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  1. 302 B is probably the kind of steel used in the blade. It's a general purpose steel. From your description of how it was found, it may be a recreation that someone pitched and got rid of. I don't think the steel designations were used in the Civil War.
  2. Yep, and definitely skim, and don't inhale the fumes, if yer melting down previously primed/glued minis. The primer forms a skin though, which is kinda cool as the insides melt out. I have 2.5 lbs of metal now.
  3. I melted down a lot of the free minis I got as a painter for the old "Beyond Adventure" website. I made sure to melt only the lead free ones together. I found a way to avoid the dross and other bits. I let the metal cool slightly, and skimmed the surface to remove the majority of the dross. Then, when the metal cooled slightly more, I poured into a bucket of water. Too hot, and the pewter explodes into powder in the water, cool enough and forms claw-like shapes that are bright and shiney with no dross. By letting it skin slightly, the pure metal pours out, leaving the dross in the skin.
  4. So I've painted, sculpted, and now I want to cast a figure. There are several places that sell small mold frames, and high temp vulcanizing rubber. So I can cure a mold in my oven. I got a MicroMark gift cert, and I picked up a melting/pouring ladel. I had some scrap pewter from trimming off bases, bits of sprues, etc, and melted it down into a roughly 4 oz. ingot. There is a lil dross/scum floating on top, and stuck to the bottom though. So my question is, how do I remove dross from pewter? Is it like pouring steel, so that since it stays on top, you can merely just pour, and the dross stays behind?
  5. Uhm, that's standard, that's how distributors make their money. But their take isn't 55% for 3rd party sellers. You can sign up to see how much it is, and it varies by account type ( silver, gold, platinum ), but it's not 55%. Selling to a store/distributor, it's usually the store gets goods at 50% of MSRP, and distributors get them at 40% . So Reaper earns that much. Then the store/dist sell the item at MSRP and gets their cut. For direct internet sales, Reaper gets 100% of the MSRP. Then you gotta breakdown that into expenses, and gross profit, and then further into net profit.
  6. Yer outta luck. Ehobbies.com was a Amazon.com partner, and was supposed to carry lots of cool hobby stuff and miniatures. Being a Amazon partner, IIRC, you could use Amazon.com gift certs with them. But while eHobbies said you could browse hundreds of brands, they never carried any of it. "Coool! Rackham! Nope, empty category, cool! Reaper, nope empty!" Alot of them were empty, and never had listings for products. So it could have been a hobbyist's golden age, but it was all for nought.
  7. Buy some cheap tracklighting and low voltage lamp modules from Home Depot. Plug in 3 MR16 35 W bulbs. There ya go! At least, that's my plan when I get some more cash/time! :)
  8. Okay, christmas is over, so I was finally able to go out and make a airbrush hose. I bought 10 feet of clear vinyl tubing rated at 55 psi. The airbrush has a barbed tube adaptor for this, and I was able to find one that fit my air compressor. I put some water in the brush, and went out onto the deck. Wowee, what a nice brush. It's responsive, with great atomization, and the paint adjuster is easily tuned to get the spray load you want. Now I need to find something to spray. And once my micromark filter funnels get here, I plan on doing some airbrushing.
  9. I mean, she's vampire, so all you really need is a metal gorget and a piece of metal over the heart, otherwise, she's good to go!
  10. Same here. I've sculpted for a few other folks. But reaper never got back either. <:)
  11. That was such an AWESOME fig too. Kim Graham sculpted it, and it shows, she does killer dragons ( She has done several sculpting demos, usually dragons, at different cons ). Too bad it suffered from poor casting... :/ Good paint job, but the black seems 'flat'. But I haven't found a good way to hilight it either.
  12. Dwarf Wars figs are their own scale though. Their goblins are orc sized, their orcs are the size of ogres. The humans are around 35mm+ tall, and the dwarves are human sized.
  13. I think it's the skirt armor throwing off your perceptions of the proportions. They look right in some views, but it looks wonky in others. The proportions look right to me.
  14. We were without power for 5 days here in Washington. :P
  15. Michael Bay is directing, so it will be full of flashy effects, and no plot or character development.
  16. Clear brights are not neons, but pure pigment colors that are normally transparent/translucent, w/o any agents added to try and make them opaque. Thus their tinting strength remains. The clears are great for 'punching up' other colors, and using as glazes.
  17. And it's a nice one. It's a single-action airbrush, made by Grex. Solid, well built, and you can get it for a good price here: http://www.dickblick.com/zz250/69/ I had a Aztek, but they are impossible to clean, and the tips gum up very fast, and are difficult to clean 100%. It's a very nice airbrush. Later I may pick up the XS model
  18. The nozzle issue is probably how they arrive from the supplier when Reaper buys them. One of their injection molds is probably a lil worn, and not forming the nozzle fully. I've never had to puncture 75-100 of them, but I've had to puncture a few of them. Also, some paints will by the nature of their pigments, cover better than others. But some are truly bad. The original Marigold Yellow is a horrific color. 1) Blacks, browns, whites will cover the best, as they contain inorganic opaque pigments. 2) Blues, greens, Yellows, Reds, Oranges, Purples will cover to varying degrees, most of their pigments are inorganic, and translucent to transparent. Blues, purples, and greens though will still work pretty good, as they tend to have incredible tinting strengths. You can make them ALMOST opque, but you'd so much pigment that the paint really wouldn't be paint, but a chalky mess of pigment... :) Lighter/darker versions of the #2 colors ( blues, oranges, etc ) will cover better than the pure ones, as they are mixed with the opaque inorganic pigments from 1. So how to make a truly bright and pure color from #2? Well, undercoat lightly with a lighter version of the #2 color, then overpaint with the color you're really after. You'll get really bright blues/etc this way. Also, painting the pure colors over a darker cousin leads to a great depth of color. Say a red painted over a burnt-sienna ( orange-brown ). If you have some bad colors, send them back for replacement. Paint snakes in the nozzle are somewhat common, as the paint dries there first. I've had this occur with other eyedropper paints as well. Also, yeah, shake the hell out of the bottles! All paints settle. If they are too thick/thin, shake shake shake. Unlike Vallejos, which don't have a shaker, RMS are easier to stir up, and keep that way. They don't seperate as fast or as much as others though.
  19. Perfect board: http://www.boarddudesdirect.com/gastmadrbo16.html Galvanized steel dry erase board. Cheap too, unless I can find a small square of galvanized steel at the Home Depot.
  20. Could always write a greasemonkey script to do it, until Kit gets the feature done.
  21. I have most of the paints in the line, and those spinners don't have enough slots, and take up too much desk space. You can superglue the magnets to the underside of the bottle if you rough up the bottle's underside first. Otherwise, superglue won't stick. Works like a charm, I have a few of the 0.25" magnets laying around.
  22. Those are the first molds for a whole cavern themed mold line. :) I painted the manticores for his board.
  23. Actually, the magnets are a great idea! Why didn't I think of it! My desk has a metal frame. And I can glue the magnet to the base of the bottle with hot glue. Or mount a piece of sheet metal on the wall.
  24. "Do you want to touch my monkey? SOD OFF!" :D
  25. You can listen to track samples here: http://www.amazon.com/Daughtry/dp/B000IY04...TF8&s=music Try before you buy! :D
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