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  1. Is this a split from their normal Sordane releases or replacing it? I know they must have been facing burnout with the size of those monthly releases.
  2. MOM also has a set of Cultists coming next month, though more in the Mordheim Cult of the Possessed style than Nurgle.
  3. They are, they were evacuated at one point and didn't produce for a few months while they got settled.
  4. So did MOM. I talked with Jonathan (Vae Victis) about how he always seems to dodge overlap with the STL farms, close one with the Ogres this month for Ogretober to Titan Forge's next month.
  5. The actual troops for the Titan-Forge Ogre Pirates are a little meh. The diver Ironguts only have modular heads and the Pirates only have hands, you'd have a lot of clones in that army.
  6. Meazels make an appearance in Baldur's Gate 3...for one avoidable fight and then never again.
  7. Wonder how much it has to do with a Blood Vulture being an upgrade for them in Warhammer, but if you're already using 3D prints it wouldn't be officially allowed anyway.
  8. Oh boy, I hadn't noticed the first time creator part. It looks cool, but that is a LOT to fulfill.
  9. A lot of Hayland stuff terrain is supportless!
  10. I was mostly excited about the "Fatal Fantasy" line of casualties, as I can scale them up from their slightly undersized original release. Fair warning, the individual pieces rather than based are ROUGH scans and need a surprising amount of clean-up for an official release. Titan-Forge is returning to Pirate Ogres next month. "I ate yor baby, and the dingo too."
  11. I am fond of seeing big board games broken up. I'm done with backing stuff I'll never play from CMoN and the like, but the hordes of identical monsters make good trade material for the box.
  12. It's meant to be a proxy for the "Cygor" for Warhammer Beastmen armies. Like...well, all Warhammer minis, they have random baggage but Cygors are pained by nearby magic and are constantly seeking out and destroying nearby magical sites and terrain and keeping trophies.
  13. Yeah, the armored/organized look goes with Hobgoblins for me, but then they're really bulky for Hobgoblins. I wish they had leaned one way or the others, especially with all their existing Goblinoid/Greenskins.
  14. I can't say I'm a fan of those Greatgoblins. I wish they had settled on being Hobgoblins or Bugbears and not both. The cavalry are great, though. They did a great set of Orogs earlier this year.
  15. I can't say I'm a fan of those Greatgoblins. I wish they had settled on being Hobgoblins or Bugbears and not both. The cavalry are great, though
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