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  1. I reaaaaalllly want regular Reapercon. I'll plan to go.in person and hope for the best. I miss my yearly (again) longdrive and fun week in Texas.
  2. My lense was smeary Thanks :)
  3. Finished this little guy this last week. I love all the Townsfolk. I wish there were more:).
  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone:)!
  5. Heya folks been busy painting away, but keep forgetting to post on here. This one is one of the Halfling Farmers by Jason Wiebe. I also started an instagram @starscolorbox, there are more photos on there :). Enjoy https://www.instagram.com/p/CDQ_EjeB-19/?igshid=14i9amibmp0zl
  6. After attending a few Reapercons, the most frustrating thing is there aren't a lot of advanced technique classes, and those that are labeled as advanced inevitably have folks who signed up and don't know what layering is so the entire class devolves into a basic how to put paint on a mini class, which is frustrating when you are paying sometimes $40 for a class that is supposed to focus on advanced/ challenging techniques or ideas. I would love to see more texture classes. IE, How to replicate different types of cloth, old and new leather, etc. I would love to see how to paint skin tones aside from Caucasian. Outside the Box Thinking about color, light, technique. A bigatures class, for busts or large figures, that teaches how to use oil paints or deal with large surfaces. I know most of these ideas have been taught before, but they usually have on timeslot and sell out stupid fast. Additionally hands on, I feel for most things, are more beneficial than essentially watching a livestream in person.. If I am paying 40 bucks, I don't wanna just watch what I could find online for free.. A class someone pays for should not be the instructor pimping their livestream/ youtube to get followers.. Also please prime the bones prior to having folks come to class.. wasting time brown liner priming a bones mini is a pretty crappy way to spend class time.
  7. good to know as well thanks Alchemist:)
  8. He is the Stone Giant Elder from the Tyranny of Dragons sets. He is classified as Huge, but he's on a 2 inch base.. lol even wizkids doesn't know what size he's supposed to be lol... Thanks all y'all.:)
  9. Hello all maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me out. I am trying to paint up some giants for potential use for DnD, 5th ed. The Monster Manual defines giants as huge. The Player's Handbook, which equates to a 3 inch by 3 inch area, which ( I think)is a 3 inch base. However, I bought a blind box of DnD figures, and it came with a giant. The "official" giant is the same scale/ size as the Reaper Bones ones, but the "official" giant is on a 2 inch base. so my question is which base is correct to use or are both correct and it just depends on personal preference? Thanks.
  10. Finally done with "Red" she's slightly shiny cause her dull coat is still setting. Paints: Cream Shirt- vmc dark sand, RMS's Desert Sand, Linen White, Pure White. Purple Jacket: RMS's Green Liner, Dusky Grape, Royal Purple Rosy Skin Greens: RMS's Green Liner, Moth Green, Pale Green Reddish Skirt: RMS's Dusky Grape, Violet Red, Rosy Skin Leathers: VMC Flat Brown, RMS's Brown Liner, Rosy Skin Silvers: (all reaper) Honed Steel, Skeleton Key Filigree Silver. Golds: Antique Gold, New Gold, vmc's smoke
  11. More work on this tiny girl. Her jacket/coaty vest thing is an attempt at purple velvet. Her socks are now stripey and her sash is awaiting more stripes, they will be green to match her sock stripes.
  12. I like a lot of the wizkids sculpts, but I hate how hard the mold lines are to remove in the plastic they use. It just shreds with a file and it doesnt trim well with an exacto.
  13. Back from Reapercon and working on the little's PC for our inconsistent dnd game. She's super tiny but I really like the sculpt. Gripes about plastic, and the mould quality though. It's a wizkids preprimed number. I wish they did these in metal. She's coming along nicely. Her skins are the rosy skin triad with some of the fair skins mixed in. Hair is intense brown, vmc orange brown pumpkin orange and then pumpkin orange and rosy highlight, then tiny bits of rosy highlight. Her eyes are I think leaf green, and tiny. Kiddo is requesting some purple socks with stripes so that is the next thing. Enjoy:).
  14. I'm coming this year!!!! Dragging the kiddo along and we are planning weds to late sunday/ early Monday depending on how we feel:)!
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