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  1. Yeah dang, I think that's part of this forum type. I guess PDFs are only shareable...by yourself? Let me try another rest.Reaper Bones V Checklist.pdf
  2. Found it. APznzaZyuTjC0AkbzfFPQAxknULvgq_L90TZB20oaZnHsUcZAFh5fPJmHwGfJN5BNDvldvXi4WyWw0Rg68rtuqKlsL-RaiZmbv6snLomHwuqskfvUK1H0A-kutuOLbT6dcotYYeaLQw7mU_ktUWgFczeSkTkV_uTpj2Wz2yXPHLZvAeW1bBBHb72CiPMSkVkomGNXx-F3YHgErmY0ynoHm.pdf
  3. I'll dig it up and post it again but someone else had uploaded it before. I did the same thing with 4!
  4. He looks like if Jughead from Archie took levels in Druid.
  5. I'm wondering if Martha is one of the non-metals I'm really looking forward to her. I'm always looking for monstresses that are...monstrous!
  6. 32mm non-lipped round bases. I don't even play Warhammer enough to need them, but they're nice for big guys who aren't quite Large and will still sort of fit on a combat square. Yes, the Renedra ones are very nice for the price as well...though this seems like a weird spot for me to promote a rival line, woops.
  7. Sorry, I meant it in a way of that I had completely forgotten I had backed this and 2 at this point, plus it's looking like it will hit around the same time as Bones V so I know which one is going on a box, on a shelf.
  8. I still haven't finished building a sci-fi spider from it. Man, that kit could've used some instructions.
  9. I hate to say it, but at this point, I realized with the most recent "no new news" update for the project's US shipping, I realized I had completely forgotten I was waiting on this. That doesn't seem like a good sign anymore.
  10. Grabbed the early bird this time. I loved the minis from the 2nd one (and grabbed a few from the first during it)
  11. Such friendly doctors, with trust-worthy faces.
  12. Nothing reminds you more how ridiculous the hoard has gotten than a move.
  13. Also I like the arcane relic that controls all destiny in that banner...staff....totem
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