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  1. Forgive me if this is a dumb question/ thread: 


    How does one go about teaching classes at Reapercon?  By invitation only? Or draft up class ideas write it up and propose it or?  

    If one does do classes, what if any is the compensation? 


    I am thinking about maybe teaching some.  I dug around a bit but couldn't find really anything specific, just mentions of people deciding on their class ideas and getting them ready.  



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  2. The Con was great, as usual.  Reapercon is the ONLY con I make a point to attend every year I have the option to.  It's my one planned vacation year in and year out, and is budgeted in as soon as the current years con ends.




    Continues to be a definite win.   The staff are friendly and the place is well taken care of.  The location is great and the service is always excellent.  I love the stay on sight option with a good breakfast.  


    -ReaperPeeps and Artist Guests

    As usual helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.  The guys running the Reaper Booth were professional and pleasant.  Reception was smooth, and knowledgeable, and the paint contest section was run smoothly and efficiently.  Artist guests- happy to share their knowledge, approachable and welcoming. Seeing hobby names is always fun, and I appreciate their willingness to share what they know sans a paid ticket.  


    -Themed Game availability

    The Barty themed game was very fun, and I got to play this year! Major plus, I liked the large availability of the gaming times and the game was fun, easy to learn and well run.  



    Instructors knowledgeable and inviting. 

    Smaller sizes and time between classes was great.  Having the TV'S despite the washout that happened was a great addition for seeing what was happening and watching the instructors. Minor tech fixes would enhance the usefulness of the TV's and cameras.  


    -Brinewind Imports

    Nice idea for spending Reaperbucks,  with a caveat (detailed below).  


    -Bigger hobby hijinks area and (seemed like) more events and variety of events-  

    AWESOME! More space and opportunity to jump in with more seating. Liked the mini-mashups/monster creation hijinks. Ludo was wonderful as ever, and a continued great choice to run the hijinks area.    


    - After Hours classes and hijinks-

    Great addition.  Please keep this option/offering in the future.  Makes lingering after dinner time more fun, and inviting.


    -Seperate area for the MSP Open.

    Quiet, secure and still accessible. 


    -Themed drinks and rolling for drink upgrades was a neat addition. Kudos to the hotel staff.  


    -Food trucks

     Please more of these.  Nice option to be able to stay on site and not eat Hoolihans, or have to leave for lunch.  Hoolihans is good, but not for 5 days straight. 



    -Meet and greet food. 

    Hard pass.  I'd rather  pizza for the PIZZA dungeon versus what was served. Tepid meats and not much else in the way of food is not an incentive to be there Weds early.  No healthier options like veggie burgers or even fresh fruits or salads of some sort was disappointing.  Also- that was NOT sweet tea!  

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I try to eat occasionally well, esp on day one of a con where mostly into the con I'll be grabbing whatever is on hand- usually fried or junk foods. I miss the BBQ from the factory days.. I know not so healthy, but soooo much better tasting, and worth the price of admission to the meet and greet.


    - Very limited class tickets with no day of purchase options. 

    I understand slots are limited, and this year was especially beastly with COVID, but having a day of option at least made it possible for folks who work the day classes go on sale to get maybe one or two of the one time only during the weekend classes.  I bought a VIP ticket and got only two classes all weekend I really wanted.  Please bring that back, day of class  purchases.



    Sunday was a bust.  No auction, which is good and bad, but without it, there was no reason to stay at all at the con Sunday.  Waiting for the judges to show up for getting feedback turned tedious when that was the only thing I was waiting for.  Once the judges did show up they were so swamped with folks wanting feedback that it would have been a really long wait to even hear what they had to say.  Personall, this wasn't worth it, as nothing else was happening officially at the con.  The imports store was CLEANED out, the vendors were sold out, and with returning to work looming, I didn't see the value in lingering hours, when reality is yelling about its impending resumption.

    Without something Sunday at the close of the con, I won't stay through Sunday.  It's just not worth the day's admission price.


    - Judging feedback-

    No alternate time for feedback and having it be at the tail end of a longish con on a day nothing else is happening was frustrating.  I know the judges are tired Sat evening, as they've spent tons of time looking at entries, but having no way to get feedback until they come in (almost 11 am Sunday) was aggravating.  So much so that I passed even trying to bother, after being down early specifically on Sunday TO GET feedback. Without feedback in a contest where you are competing against your own skill, you can't learn what you should be doing differently or better.  Maybe signups for one on one feedback or having the contest and awards ceremony be done sooner on Saturday, like 4 pm instead is a better idea?

    Additionally,  the press of people once the artists did show also absolutely turned my ' I'd like to get feedback' thoughts to 'h*ll no I'm not getting smooshed and surrounded while waiting to hear feedback' and to 'welp ima go ahead and leave now after wasting the morning waiting for feedback' and honestly ended the Con on a discordant note for me. Not a good feeling to leave with. 

     My guess also is that it can't be too comfortable being a judge in that press of humanity either, getting swarmed for feedback on Sunday am.   


    -Brinewind Imports/ No Auction- good and bad. 

    Never restocking the Imports with things was silly considering anything costing more than like 200 reaperbucks- candy bag or ribbon- was at least a few days of gathering Reaperbucks. Especially for the Reaper branded stuff- carrying cases, shirts, etc.  Even getting 3000 took all the way til Sunday am,  and this is considering I had 2 VIP badges worth of reaperbucks,  some classes, multiple hobby hijinks participation bucks,  and reaper tshirt every days worth of reaperbucks.  By Saturday mid-day and Sunday all that was left were ribbons and candy.  If there's no restock, you can't get really anything of value with your reaperbucks, especially is you've bought the swag boxes throughout the year.  I already had most of the affordable stuff because they came in the swag boxes.. don't need more C.U.P.s, or ghoulie bags.

    Solution- drop the good stuff's prices so you can get something more than a cup or patch or ribbon on day one when all the stock is there or, consider upping the amount of bucks given for VIP and class tickets, lessening the amount given by the gaming tables, having more stock in the trading post in general, or doing smaller layouts at a time so there is a good variety of stuff throughout the weekend through Sunday.

      I am indifferent on the auction.  On one hand it was a clincher for Sunday making it worth waiting and staying for, but I generally hate the pooling.  Unless you know people and they want to give you their bucks, you rarely get anything.    

    Maybe make the auction for really big ticket stuff- blankets, flags, resin masters, paint sets etc, and keep the trading post for everything else.


    - MINOR WISH- not so much a gripe-

    More advanced techniques and painting classes please.  Personally I would love more technical classes or classes/lectures designed for folks who have been painting a while.  Consider a few atypical/ different guest teachers that aren't specifically Reaper regulars.  Unique and different perspectives on painting are invaluable.   I loved taking the Raggy Paints class this year (Huzzah for new perspectives and approaches!) and,  many many years ago Reaper hosted JBT, and his classes were invaluable, with a very different approach to painting. 

    Even having more classes that focus on traditional 'art' techniques- lighting/mood/themes/methodologies  and even mediums would be a welcome addition.  

    I chose to come to Reapercon not only because the Reaperpeeps (including Reaper Artists and Sculptors) are all around awesome, welcoming, knowledgeable, and a class act, but cause at its heart- at least to me- Reapercon is about the painting/ the hobby itself, and the sharing and growing of the painting hobby- not necessarily gaming, or cosplay or whatever else.  I would love to see that aspect deepened or enriched.  


    All in all, good con esp considering the challenging world situation.  Thank you Reaperpeeps, and fellow con goers, til next year ;).

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  3. I had a question about the new case that was announced earlier this month.  I see it can carry the hard shell cases. Can this case carry  pluck foam inserts  instead?  Is there any plan to offer pluck foam trays as well as just utilizing the hardshell cases?  


    Thanks either way for any response, keep being awesome :)

  4. On 8/10/2020 at 10:42 PM, 72moonglum said:

    There will be quite a lot more after the next Kickstarter fulfills!

    You did a great job on this guy! I’m glad you took the first picture which shows his colors very vibrantly. The other photos look a bit washed out.

    My lense was smeary :blink:^_^

    Thanks :)

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  5. After attending a few Reapercons, the most frustrating thing is there aren't a lot of advanced technique classes, and those that are labeled as advanced inevitably have folks who signed up and don't know what layering is so the entire class devolves into a basic how to put paint on a mini class, which is frustrating when you are paying sometimes $40 for a class that is supposed to focus on advanced/ challenging techniques or ideas.  

    I would love to see more texture classes.  IE, How to replicate different types of cloth, old and new leather, etc.  

    I would love to see how to paint skin tones aside from Caucasian.  

    Outside the Box Thinking about color, light, technique.

    A bigatures class, for busts or large figures, that teaches how to use oil paints or deal with large surfaces.  


    I know most of these ideas have been taught before, but they usually have on timeslot and sell out stupid fast. 


    Additionally hands on, I feel for most things, are more beneficial than essentially watching a livestream in person.. If I am paying 40 bucks, I don't  wanna just watch what I could find online for free.. A class someone pays for  should not be the instructor pimping their livestream/ youtube to get followers.. Also please prime the bones prior to having folks come to class.. wasting time brown liner priming a bones mini is a pretty crappy way to spend class time.  

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  6. Hello all maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me out.  I am trying to paint up some giants for potential use for DnD, 5th ed.  The Monster Manual   defines giants as huge. The Player's Handbook, which equates to a 3 inch by 3 inch area, which ( I think)is a 3 inch base. However, I bought a blind box of DnD figures, and it came with a giant.  The "official" giant is the same scale/ size as the Reaper Bones ones, but the "official" giant is on a 2 inch base.  so my question is which base is correct to use or are both correct and it just depends on personal preference?  Thanks.  

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  7. Finally done with "Red" she's slightly shiny cause her dull coat is still setting. 
    Cream Shirt- vmc dark sand, RMS's Desert Sand, Linen White, Pure White.
    Purple Jacket: RMS's Green Liner, Dusky Grape, Royal Purple Rosy Skin
    Greens: RMS's Green Liner, Moth Green, Pale Green
    Reddish Skirt: RMS's Dusky Grape, Violet Red, Rosy Skin
    Leathers: VMC Flat Brown, RMS's Brown Liner, Rosy Skin
    Silvers: (all reaper) Honed Steel, Skeleton Key Filigree Silver.
    Golds: Antique Gold, New Gold, vmc's smoke







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  8. It would be super cool if Reaper could get Jeremie Bonamant Teboul to come teach again.  His classes were some of the most enlightening classes as he goes about painting quite different.  Also the classes he taught were pretty advanced as far as technique and theory which is a nice option for folks who have been to a few Reapercons before.  Continental painting seems to approach things in a different way.   

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  9. 13 hours ago, haldir said:

    I think Reaper would lose allot of fans/customers if they were to do away with metal completely, TBH. 


    I for one am a mixed fan when it comes to Bones. Nice for the price but details lack on smaller ones. Big Bones, I'm definitely a fan for sure. 

    I would probably buy no little bones outside of kickstarter, if they quit making metal minis.  The detail loss is quite a bit in comparison to metal.  Chibis work ok in bonesium, but all the other tinies, aside from like skellies suffer from mush face.

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