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  1. MOM also has a set of Cultists coming next month, though more in the Mordheim Cult of the Possessed style than Nurgle.
  2. They are, they were evacuated at one point and didn't produce for a few months while they got settled.
  3. So did MOM. I talked with Jonathan (Vae Victis) about how he always seems to dodge overlap with the STL farms, close one with the Ogres this month for Ogretober to Titan Forge's next month.
  4. The actual troops for the Titan-Forge Ogre Pirates are a little meh. The diver Ironguts only have modular heads and the Pirates only have hands, you'd have a lot of clones in that army.
  5. Meazels make an appearance in Baldur's Gate 3...for one avoidable fight and then never again.
  6. Wonder how much it has to do with a Blood Vulture being an upgrade for them in Warhammer, but if you're already using 3D prints it wouldn't be officially allowed anyway.
  7. Oh boy, I hadn't noticed the first time creator part. It looks cool, but that is a LOT to fulfill.
  8. A lot of Hayland stuff terrain is supportless!
  9. I was mostly excited about the "Fatal Fantasy" line of casualties, as I can scale them up from their slightly undersized original release. Fair warning, the individual pieces rather than based are ROUGH scans and need a surprising amount of clean-up for an official release. Titan-Forge is returning to Pirate Ogres next month. "I ate yor baby, and the dingo too."
  10. I am fond of seeing big board games broken up. I'm done with backing stuff I'll never play from CMoN and the like, but the hordes of identical monsters make good trade material for the box.
  11. It's meant to be a proxy for the "Cygor" for Warhammer Beastmen armies. Like...well, all Warhammer minis, they have random baggage but Cygors are pained by nearby magic and are constantly seeking out and destroying nearby magical sites and terrain and keeping trophies.
  12. Yeah, the armored/organized look goes with Hobgoblins for me, but then they're really bulky for Hobgoblins. I wish they had leaned one way or the others, especially with all their existing Goblinoid/Greenskins.
  13. I can't say I'm a fan of those Greatgoblins. I wish they had settled on being Hobgoblins or Bugbears and not both. The cavalry are great, though. They did a great set of Orogs earlier this year.
  14. I can't say I'm a fan of those Greatgoblins. I wish they had settled on being Hobgoblins or Bugbears and not both. The cavalry are great, though
  15. As the symbol glows, power courses through you. AUTHORITY.
  16. Stonehaven Miniatures are doing a set of rival/evil adventurers for this month, including some remakes of their earliest (physical) minis: I'm very much looking forward to two of the new characters, though:
  17. Crippled God Foundry is going to have a huge October as usual, with it being both their anniversary month AND their October "Monstrober" bonus. The main theme is Illithid Mindflayers: I love the Brainstealer Dragon: The Cthulhu themed Monstrober: The introduction of their sci-fi range: The sci-fi Welcome Pack: They also just announced an updated Fantasy Welcome Pack, including some stuff that was only from the Kickstarters before: And they're changing the Throwback collection to match the current month's theme. This will be the old Zargon Cultists to go with the Lovecraft themed Monstrober:
  18. I'm kind of shocked they didn't do a better job with tie-in minis for "Honor Among Thieves" and "Baldur's Gate 3", looking at the various Critical Role teams (though some of those seasons are years old at this point)
  19. I wound up grabbing the 2nd Lost Adventures with the credit. I already had Lost Dragons. I don't think anything was done maliciously on Danny's part. He was a huge part of the 3D printing scene when I first got into it.
  20. "Hi everyone, Since our last update, many of you have shared your honest thoughts with me. Even after 3 completed Kickstarters, this is my first time being in this situation, and I’m navigating it as best I can. As has been the case before: I care very much about backer feedback, and I do my best to respond accordingly - so thank you for being willing to comment so earnestly. Many of your concerns are very similar, so I wanted to address them collectively rather than individually. First, I hear you all loud and clear and will not be selling any of the Uncharted Lands content. My intent was to make sure that this content eventually found a home with another company where it would hopefully be used again in some way, shape, or form. I realize now that there were ethical issues that I just didn’t realize, and I’m deeply sorry about that. I’m not sure yet what will be happening with what has been completed so far (more on that next), but at a minimum I can guarantee that it won’t be sold. Second, since the update I’ve also had a few generous backers offer to help push the PDF to the finish line and help with the layout and graphic design for free. This would allow me to at least deliver the written content to backers in a usable way, even if I still can't produce the physical book. Understanding they would be donating their time and services - I’m not sure yet whether this means there will eventually be a finished PDF or not. What I can say is: I’m going to work with them and see if I can turn the roughly 300 pages of text and tons of art pieces into something usable (beyond a series of long, unformatted word docs / half-finished indesign files & folders with art). If this process begins, I will let you know. Third, if you have experience working with layout and are interested in donating your services to finish the PDF layout, please email me at [email protected]. I’m committed to getting something I can share with you all, and am willing to try if possible. There’s a lot of work to be done because of the amount of content, so if you are interested in helping to share the load I would really appreciate it. In the meantime, I cannot promise that this means I will have a PDF for you all. I just wanted to be transparent and honest with you since the state of the PDF and written content is so important to you all and to me as well. Thank you again for your interest and candor. I am really grateful for your support."
  21. " Hi Everyone, Danny here. While everything in this update was discussed with my team, the decisions and consequences thereof are ultimately mine, and I accept full responsibility for them. My team has done their best at every step of this project, and I stand behind their work completely. At this point, the Lost Adventures Co. is just me, so please don’t reach out to them regarding the project. I don’t want any members of the team to be blamed for my missteps as the owner of this Kickstarter. Book Update The most significant update is that The Lost Adventures Co. will not be able to deliver Uncharted Lands. This includes both the PDF and the printing of it. The Lost Adventures Co. will not be able to print Lost Dragons or Lost Adventures Encounter Compendium either. My company doesn’t have the funds to do so, and wouldn’t be able to raise the necessary funds in any reasonable amount of time. Before sharing why this happened, I want to express how sorry I am that I can’t deliver such a large part of this Kickstarter. In all of my company’s previous Kickstarters, we’ve always been able to overdeliver from what was promised. Because of this, I had full confidence in my ability to fulfill every part of the Uncharted Lands campaign project, even with the addition of a physical product. Though I tried my best, sometimes that isn’t enough, and the result is inexcusable by my personal standard. While it is not a replacement for the book, one thing I will be giving backers of book pledge levels is $50 of credit on lostadventures.co. I understand that some of you have backed previous projects of ours and have our .STL files already; but for those of you who don’t, I hope that this will help. Project Challenges Why did this happen, and how did I get here? Since starting work on Uncharted Lands almost 3 years ago, a lot has changed in the world - in the physical book production space and in the 3D printing space. In part because of this, this project has faced a number of challenges that I’ll share below: Since the beginning of The Uncharted Lands Kickstarter; the cost of labor, sculpting, writing, editing, and layout has increased enough to cause financial concerns. Paying our artists, sculptors, and writing team fairly has always been very important to my company, and the success of previous projects allowed The Lost Adventures Co. to continue to pay fair rates and work with amazing artists, sculptors, and a writing team to produce the best models & book possible. This was my first physical book Kickstarter, and I made the decision to subsidize the cost of the books in the all-in pledges with the .STL portion of those pledges. I had several years of experience running .STL Kickstarters (and eventually turning our encounters and content into finalized .PDFs) but never a physical book. I greatly underestimated the costs associated with printing a 300+ page book. Only one year after the initial COVID outbreak, printing costs (as well as shipping cost) caused a rise in book production & shipping costs that I also greatly underestimated. I also spoke in-depth with several other companies who’ve run physical book Kickstarters. I did this in an effort to learn from their experiences for before, during, and after the Uncharted Lands Kickstarter. In the end, the pricing I had set for the Kickstarter simply wasn’t enough to cover all of the costs. My health took a dive during the summer of 2022 (this is also why I stopped uploading on YouTube as well). The rest of the team did an amazing job of picking up the slack and keeping the project moving forward despite the hindrances I caused. As both the project lead and the head of the company, my minimal availability had a significant impact on the project. I did not accurately take into financial consideration the additional writing, art, editing, formatting, production, and sculpting costs that would come from the Kickstarter stretch goals. The project grew in size significantly more than what I anticipated. Response to Project Challenges I began to address this situation as soon as I started to recognize the financial trends. The first response was to cut as many extra expenses as possible. I also began to refocus on the YouTube channel in 2022, acquiring sponsorships to help increase company revenue and offset the increased costs. This helped -but was not enough- and the additional revenue streams were halted due to my health decline. I took a separate, full-time job, as well as a business loan with my house as collateral, to alleviate the financial strain, but it still was not enough extra income to meet the required cost to print and ship the books in any reasonable amount of time. I also considered refunds, but it would cost as much to refund as it would to print and ship the books. At this point, the company had no way to raise those kinds of funds. This is something I’ve done my best to remedy throughout 2023, but our revenue never recovered. The additional work and increased costs also meant that I could not continue to pay our Creative Director, Dillon, for the rest of the work on the books. He readily volunteered to prepare the books for production without pay. He continued working on this project on a completely voluntary basis until I decided to stop this part of the project, realizing we did not have the funds to pay for continued formatting, printing, or shipping. Uncharted Lands Book .PDF Once I realized that the company would not have enough funds to print the book, I began funneling all profits towards completion of the Uncharted Lands .PDF. I had every intention of (at a minimum) completing the .PDF, since the writing and editing was complete. The graphic design, layout, and final proof editing was still pending; but as we began working on layout, I realized that the company was just not bringing in enough revenue to cover the costs to finish it because of the reasons listed earlier. If it was in any condition to release as is, I would do it - but it simply isn’t. What About Pre-orders On Lostadventures.co? If you pre-ordered the book on lostadventures.co, I will reach out to you with more information. Lost Dragons Pre-supports & Add-Ons Lost Dragons pre-supports are still being completed but, unfortunately, have no estimated time of completion. Once they are complete, I’ll share them with those who purchased the add-on via MyMiniFactory. Time and Dream Dragons There have also been questions about the release of the Time Dragon & the Dream Dragon. These were add-ons and never included in the original campaign stretch goals. These files were already delivered to backers who purchased them on BackerKit either individually or as part of the All Add-Ons Digital Bundle. If you didn’t purchase either of these options, you would not have received the files. Moving Forward One of the things I am most sorry about is the amount of work that has gone into the books since the beginning that will not be seen by the public. The writing team, the artists, and everyone else who has worked on this book over the past 3 years have poured their hearts and souls into this book, and as the owner of the company I wanted to do everything in my power for this world we’ve built to be used at some point in the future. To this end, I’ll be selling the book art, maps, .PDFs, and written content for Uncharted Lands and all of the other Lost Adventures projects, including The Lost Adventures Encounter Compendium and The Lost Dragons. I’d like to be clear that whoever purchases these assets will not assume any of the responsibilities of this Kickstarter. The fault and failure of this portion of the project lies on my shoulders alone, and if the written portions, artwork, maps, etc. of this project ever appear in the community in the future, it won’t be associated with this Kickstarter. Conclusion As the head of this project and as the owner of The Lost Adventures Co., I take full responsibility for this situation, and I’m deeply sorry that this is where our beloved project has ended. I am incredibly proud of our team for delivering this Kickstarter’s .STL collection - the largest one of all The Lost Adventure Co.’s Kickstarters. However, I am very frustrated and deeply sorry that I can’t deliver every part of this campaign project. All of The Lost Adventures Co. team have done everything in their power to create models, writing, art, and design work that are of a quality we can stand behind and be very proud of. My team created an incredible product. However, due to my company’s financial challenges, I had to make the incredibly hard decision to not fulfill every part of this campaign project. A huge and very humble “Thank You” to everyone who showed their interest & support in this project. This is an incredibly difficult update to post. I am, and forever will be, grateful for all your support."
  22. Is that a new Arachno-Assassin? Whoa!
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