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  1. Yes. According to the comments they're redoing the pre-supports entirely...sounded like a 3rd party was brought in to make the pre-supports since the production minis are plastic cast not resin printed.
  2. The pre supports totally failed but I gave it a go and am really happy with the details and how close they are to the art. I may reprint the Hobgoblins at 105% scale to match up better with some of my other items. Sorry the pic is pretty bad, they're still shiny pre curing.
  3. Looks like the STLs just dropped for 3D printing. I'll have to check it out after work.
  4. @SamuraiJack beat me to posting it here.. I'm both annoyed at this and how much KS "exclusive" stuff they have to begin with.
  5. And hello again here, @Glitterwolf I feel like Giants for the Old Knight to joust at are inevitable
  6. I am still enthused. I plan on painting the Sea Giant or Cyclops first.
  7. Some nice stuff in the previews. And I agree, everything being "Deep Cuts" gets confusing
  8. They're fun guys. I have a ton of Myconids including that set, They're some of the best.
  9. CMoN dropping all support for a game? Say it ain't so!
  10. I won't lie, I lowkey hate CMoN at this point but those are some nice designs on those minis. Love the Abomination.
  11. Even worse...that's just Bertha the Ratcatcher! You'd think a Ratcatcher wouldn't need scalemail but you've never seen the rats in Dunkeldorf's sewers.
  12. The door opens and the windmill blades can be moved, but the gears and millstones are just decorative.
  13. The other set of first completed miniatures of 2021, miniatures from the Dunkeldorf range from King Games. Very inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. The majority of them are from the newer Prancing Peacock Kickstarter but some selections I made were from the existing line. The tables and chairs are cheating, I think they're from Mantic Terrain Crate and were ready already, I didn't back for any of the extra scenery from Dunkeldorf. The Tavern Crowd: The assorted masses: The more militant members: And assorted others:
  14. In my first set of finished miniatures in 2021, a selection of heroes from Stonehaven Adventurers 2020 Kickstarter. They were primed at the end of 2020 after a end of year arrival, but painted over the last month or so. The whole of my finished ones: The Orcs: My favorite of the set. They showed her as concept art on Instagram about 3 projects ago, I'm glad to see her in physical form finally. The Goblins: I got a very Nott the Brave vibe from this one: A Kobold with some fancy gear: Some live some day in the way of the froggy guys: Tieflings: A Dragonborn Wizard: Some live some die in the way of this Hobgoblin Guy...wait I used that one already? Darn.
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