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  1. re-grunting the fodder?.. heh.. that would be nice. I wouldn't bet on the Imps being grunts though.
  2. Has anyone gotten any word on what the Imp's card will be like once it comes out?
  3. Current army list... Witch Queen Devourer of Mashaf Nasithe, Dark Elf Champion Ashakia, Dame of Nightmares Thuusia, Pain Mage Vysa, Sgt., Soultender *1 Incubus Warrior *2 Paintender *3 Isiri Archers *6 Isiri Warriors *9 I was pretty much looking for a fast unit with good archers so a buddy of mine recomended them. I like them so far even though I've only played two games with them. Edit* Oh yeah.. and that screwy little psycho doll that comes with the witch queen in the starter box
  4. Not quite what I had in mind... SOUNDS FUN NONE THE LESS
  5. And with cardstock, if people stop playing those buildings in favor of something new you could always get creative with a lighter (very carefully creative) and make a wartorn village without feeling so bad. Makes it much easier to use the inside of the buildings also.
  6. I don't know if we even have any crusader players in my group.... Bah.. no matter, we can still fight over who controles it and let whoever takes over the crusaders try to win it back I'll look into it and if I build it I'll be sure to add pics for everyone.
  7. Hmmmm.... not sure if I'm gona want quite that many in my small army as of yet. would I really need that many breakers considering how much toughness is being thrown around lately? (I'm new but I do my homework )
  8. True enough but backgammon is still a game of two equal sides aginst each other. I'm speaking more of a table top war game or an RPG in general. With so many rules it seems to be a rule that the system can be broken. Don't get me wrong, there is very much a need to play test and I applaud the efforts made. I think that the game groups themselves should also play a roll in keeping the game on even terms within themselves in whatever way they can find to do so.
  9. Yeah, I get the general idea of generics that are used (although I don't know alot about Craclaw... I'll have to keep that one in mind.. thanx ) I am thinking more of... well... if we were playing Starwars or something... I could make general bunkers, sand huts.. things like that.. but as a main booya kinda attraction I could look up various Echo Base layouts or build the Shield Generator from Jedi. Are there any large chambers of note in the undergrounds for the Darkspawn or is there any named castle with a description or sketchwork for the crusaders? That kinda thing
  10. *blink blink* *takes notes* put.... broken fodder.... in ..... budget.... for ...... weekend. tell.... store owner.... "get more.... incubus ....my two... not... enough. OH... and I'll check out your fanfic just as soon as I finish up on THE 28mm THEATRE! gak... you guys are getting me suck into this
  11. *raises hand and jumps wildly* ooohhh meme..me new guy here has a question!!! ok.... ummm.... What about using a proxy for a figure who already has an official card but no figure as of yet? *caugh*Rauthuros*caugh* Seriously though... would it be allowed for some special case like this in an official event? (such as "well, that figure hasn't been cast by Reaper, but it does have a card... and he did use a Reaper figure as a proxy") If it's a dumb question... psh.. I'm a noob and I'll go with that
  12. Most any set of rules can be broken if you try hard enough... it seems to be just the nature of game systems. Hence you have power gamers and people who actually play for fun.
  13. New to Warlord... and reaper in general for that matter.... anyway... I build terain and was wondering if anyone had any pictures... discriptions.. or anything that would lead me to some of the key buildings in Warlord that I could make for our small but dedicated group. I have heard word about new castle seige rules... so a nice large castle wall would be a good start. But building "fluff art terain" always adds depth to a game and draws more people in to play.
  14. I've read good and bad from this thread so far... all I have to say is for all you old B'tech players... have you looked into that screw up lately? IWM is killing the game! (Iron Wind Metals) Reaper, I must say that B'tech is my first and greatest love but I've pretty much given up on them. The things you are doing with Warlord may not be perfect but I think are in the right direction. Keep up the good work, you have made a fan out of me!
  15. woohooo.. my first post Anyway... I am a new warlord player... darkspawn at that... my question is, you just said that you only needed 2 pain tokens for a broken fodder. Being 24 points wouldn't it round up to 3 tokens or does it round down? (and I soooo hope it's only 2 )
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