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  1. Fantastic work! In particular I really like the work on the ork horns, the red gems on the right shoulder of the knight, and the red cloth on the knight. Both bases are really something to be proud of. You should certainly be proud of your NMM at this point - especially on the knight. Great pics too, thanks for sharing!
  2. I was thrilled to see this; I've wanted to paint this figure as Jeanne for years now. I love your idea of doing a Saint series! Want company? :] I'd love to do a "Saint Trade" or just comiserate. I think it's a fabulous idea!
  3. Whew, I'm glad Anne chimed in before I had you set on the path of painting a trainwreck! As for the brown, you could always mix the mid-tone of the red violet into the brown...I think? That would give it a red-violet-ish hue, if you wanted it. At least I think that's how it would work...I don't know if red-violet counts as a cool color or warm because of the purple or because of the red!
  4. Has anyone tried making a light box from stretched canvases? I'm just curious if the fabric is too thick to appropriately diffuse the light.
  5. I'm a big fan of that miniature, personally. I think it depends on your hair/skin tones, too; got any ideas yet? The gray would make a nice color for the trousers, and it could go with the red violet if you put a little of the red violet into the gray. Honestly I can't match colors to save my life, so I don't know! It sounds like it would be appealing, though, if I'm picturing the right colors. Red and Green are complements, so I would think if you chose a muted green it would set off the red violet okay?
  6. That's a great little display! The dog is painted very well and the huntress' face is very appealing. Great job!
  7. There are never enough shorties!!!!! That being said, I absolutely love this piece. You made his expression so mischievious, I just can't resist him. Then again, it is a proven fact that I can't resist dwarf, gnome, or halfling figs anyway.
  8. No, let me rephrase! I did not expect to become pregnant; having my daughter was therefore wonderful! And I will. :]
  9. Thank you, I didn't realize there was a thread on it. (Or think to look, durrr!) :D
  10. God, that is just gorgeous from top to bottom. I think this is the first time in a long time I saw a finished piece and promptly went to find the mini so I could get it. I LOVE what Landreth did with this. I think my favorite part might be the hair - it looks so smooth and glossy, just perfect!
  11. Wow, I don't even like gnolls, but this is fantastic! All the little details kept drawing my attention. I really love the way the fur turned out. The face is so expression and intense, I love it. You mentioned a shaded metallic style earlier - may I beg for details on the method, aside from making awesome rust?
  12. Stunning as always! That staff is really something, and his face/hair are marvelous - his expression is very intense, fitting for a master Wizard!
  13. Wow, her face is so very expressive, I love it. I also really like the blonde hair; it does show variance, it's lovely. I would suggest highlighting it up just a bit more, especially on top. I think playing with the colors was a fab idea - it works for a bard, for sure! The bright colors suit her. The shading on the orange and the purple are really nice. One thing I did notice was that the boot gets lost next to the tree - maybe a touch of a dark wash, just to bring it out? I don't know, these are all suggestions - I think she still looks great.
  14. cutebutpsycho! I have thought about you all many times, thank you for the warm welcome back! I do apologize for dropping off the face of the earth, but it was private matters and I never wanted to be one of those people that lived out miserable experiences play-by-play online. Suffice to say I was unable to paint for a really long time, and I am soooo excited to be able to once again. I'm glad you like the lining! She's turning out pleasantly. My lightbox is in progress, so new pictures soon.
  15. Hello everyone! Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was somewhat active about two years ago. After some serious health setbacks and the unexpected and wonderful birth of my daughter, I'm back to painting again. I'm rusty but getting back into the swing, so I thought I'd share. Making a lightbox later today, so better pictures to follow. I was just particularly proud of how she's turning out. I'm excited to be back in the hobby, and happy to see some familiar names.
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