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  1. Tyreal_human_fighter

    So true...

    That paint pot monster is so cool
  2. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy version) Thread Seven

    I second this suggestion
  3. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Chronoscope Models We'd Like to See

    I really like to see some close quarter combat secret agents kind of like snake from MGS,monkeys with guns and misc weapons ,and humanoid robots
  4. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Not sure what to say

    Bye meg hope things work themselves out and you can come back soon .
  5. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Tsuko of the glowing chest monastery

    your painting is pretty smooth and it looks nice the only I would suggest would to try and do more highlights on his pants .
  6. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Anduriel Brightblade

    I just saw this at game depot and it looks great
  7. Tyreal_human_fighter

    So far what does this look like to you?

    looks great so who do you plan on using for mario ?
  8. Tyreal_human_fighter


    Congrats Meg that’s awesome
  9. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Will pewer decay/rot ?

    I have heard of lead rotting and I was just wondering if pewter does the same ? thanks ty
  10. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Happy Birthday Meg !!

    happy birthday
  11. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Branson the Avenger, Paladin Initiate

    It looks pretty good the only things that I would suggest is try and highlight the sash highlighting is basically leaving a darker color in the crevices while painting a lighter color in the raised areas to show contrast and maybe try to find some metallic paint and with that you could either prime the model black or paint the areas and dry brush the areas with the metallic paint which is basically wiping away most of the paint on a paper towel these can make your model look better with a minimum amount of work. dry brushing
  12. Tyreal_human_fighter

    A Simple Request on a Sad Day

    Its going pretty good I think I have improved somewhat I can still tell that I need to work on a few things and probably need to test new Techniques like NMM but I am pretty happy with the results that I am getting.
  13. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy version) Thread Seven

    I would like to see a dwarven ranger with a musket
  14. Tyreal_human_fighter

    A Simple Request on a Sad Day

    I am really sorry for your loss meg my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Tyrell
  15. Tyreal_human_fighter

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy version) Thread Seven

    with 4 Edition coming out soon I would like to see some dragonborn warriors and maybe some tieflings or maybe a half orc monk with nunchucks (my current character)