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  1. Hi All, Just a question, what's the best way to print this? I purchased this the other day and took it to a local print shop and they wanted to charge me $200 to print it! I am in Canada, just wondering what other people did with their copies. I hate reading PDF's, would rather read a book. I sit in front of a screen all day! :( Thanks! Thor
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! The armies I will be painting are from the beginner set, so Orcs and Goblins, Dwarves, and also Ogre Kingdoms and maybe some undead (Vampire Counts). If anyone has any examples of creatures they have painted with similar colours, that would be awesome. (e.g. if someone painted a reaper Orc with certain colours and got great results, I would love to see it!)
  3. Hi All, My son is now 14 months old and life is becoming a bit more manageable, so I am returning to the painting game (I started on these boards a couple of years ago painting the How To Paint Kits). I just picked up a whack of Reaper Paints to paint up some Warhammer armies. I was just wondering if any of the following triads/paints that I DO NOT currently have would be useful: Golden Skin Triad Burnt Colours Triad Vivid Blues Triad Blush Colours Triad 9142 Stained Ivory 9149 Moldy Skin Historic Blues Triad Cool Browns Triad 9165 Dark Elf Highlight Olive Skintone Triads Bright Skintone Triads Autumn Browns Triad Humanoid Skintones Triad Also, if anyone has any recommendations on triads that they would recommend for a certain army or style, I am all ears. Thanks in advance! :) KT
  4. Hi All, Between my job and my one year old my painting time is limited. I have a bunch of Reaper, Citadel, and Vallejo paints and would be dissapointed if they just dried up in the interim. What can I do to increase their longevity? Last year I took a dropper bottle and bottled water and applied a couple of drops to each pot/bottle and shook them. Is there anything else I can do? Also, if anyone knows this, which paints tend to dry out faster? Thanks! KT
  5. Hi all, I painted my first mini this summer, the Rat from LTPK #1. I was just showing it to my Mom today and noticed that the paint on the tail was cracking a bit. I can post pics up tomorrow but I assume most people will be familiar with what I mean. So I have two questions: 1) How/Why did this happen (so I can prevent it from happening again!) :) 2) What should I do now? I sealed it over initially with a spray on sealer and it is just a small part of the tail (2 spots, a minor bit of metal showing on the top and the cracking part is taking place on the underside of the tail.). Should I pull the cracking paint off or just paint over top of it? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I get periods where I am really busy at work and I can't paint at all. All my bottles are in Reaper bottle style droppers or Vallejo droppers. Just wondering how long they take to dry out on average? I store them inside my house in an air conditioned environment. Is there anything I should so to take care of them (e.g. add a drop of water now and then? Thx!
  7. Hi Scott, Thanks for the quick reply! So Warlord are more 25mm scale and it sounds like DHL are a bit bigger (up to 28mm)? Thx!
  8. I am just starting up an AD&D campaign and just wondering if I can mix and match. Are all the Reaper minis set to the same 25mm scale? Thx!
  9. Hi all, I'm currently running an AD&D campaign and I've decided to go with minis. I'm wondering which minis or sets people would start off with. I'm not so much worried about figures for the PC's, more for the things I will use to represent Monsters and other Bad Guys (eg goblins, orcs, etc). Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could use for those as well as for getting a cheaper way to get multiple bad guys (apart from Legendary Adventures figures). Also, I would be looking at getting some of these pro-painted. Where is a good place to look to get pro-painters or do people here on the boards have someone they could recommend? Thx!
  10. VV, I love the eyes on this mini! How did you do them (i.e. your technique)?
  11. Hi Meg, Love the freehand on the shield! This post is so informative, thanks for taking the time to do this. It has been really helpful to watch this mini come to life... :)
  12. Wow, this look's absolutely amazing! The only comment I would have is that a purple blade looks strange too me. What about an evil black (obsidian) blade? If I may ask, what colours or triads did you use for the purple, skin, and gold as they flow really well!
  13. MK, Love your work as always. It's always inspirational to see your stuff! Just a quick question, what did you use to do the terrain for the squiqs (e.g. trees and mushrooms). I assume you used greenstuff for the 'shrooms?
  14. This might be a dumb question but what exactly is gunk? I hear people talking about it all the time!
  15. Slop Artist: Thanks for the link. For the most part since they are in combat, I don't mind eyes full of "emotion". I guess it's just practice, practice, practice... :) Fieldarchy: Doh, those are my darktones! I'll be going up from here. I glazed both the red and blue with inks. My next step is layering up, we'll see how that goes. Any idea of what I should do with the leather? It's Reaper MSP Oiled Leather. I'm waiting to put in an order for a couple of triads, but in the meantime I have managed to get most of the Citadel Range. I used MSP Oiled Leather by itself for the boots. I coated the jerkins and coats on the bodies with MSP Oiled Leather as well, and then washed them with MSP Brown Liner. The next 10-20 mini's I'll be working on are just to play around with colour (nothing crazy) so any ideas you have I will try!
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