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  1. So to get chicken breast to cook evenly and quickly on the grill, I like to slip them between 2 pieces of saran, and give them a couple of blows with a meat tenderizer. This is almost a requirement with Kroger brand chicken breast, as they can sometimes be real real tough. Today, I sprinkled both sides with Penzey's fox point seasoning. After a couple of blows, the seasoning was mushed into the chicken. I then grilled the chicken, and slapped it on 2 pieces of bread, each with a light layer of mayo to prevent sogginess. I then whipped out my "Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken", available in most asian markets in the thai section, and gave it a good covering. Man was it tasty. Sweet chili sauce isn't really that hot, but it is yummy. If you haven't heard of Penzey's, you must either visit their stores, or shop online. Fox point is wonderful on poultry and fish. http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/shophome.html Fox Point : http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-p...ysfoxpoint.html Sandwhich Sprinkle is also yummy: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-penzeyscrouton.html Also, their pizza seasoning and pasta seasoning are awesome as well.
  2. Buy a LED, and use a CR 2032 Watch Battery. It's the perfect voltage to light the battery w/o a resistor. Or any 3V battery can be used. The long lead on the LED is connected to the + terminal.
  3. Thank you redhand! Makes me happy! :D I guess I should get my Twisted Wire Armature tutorial done. :) PM me your snail mail address. I have an abundance of figs, and can probably donate some to your cause. How many students?
  4. I'd like to do a set of 'modular' barbarians. :) With some well-placed bracers, and other bits, I think they'd be a lot of fun. Also I'm thinking of doing some swords and shields and conversion bitz to get some more practice.
  5. 28mm we're exagerating some of the details, as they usually are done on 28mm figs.
  6. Cyclopedia Anatomica has good human and animal anatomy references. Its a reprint available from Barnes and Noble.
  7. Good work IG88. One critique is that even under all that padding, the hips, the trocanter ( head of the femur ) and knee joint will still affect the skin surface, along with major muscle groups. The overall form of the legs and arms are pretty solid in terms of mass, but look a little flabby and under-defined instead of Zaftig ( Pleasantly plump ). The overlaying layer of fat will only totally obliterate the effect of underlying muscles and bones when you get into the range of morbid obesity. I'd also work on your faces some more. But overall, good looking fig. Good pose, and details. Take a look at some of Kev's work at Hasslefree. He can do women with some 'meat' on their bones. Warning: Some artistic nudity! Artemis, 40mm http://hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/range.php?range_id=51 Mary, 54 mm http://hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/range.php?range_id=47 Libby ( Based loosely on his wife ) 28mm http://hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/pack.php?pack=687 Barbarian Queen ( Will be ridinfg sabertooth cat ) 28mm http://hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/wip/125.jpg
  8. Okay, so after some trials and travails, it seems we've found a 3D printing place with good prices, and the resolution we need. Now the details ARE a tad soft because they were modeled that way. Sim's background is in 3D game modeling, so we're going back to exagerate some of the detail, which is common in miniatures modeling. The biggest problem is the straps and ports on the spacesuit. But the arm pockets ( Which you can barely see on this pic, on the outside side of the arm ) looks good, and the neck ring where the space helnet would mount came out nicely as well, along with the fins on the pistol The surface shows slight roughness, but I'm happy with how the eyes, ears, and face have come out. Slight buffing before casting should improve the finish. The nice thing about the surface roughness is the lack of banding or obvious layers over large parts of the model. Overall I am pleased, these first guys will probably be a little rough, but we'll improve.
  9. Well I listed my first item, I'll post it around some places shortly. It was darn painless, and the interface looks to be pretty sweet and fun. Okay, I just noticed something cool. Google Base also provides a RSS feed for your item listings...
  10. I have some painted and unpainted metal I need to move. I've used eBay in the past, but it's fees get steeper and steeper, and paypal holds onto your money before sending it to a checking account, so you can get caught in account lockdown hell. With Google Base I can list items for sale, with pics, and with Google Checkout I can accepts payment from credit-cards, and debit cards backed by the VISA/Mastercard network. The rates are cheap too, at $0.20 + 2% of the sale price. Plus they offer fraud resolution as well. They don't hold onto your money, it goes into your bank account. You do need to register a credit card to buy on google base, but that's no different than any vendor. http://www.financialblog.org/entrepreneurs...checkout-rocks/ it's gotten some positive reviews, so if I listed stuff, would people bite?
  11. Here's a low-light long-term exposure, the lighting on the body is from the LED in the base.
  12. I bought the pieces for this guy YEARS ago, and finally got around to finishing the assembly, and start painting. It's still a WIP, I have some more detailing to do, and some more work on the base. The base will eventually house a LED and a watch battery, and light will shine up out of one of the tubes and onto the fig. He's made from pieces from a Wraith, and the torso bits of a Necron Destroyer Lord, along with some custom sculpted details. It's hard to get a good pose that shows the dynamism of the figure. I'll get some more up shortly.
  13. Then why would you EVER take a character, if a 200 pt character can't defeat 200 pts of troops? The troops are better then. The only thing that MAY favor characters then is their ability to cast spells, or some other innate ability that makes them worth 200 pts. But straight up, a 200pt combat monster better be a 200 pt combat monster, else yer better off with a horde. And no, a 200 pt character that can kill a 200 pt swarm ( 50/50 mind you ) is not BROKEN, he's balanced. Throw 400 pts at him, and he dies. Unlike Marneus Calgar, from 2nd Ed days. Who could kill entire armies.
  14. Well, in a good game, a 200 pt model and a 200 pt squad should win/lose against each other 50% of the time. That's the point of good point balance. The fact that a hero chops up so many units up in Warhamster is Warhamster's problem. The other problem spot in Warlord is a Hero with Tough comes back weaker than most grunts. A Grunt with Tough comes back at full power. This does affect gameplay. And Warlords autohitting rolls mean that grunts will always own heros, irrespective of point costs. Just take the cheapest, largest swarm you can. Each turn, you're guaranteed at least one critical that's gonna screw up even the most powerful dragon in the game. And it gets even worse as the size of the figure increases. More of the swarm can get in BTB, and that increases the chances of multiple criticals/turn. So effectively, cheap models are undercosted because of the criticals, or you can say expensive models are overcosted. And I think the degradation that multi-track models suffer is severe. And large models suffer a severe penalty because of their base size.
  15. Hirst has just started a set of Cavern molds, useful for making a fancy version of the Descent board tiles. http://www.hirstarts.com/cavern/descent.html So i've been painting the manticores that come with game. There are 2 regular ones, in white plastic, and 1 "uber" manticore in red plastic. The Manticores are pretty nicely detailed, and were quick and fun to paint. Here's a pic of the red manticore I just got done painting.
  16. I'd use a short section of brass tube, and put a pin the owl that can in the tube. Then you can drill a hole in the top of her staff, and have the owl perch on that when he's not flapping around. :)
  17. The problem with "X Autodamages" on a die is that swarms will almost always be better than single figures. These discontinuities in die rolls lead to cheap units being overpowered. It makes relative pt costing of units tricky. My Pharon Slaves in VOR were brutal. Sure, they only hit on a 1,2,3, but a 1 was a CRIT! So my horrible slaves rarely hit, but when they did, had a 30% chance of ignoring armor. And for 6 or so pts a piece, I could easily have 50 on the field. That's 50 shots a turn, with nearly 3 guaranteed kills against the way more expensive enemies I was facing (Who were lucky to have 10 figures on the field sometimes). Meanwhile, opponents are wasting time mowing down the herd. Mix that in with Soul Web, and the pharon became brutal. That had some fun uber-expensive toys as well, but they were usually too crunchy. Nevermind the sickness of Neo-Sov trooper Pharon slaves armed with SMGs. Sure, the power of the weapon is even weaker, but they generated 3 ranged attacks per turn. So you get into these problems when certain die-rolls are auto-dmg/hit regardless of the skill of the attacking figure. Non-contested rolls make it worse as well. If my Pharon Slave only hits on a 1,2,3, and is so horrible, why is it then that 1/3 of those hits are criticals? And we see this same effect in Warlord. One way to prevent the Cheap Herd Swarm of Death is to allow for more template based attacks, which will kill more of them quicker. Another option is tool up solos or other powerful combat figures up with moves that can handle masses of uber-cheap infantry. This will offset the effect of cheap units fielded merely to exploit criticals.
  18. Silly rabbit, you could have sent this to Kit as a craft article. :)
  19. Got mine yesterday! She's a beaut, standing about 11.5" tall and 8.5" wide.
  20. Just got mine in the mail. Boy is she big.
  21. The vellejo alcohol based metallics are NICE, but the seperate/settle like heck and they're very diffcult to shake/stir back up.
  22. I saw a few of the new blisters, and they are definitely very eyecatching. Nice work! :)
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