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  1. Also, as they pointed out, it makes a nice watch tower as well, which are always useful for tabletop gaming.
  2. Apparently Max Dunbar made the concept art on his own based on all the comments and they decided to go for it.
  3. Honestly, I really don't need another Lighthouse but $30 seems like a steal.
  4. Got one of the two, the other they didn't do a group shot of for some reason.
  5. Looks like Stonehaven is ready for another release this month. I'm having issues copying over the videos they have up on their Instagram to post here, sorry.
  6. Really? They feel a lot like Bones 5 encounters to me. An adventurer (well a team this time), a piece of terrain as an objective, and the monsters protecting it. The drake might be the only stand out but they basically just showed up as guard pets in most D&D adventurers.
  7. Oh, I like that design. Makes them look less like Raptors like a lot of the pre-paint Drakes looked like.
  8. I'm going to guess 3 since the one in Bones 2 had three.
  9. I loved the Half-Orc Doxy, my only issue was I felt she was scaled a little small. I'm hoping her sister doesn't have the same issue.
  10. Between that and those weird color effects they do on the renders, it really makes them feel unappealing.
  11. Half-Orc I'm thinking, looks like tusks and pointed ears.
  12. Well dang, looking at their Patreon would've helped:
  13. Those Battle Nuns would be nice if they were wearing more than outer vestments. And I'm pretty sure Zealot and Bestarium are the same company. The Zealot Minotaurs were on Kickstarter a while back and then there was a big issue when the STLs leaked before the Kickstarter (which was just for physical miniatures) delivered anything and it caused them to reorganize.
  14. Otyughs are one of those weird ones where they can appear in written stuff by name but the miniatures can't be named as such because they need to have the SRD disclaimer written on the product: From some random Pathfinder book: But they're "Sewer Beasts" in Pathfinder Battles Strangely Owlbears can be similar, as the only ones Pathfinder has had in the minis lines are "Beaky" and "Monstrous Skeleton" The new Reaper one looks like a partner for the Bones 2 version: Rather than the metal one in the more classic style
  15. This might be the only post of these with enough self awareness to realize how incredibly specific these requests are.
  16. I don't need more Gladiators, I don't need more Gladiators, I don't need more Gladiators...
  17. I wonder if the new Burtz will be used as Klarg, the first boss in "Lost Mines of Phandelvar" as much as his previous version was: I'm really excited about Tonk, as well. I'm all for more Monstresses, especially when they're not the sole caster of the group
  18. Furnace Golems also popped up in Tome of Horrors: The aforementioned Pathfinder Tophet: Pathfinder Forgefiends: Mchimba the Embalmer, a boss from World of Warcraft, also comes to mind. A golem built for processing the dead during a blood plague, who would either drain fluids or burn corpses based on level of infection:
  19. She wasn't in an expansion during the Kickstarter, she was part of the Core set.
  20. LARDGULP MY MAN! The metal version was one of the first Reaper minis I bought.
  21. For some reason, he gives me vibes of The Divine Dragon from "Sekiro"
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