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  1. more core work and beginning neck work...
  2. This has been good. I find myself right now really looking to see if I can capture anatomical balance and gesture. I have been employing reduction as a sculpting method heavily and the finish looks like crap to say the least. I think I may just take this as far as I can with the rough finish until I feel satisfied with all muscle groups and balance than shave off a layer as I have been and make deep cuts between muscle groups to account for a final smooth layer, in effect having a nearly filled out armature. I have been slaying this piece with my dremel...the good thing is I can always add and subtract more. Maybe I will find that balance. It may be a waste of putty and working time but I have to learn somehow.
  3. this is my second attempt at sculpting...will post pics as I progress
  4. If you order from them let them know I referred you. My name is Jodee Benavides. Jodee
  5. Order it from Miniature Giant. I purchase all my reaper items from them. They are discounted and have free shipping. For large purchases they are great. They are fast and have great customer service. Here is the link... http://www.miniature-giant.com/heraldic-kn...6-pr-11416.html Best regards, Jodee
  6. I read that there was a tiamat style dragon project that was shelved and no box dragons will be released any longer. Is there a possible way to make limited runs of large dragons by way of prepaid preorders and 10% holdback or whatever if enough orders do not come through to justify the process. I myself as a collector would prepay and gamble a precentage to try and secure a special piece. Why not create a niche that focuses on the buyer's stepping up to the plate. What kind of numbers would make this feasible? I am sure there has to be a decent amount of collectors who would pay for such a premium service. Jodee
  7. Just how big of a humanoid is this dude? Is he the same size or larger than a warlord ben seins ogre? How manyy mm to eye level? Jodee
  8. Is the gnome cast together with the toad or is it a separate piece? Jodee
  9. a mix, mostly hobby driven kits, artwork. Its for adults who won't grow up like myself... http://www.prehistorictimes.com/
  10. Amazing Figure Modeler is a great magazine. So is Prehistoric Times...
  11. It works rather well with some green stuff and a modeling tool to mimic the fur pattern. A decent sized reaper male human reaches his knee. The dude is BIG. Jodee
  12. Here he is The added head size makes him really line up well with the ral partha T-rex. I don't have the patience to paint so being pragmatic I put a faux bronze on all my miniatures. It is pleasant to see them all unified by the finish and I get to truly appreciate them as sculpture. They come across as a bit more "monumental" for me. Best regards, Jodee
  13. The reaper ape is much larger and the proportions are different. The hundred kingdoms ape has a huge head and the reaper ape has a smaller head than the hundred kingdoms ape though it is a substantially larger piece. I solved that problem by switching heads. The reaper body with the hundred kingdom head makes a wicked kong style animal. Jodee
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