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  1. Warhammer Empire are always my first thought
  2. I'm going to guess slashing & puffing like Landsknecht hosen, Thursir are pretty civilized. The art it's based off is in B&W:
  3. "Thursir Giant" from EffinCoolMiniatures, part of their line from the "Tome of Beasts" book from Kobold Press. Not 1980s, came out the last year or so.
  4. That S&H seems absurd compared to similar projects.
  5. The Wizard is from: https://www.reapermini.com/search/scroll/latest/03186
  6. "Cyber-Forge" dropped a mini expansion for this month's Galactic Miner's League theme, modular with the first set of Space Dwarves. Which also included this Space Skaven who got left out of the group shot:
  7. Yeah you can add more stuff right now after an initial order. Just gotta go back to the main page and +/= stuff again:
  8. Alright, after they posted this shot, I had to back GameScape3D this month:
  9. It does look quite larger than their usual individual sets, though.
  10. So, I was on one of the various "3D Printing for Warhammer" pages and there was a thread of suggested Chaos Knight alternatives. I had somehow missed the insane combo this month from Cyber-Forge Miniatures, of not-Chaos Knights, Space Dwarf Miners, Space Skaven, and some awesome foundry terrain. Considering I've been working with not-Squats for Stargrave/other skirmish after the League of Votann announcement and Stargrave's Last Prospector, I had to back this.
  11. Biggest thing I've seen for reactivation is that it takes longer to dry and people aren't used to it, so they go to paint over it before the first layer is fully done. Goobertown covered a bit of it. I haven't had a problem with it myself.
  12. I'm liking them so far, it's a learning curve compared to my usual practices though. Haven't messed with them as much as I thought since I had approximately 2000 other projects going and didn't want to start over to use them...though I think they will be my go-to white method from now on.
  13. EU and Asia definitely got their rewards, so I wouldn't call them a scam. But they are mismanaged beyond belief. The fact that Alex Lim was involved the entire time and they hid it explains a lot.
  14. Looks like they just posted an actual update with some details that people have been asking for for months, then used the second half "stop calling us out on our non-updates!" Okay, some people have been meaner than others, but it's been like getting blood from a stone to get them to give actual details.
  15. I keep checking it out of spite at this point.
  16. And I'm sure they're going to count that as May and June's update, since they labeled it May and posted it today...
  17. Yes to the accidental part; their last update that I saw made it sound like they're just going to keep all the May stuff up in June for that reason. They should have a ton of cool stuff coming too based on their Instagram (they are really having a rough time adjusting to updating on the Patreon itself.
  18. The Great Unpausing, so for May which was supposed to be their grand return, only new subscribers got credited for rewards.
  19. I did all my updates yesterday too. I'm really hoping Stonehaven fixes their issues for this month.
  20. As someone who hates using clones on the tabletop, I back this sentiment.
  21. I'm just going to say, I find Tonk much more what I'd expect of a Bugbearess than her only other female kin in the line, poor Ferrunk doesn't get enough to eat She fits in much better with my Monstrous Monstresses collection, and I'm glad she wasn't the sole spellcaster of the group which is another all too common trope. I was really looking forward to her from first preview.
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