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  1. It is likely they still plan on producing these in metal, but did the STLs as a Kickstarter for faster general release, especially with the issues they'd have with their metal and resin casters after the last few Kickstarters and then Covid. Several of these were already out in metal.
  2. Things I was not expecting: the Spelljammer Ships in CGF's release this month to be multi-part and 28mm scale by default:
  3. I'm in. I'm willing to be a box starter if needed, no international Location: VA, USA
  4. It's a more subdued month due to the ongoing Kickstarter, but Stonehaven has a great theme this month: monstrous versions of previous releases: The Dwarf Ranger as a Werewolf and the Ranger Zombie with her swords through her back are my favorites.
  5. Some new stretch goals up: Including a tailless variant to be a standard Dragonborn. Sounds like they're doing a lot of those, with a wingless Queen Bee to be a standard Thri-Kreen as well. @Talae I didn't mean to take over your Warforged suggestion:
  6. Their initial Elf designs of tall and lanky also resulted in one of their worst-growing Kickstarters until they focused on the companions and even did a pledge of just the non-Elves. I think that made them shy away from Elves for a long time, including most Elves in the adventurer packs being "Half-Elves" from then on to explain the design difference. Nice to see two of my suggestions being made: And now I just feel greedy having gotten Ajaxxus Skiotho sculpted by someone else, twice: The original doodle, done at work when 5E was first showing previews:
  7. Stonehaven Miniatures is running a new Kickstarter, their first to focus on digital files for 3D printing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stonehavenmini/stonehaven-heroes-3d-printable-miniatures/description The majority of the core set is updates from their Patreon, focusing on getting a delivery system going for post-Patreon: Stretch goals are all new, and they're taking a ton from backer suggestions. I have a personal stake since two were added based on my ideas: I've been a backer of Stonehaven since their very first Dwarf Adventurers set, and I'm glad to see their expansion into digital. Everything I've printed from them has been excellent sculpt and support wise.
  8. TBH I was hoping for anything but Monster Hunters as that's the only set out of that list I had! For those who missed a month, Stonehaven Miniatures just launched "Stonehaven Heroes : 3d Printable Miniatures" on Kickstarter, a collection of mostly their 3D Sculpts from Patreon in bundles.
  9. As tends to be the trend, the additional anniversary announcement for Crippled God Foundry was a poll of a full re-release from a previous month, on top of Monstrober, the normal set, and the Throwbacks:
  10. I was also thinking it would be a cool Sky-Gondola for "Frostgrave"
  11. Crippled God Foundry is gonna be intense this month, with a Spelljammer theme: Including an Astral Sea themed "MONSTROBER" bonus: A new Hero in the Welcome Pack: The current Throwback Collection, which usually has some pieces replaced each month by newer stuff: And they've hinted that, as October is their Anniversary, we may see another bonus. That is some crazy value for $10
  12. Same, giving money directly to BLG you might as well burn it at this point. I'm 99% sure they made up the "foreign investor" at this point as a time stall, among everything else.
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