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  1. Latest in my collection of "Finish stuff you just had details left on" come Bufo the Frogman and Torlan the Gatorfolk from Reaper Miniatures. I felt they needed to be painted as a pair as Mr. Wiebe said he designed them as a pair to fill in the request for Dreadmere's more unusual inhabitants.
  2. Funny enough, I included several of him and a variant with a less human face several years ago in a Box of Goodwill. Mage Knight had some serious hidden gems, not just counting the re-molded Ral Partha miniatures. I used to buy them in bulk from Troll & Toad back when they were in high supply for about $.40 each, maybe a decade ago. Bulked up a lot of unusual creature types or stuff for my Warhammer armies. Being OoP that long has reduced the availability now.
  3. I've been trying to work on my encounters for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Here's a bunch of randomness from that work! Oh, Rats! We have: a Warhammer Quest rat, a Frostgrave Wizards II Rat Familiar, a Reaper Bones Rat Swarm, a Reaper Bones Rat Ogre, a Spawn Rat from Dark Platypus Studios, a Warhammer Skaven Giant Rat, and a Rat Mama 3D print from Crippled God Foundry. Oh, Bats! A Bat Swarm from Reaper Bones. An Infestation of Spiders: A Reaper Bones Cavern Spider, a Reaper Bones Spider Swarm, a man-faced spider that may be from Foundry, and a classic Warhammer Quest giant spider. Flies that are Giant: One of the more unusual encounters in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I picked these up from the 40k Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set before there were official models.
  4. I've been waiting to post this until I have enough, but I've just been working on random pieces of scatter terrain in between other projects. Any 3D printed parts are done on my Creality Ender 3. Trees from EC3D . Trees from Dark Realms Barrel, +3 Barrel of Sundering (Warhammer props) Wood bundle, Alchemist's Table and Shelf from Vae Victis, I've honestly forgotten who the other designs were from. "The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!" Beacon Tower from RMPrintables Lounge Chair from Impact! Miniatures, awning from Warhammer, weapon pile from The Hobbit, treasure piles from Reaper Miniatures. Fantasy Objective Tokens by PhysUdo on Thingiverse. Ogre Totem from Warhammer, Town Fountain 3D print from unknown, Alchemist's Wares & Firestick Bundle from Vae Victis, Sandbags by MegaBlox, one tree/odd plant is an old Marauder Giant club and the other is from a Gandalf action figure.
  5. Woops! I've been a Patron of Duncan Shadow since I got a printer. Great designs. I actually have a scaled down print of his Hill Giant as my big eater Goliath Barbarian, Stonebelly Rockgut.
  6. And that looks like a...human sized print of Duncan Shadow's Cloud Giants? Huh.
  7. From the blog: While the virus has delayed Frostgrave: Second Edition, it hasn’t stopped it. I can confirm that the book is currently ready for print and on-track for its new release date on August 20th! As that is now less than three months away, I figured it is time I started opening up about what’s coming in the new edition. So, consider this post the first of several over the coming weeks.
  8. Ooh, sounds good. I rejoined a Patreon this month just for their Warforged theme...
  9. Wow, those are...extremely unimpressive for the price.
  10. For those curious about scale: The blue dot up front is Sir Forscale:
  11. They pair well with Big Momma and are some of my most giant of Giants. I'll take a scale photo later.
  12. Fe fi fo fum, here come the Giants! Ignore the bases, they are temporary until the Sons of Behemat codex releases and I know what I can proxy them as. First up we have Devin Townsend...er, the Kings of War Giant. Then the former Otherworld Giant, now produced by Crooked Dice Games. And a very iconic piece of loot:
  13. As of today, they still thought it was August.
  14. Late August was the original date for Frostgrave 2nd edition. They've been quiet about delays for it but most of their other projects have had some delays due to the impact of the pandemic. They've said it would be a Nickstarter, with a plastic box they were keeping a bit under wraps.
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