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  1. Its a fun game and is vastly replayable. The rules tend to be straight forward. I love the game, but unfortunately there is no support aside from models from Reaper. Any warlord gaming is usually carried on by fans and thats about it.
  2. oooooh shiney new toy:P


  3. Thanks yall school is busy now so I squeeze paint time in where I can.
  4. Here's a little more work. Base is mostly done as well as the gnome. I need to put some source lighting for the lantern on the base. But otherwise mostly there.
  5. He looks really awesome. The metallics look great, and the blends are nice and smooth. The only thing is the white cloth is hard to see the depth of.
  6. Well I had a little bit of spare time to work on this tiny guy. He is painting so nicely. I also got some basic dirt on his base. The nest step is to prime his base and let it set and finish gnomey's paint. edited to fix the sideways pics...
  7. Is it possible at all to just purchase the models themselves, cause I don't know about anyone else, but $40 each order is WAAAAAAAY to steep for me to be able to partake in all the goodness, despite the desire to. My budget simply cannot handle it. I'd be willing to pay a little more being these are special editions... but yeah.. my budget..
  8. I've come to the conclusion that gnomes live underground, and the is his door is the entryway. Also if his house was made to scale it would be the focal point of the piece instead of an accent, so I took artistic license:). I have some more photos of him but the forum is flopping the pictures sideways no matter the orientation so.. I'm gonna try to get them the right way.
  9. So.. While waiting for the water to cure itself on the nymph's base,I found this little guy begging paint. I couldn't resist he's so cute, and he practically painted himself so far. Of course he wanted to be a garden gnome and because he's a garden gnome he needed a tree house. For the tree form I used some paperclip and thinner brass wire and then globbed lots of greenstuff onto it for a solid form.. I made the door separate on my flat hobby mat, scored it and let it cure then attached it. I need to fill out the tree more and fix the door into the tree, widen the trunk and add some more.
  10. Its more so that the bits are tedious to paint and in funny spots. I do intend to leave them darklined and carefully highlight. I don't use magnification mainly cause I hates it precious.. and my eyes seem to do the job without it at the moment, nearsightedness +1 :P. However if I try painting with glasses or contacts in makes for a horrible exercise in frustration. Hopefully more progress shots today if I can get the homeworks done. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your insight:) considering this is ocean or tide pool, there's going to be some ripples so the image will be a little distorted. More likely a tide pool.. as you can't see much reflection aside from sunlight off the water on the beach.. Which means more sculpting of sea creature things... The angle of view is going to steep as its got to fit on the base.. I really like the idea of the blue glaze, or I may tint the "water" with some liner. I have a base primed to try some of these ideas out on. Real world sourcing is always infinitely better than imagination, so thanks again for the reminder :) Y'all are fantastic:)
  12. Thanks y'all :) I went ahead and snapped a photo of her (sister, painted years ago and unattached to a base) standing on a mirror with the angle I'm attempting cause shes not straight on the water/mirror like Corporea's Finari is. I think I like the idea of putting the painting on the water layers cause it may give it a transparency that reflections have.. I'm gonna fiddle with that prior to painting on the Nymph. Thanks again y'all :)
  13. I am working on my nymph, (here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71110-02741-nymph/) and want to do a reflection of her face.. Similar to this pic Source: http://mythman.com/echo.html Any of you mad geniuses know the proper way to go about this? I intend to use water effects to make the sea.. I'm guessing paint the image onto the base and break it up with "ripples"? Ideas welcome...Thanks
  14. Slow work on her base and lining and shells . I hate all the little strings she has, they are really difficult to pick out without smearing to her skin. The sting ray on her base is mostly done and the sand is good. More highlighting planned for the star fish and picking out her little shells and beads and things.
  15. Better photos and spackled the base with a little bit of Decoart Snow -Tex. More work later:)
  16. Im planning on basing him pretty simply cause I will use him in my Warlord army. So something similar to the Pillar of good.. generic gaming base. lol Hopefully this weekend I will remedy my photo situation, intending on making a cheapy light box.. Ill repost some photos if i manage to accomplish :).
  17. Slowly working on the the shelf of shame. Please excuse the pics.. phone camera and haven't got a good light box.. gonna try and remedy that this weekend.. Anyway she's good practice for skin, and I'm attempting some zenith lighting..
  18. Finally mostly done with Vernon. His base will be finished later. and completely done with the Pillar of Good. The Pillar of Good has languished on the shelf of shame for far too long, whereas Vernon was only briefly acquainted with it.
  19. aww sushi night!! if i can get out there.. if not have sushi for me!
  20. More progress on Vernon. Apparently he really wanted to be painted because he's coming along quickly and the colors are cooperating.
  21. Been working on this guy lately. Trying to knock the dust off my brushes a little. The pics are fair but I need to still purchase a photo box so cell phone it is.. I gave him a beard cause he wanted one. He will add to my unending pile of crusaders, but at least he will have some paint:)
  22. Froggy you never cease to amaze with your incredible constructions!!
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