12. do you think dipping would work on an orc?
  13. So you would say go for a more grande reven army and maybe slap some warcry's on ombur or whoever. I would prob put him in a troop with some bulls. The reason I was wondering about te tomahk was because the bulls become grunts unless the rules have changed. I personally LOVE the bulls and think the make a great threat on the board. I actually like the beastmen just for the low point cost and there nice attacks. But overall going with the grand reven may be the smarter choose I thinka t least.
  14. Does anyone think that the reven have gotton nerfed a bit. I truthfully dont know so im not suggusting anything. I was also just thinking if an all bullorc army would be the more effective then a grand reven. I am not that new to reven but havnt gotten around to checking out the new cards so am help would be appricieated . also if anyone had a list that would be sweet. P.S. Exploding goblings would be AWSOME
  15. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anybody could give me a painting guide for a reptus warrior or model. If you could includ the paints (preferably reaper) and a step by step guide to painting one. I dont want to be an inconvience but if anybody was painting one anyway and could post some pics that would be amazing. Thanx
  16. Srry I was drooling. I particularry like the hair. It may be the pic (probably not) but the front of the hair looks very realistic. It looks like there are fivee different highlights on it. AMAZING JOB
  17. So they stayed thesame. That stinks but whatever
  18. Thnx. Also can anyone give me the link to the reptus FAction SA. I cant seem to find it. Thnx
  19. So with the new data cards I have two questions. The first is that if these new cards are official. Are they going to change or are the going to stay the same. The second is, if they are then what should I get to sart to make a reasonable sized army with some options that will allow me to be flexable with diffirent enemies. Thnx
  20. Hey everyone. I was just wondering some strategies for reptus when facing elves, crypt legion, reptus, o'lords and possibly darkspawn. Thanks
  21. So you think that they will get better with the rule change? Could anybody tell me a few models to start off with and maybe an army list. Thanks
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