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  1. And it gives us the first Bugbear Shaman in Bones and second female Bugbear for the entirety of Reaper.
  2. https://www.reapermini.com/search/fur hat/latest/03061
  3. I think one of the biggest factors that led to less "showstopper" items is the big stuff CANNOT be made in house at all, so the more of them there were in the current times, the more uncertainties could arise.
  4. The Secret Weapon "Tablescapes Dungeons - Mines" They were a joint project and made in Bones.
  5. All the reviews for Frameworks have been harsh. Big gaps, weird splits, lots of filling needed, useless layout of parts, confusing instructions. They need to ramp up quality or ramp down prices or just stop.
  6. Oh wow, yeah, that is that guy. I guess it doesn't help that Bobby has an insanely generic design other than his age (and club) I don't see that sculpt as Aleena at all but I guess we'll find out in two months.
  7. Quite a nice and varied pick! I see the Bones Weapons Sprues are still getting split up amongst the BOGWs, excellent.
  8. But Cavalier was a Paladin kit before. And the Ranger being a Fighter was to make a simple Starter character, they did the same for the Archer pre-made in "Lost Mine of Phandelver"
  9. The name of this set is "Dragons of Stormwrack Isle" which is the new Starter Set, so definitely. A lot of people were surprised at the class combos (Hank the Ranger is a fighter, Diana the Acrobat is a Rogue, Eric the Cavalier is a Paladin, etc) but forget it's a Starter Set and they've always done that so all the options were in the SRD.
  10. Yes, the Cleric is new though. A lot of people are expecting a second set for the missing characters, especially as Bobby has a sculpt coming up for the unpainted line
  11. If I remember correctly a few of the Warlords heroes were actually living priestesses wearing funerary garb in lore. Reaper's previous female Mummy in Bones had that issue of looking like a Spirit sexy Halloween costume:
  12. I'm curious to see what moves from what I put in. I'm always surprised as well. I really tried to re-seed the box, I did combine a bunch of bags into similar stuff like all Bones together, all metal Reaper together, etc (including fixing the "Lead" bag a bit) and for space I did unblister some guys whose blisters were already falling apart.
  13. @Rat13 box is officially on its way to @themudhead after a pick-up by USPS this morning.
  14. @Rat13 box is on its way to @themudhead after a USPS pick-up this morning.
  15. Picks from the @Rat13 round: A very varied grab: board game minis, some Bones for conversions, a handful of various metals, and Countess Sansuri for "Storm King's Thunder". The box has been resorted for space and I bulked it back up. It should be on its way to @themudhead in the morning.
  16. I did like the two months of Monkey Island.
  17. I dunno how I missed him being Grevious considering their Fantasy Wars line. Like most of the not-Jedi/Sith, I plan on printing him in a clear resin to do all the weapons with inks over them.
  18. One of the Legendary Tales that didn't get reached, that involved the Slaughterwaulers that got mistaken for Slaughter Walruses.
  19. She is amazing! I would love to see more in her style. She really reminds me of Sister Lana from Reaper with the full figure and expression.
  20. I wound up grabbing this month from Infinite Heroes because of the terrain and plague theme. Haven't printed any yet as I had the printers turned off during the Bones 6 Kickstarter. Stonehaven messed up with the billing so there's a delay for their return this month, too. Woops.
  21. I'm glad someone liked the EC3D Winter Wolf and Crag Cats! I put those in a route or so back.
  22. The aftershow has confirmed they unlocked.
  23. Chillthulhu: https://www.reapermini.com/search/cthulhu/latest/77194
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