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  1. With you there, if my previous posts on this thread weren't obvious. I feel stupid for giving in for the second fantasy one at this point. It's not the delays, it's how they handle it. All their updates are super passive-aggressive in tone, and they delete any negative comments on their social media. The stack of unfulfilled Kickstarters with no real pauses in between is the big deal-breaker, though.
  2. They still haven't done any fulfillment in the USA.
  3. I still haven't printed anything from the MMF campaign because I'm not sure what was even in it by the end. I'm really hesitant to try anything to do with Tribes because of that.
  4. I managed to miss all the early bird stuff because Kickstarter had a ToS thing pop up and I hadn't realized I hadn't finalized :(
  5. Yup, excellent. I'll have to see if I can get enough to do a unit. Thanks!
  6. Was it the older metal one in BonesUSA or a new sculpt?
  7. That would be the most excited I've ever been for the Ghoulie Bag, and I'm usually excited for it anyway!
  8. That wouldn't happen to be a Pumpkin Headed Bugbear, would it?
  9. "Tentacles and Eyeballs", a Kickstarter from "Dark Platypus Games", got hit with a C&D last minute. The Eyeworm was one of many monsters that had a resin expansion part to turn it into a different, distinct monster (which was apparently agreed to by WotC). You can still totally build the kit as a Beholder though. Woops, didn't see your response until after I posted mine. Weird.
  10. Round 3 of finished minis from Bones V. These were the cheating ones, picked because they didn't need a lot of different colors. "For the Wizard who prefers a classical flair." "Relax, it's just a statue...hey did those gemstones blink?" . "It's all fun and games until the animatronics stab you 32 times." "Are you ready to rock?" "For the traditional Golem afficianado, the Clay Golem." "Gettin' twiggy with
  11. Really like the Gnome release from Stonehaven this month, they're on the printer now: The DM's Box additions were two Orcs from their last Kickstarter, who I hadn't realized were digitally sculpted .
  12. Personally I like bitz a lot, I know not everyone does. The Bones 3 Weapon Sprues seemed to be a very popular addition (even in parts) the last few boxes.
  13. Here's a collection of the second batch of finished minis I have from Bones V. Party like a Barty. Yoho, a Pirate's unlife for me: Draugr...I mean, Rune Wights. They're not sure why they've been typecast as Thieves: "What do your Elven eyes see?" Kobolds, the only thing as dangerous as a Giant Rat in a starter dungeon. Und
  14. It's been a sort of slow ride but I also feel this one started with good value.
  15. It can be really annoying. The part that gets me is say, you back a Patreon for a month after Following, then decide to pause for a month. When you cancel your membership, you have to re-follow again. Each time.
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