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  1. And the Storm Giants are one of the few who I prefer the WizKids scaling! Aw.
  2. I backed the fantasy one but I am holding off on this one, feeling a little antsy with all those projects going at once.
  3. I don't disagree, but I've found that tends to be the case as we get closer to production. So much stuff has gotten shown off already!
  4. 15 hours to go and they are SO close to the 30-card reference pack stretch goal for physical backers.
  5. Definitely check them out right now, they'll have 15 freebies and there's some great stuff already...had my fingers crossed for a Redcap and they uploaded one the day my Elegoo Mars acted up. Woops!
  6. It was tricky, I actually ran out of my usual blood effect (Tamiya Clear Red) and tried to make one. It's not as distinct as I was hoping. They were actually part of their 2019 October Challenge, it was a promo and their first STLs before Patreon. They did a different themed horror monster each day of the month. They're doing it now but it's half split between their Patreon and give-aways. Edit: Yes, they are now for sale as an STL on their website as just the set of hands.
  7. I know I messed up the timing this year, and worked on Deadcember instead of Orctober. I wasn't feeling super-motivated by the small amount of unpainted Orcs I had, but from my Frostgrave II: Arcanic Boogaloo order had a ton of the living dead. And one never has enough Zombies. However, it means there's plenty of spookybois to be shown off! The Draugr, mostly converted from the Fireforge Living Dead Peasants and Frostgrave Barbarians with some Warhammer bits. The Knockers, again Fireforge Living Dead Peasants with Warhammer Dwarf Miners hats and bits from Mantic and Mage Knight. I think I should go back and add big rucksacks...and redo the flames to be the correct order. Just plain Fireforge Living Dead Peasants, with the exception of a Frostgrave Cultist head for the Executioner. The Old Vet, a 3D print from Retro Quest Undead Pirates from EC3D "Depths of Savage Atoll" Former Imperials, converted from Warhammer Empire, Mantic Undead, and Frostgrave Cultists (Undead bits) Mostly Mantic. Beware the spine whip! And lastly, when your Necromancer runs out of skulls, the Creeping Claws! 3D prints from Crippled God Foundry
  8. I feel like most Peasant/Townsfolk ranges are gonna have a few pieces that look suitable for loading warmachines. That does leave a lot of non-humans out, though.
  9. Huzzah! Funny they're beating Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago to that
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