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  1. Well there's the update. Parts 2 and 3 of the Expansions are getting combined.
  2. I know they're setting up the party and such, but I'm surprised they didn't set up a dedicated person for updates. It may be hurting that the 30th Anniversary Dragon is still gone from the main page.
  3. https://www.reapermini.com/search/champion/latest/30046 Paladin of an evil sea goddess
  4. Yeah, they switched it out for the Crypts before any of the goals were mapped. It sounded like it was just Ron's personal preference (and the thought that two more maps are probably not necessary at this point)
  5. Nice, there's not a ton of Lizardfolk in Bones. Interesting that 3 of them are resculpts of the ones already in Bones, but they're different enough to make a nice mixed encounter.
  6. Flame Drakes are usually corporeal, but Salamanders are from the Plane of Fire and made of elemental energy, so they're usually condensed lava/fire.
  7. @Rat13 box has arrived 4/29/22 Also @Chaoswolf threw me for a loop by putting @themudhead as two words!
  8. Oh Ron you tease I'm all for the monstresses, though.
  9. Yeah, Flumphs are old-school and were brought back into the highlight in 5E. Famous for being the only Lawful-Good creature in the Fiend Folio and one of the only LG monsters period for a long time
  10. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of that precedent. But I do like flaming skeletons! And even though I'd like to see more Hobgoblins in Bonesium, I sort of want them less after all this.
  11. Thank you. I don't even remember exactly what I used for the Catoblepas, I had a bunch of reptile types and didn't want them to blend with my usual Orcs so I dug out all my extra greens that I don't normally have in rotation.
  12. I know we had the big alien Chronoscope ones, but we still really only had the single Bathalian with staff in Bones until now? Hard to believe.
  13. Nice to see an updated version of the Bones weapons sprue!
  14. To celebrate the ongoing Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 Kickstarter, I decided to paint nothing but Bones while it runs. Here are the current results (though there's a lot more that got a few colors and were set aside) The Catoblepas: The Hydra: The Greater Basilisk: Cockatrices: The Plague Twins: Patchwork Golems: 'Folk Wizards: Feral Vampire: KOBZAR SOLOVEIKO, NIGHTINGALE BARD Shroomie The Bones 6 Promo Goblin:
  15. I just realized we still haven't seen the Goblin that was part of the preview promos they were sending out with the adventurers. Figured he'd be in Denizens!
  16. It's what I've done every Kickstarter (and usually not just Bones)
  17. Well, the preview of the winged guy was exactly what I expected!
  18. It's important to be honest with yourself.
  19. I mean, we do have the Death Knight rider for the 30th Anniversary Dragon that was announced earlier as KS version exclusive as well.
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