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  1. Never had a single problem with non-hex CAV. Saves you a lot of time countring hexagons too.
  2. Lot better than the other Nagendra, but the lower body looks too small/short to support all that weight. Also the sword is a tad big, throws off the composition. I like it, I'd just have to hack together a new blade, and lengthen the lower part of the serpent.
  3. Did the artist use some interference-duochrome colors?
  4. So in the 60s and 50s, you were promised jetpacks, and that didn't happen... :) It seems with every new civilian transportation technology, inevitably we begin racing it. When cars and then planes were new, racing circuits exposed them to the masses. The novelty, the dangers, feeling yer a part of the next stage of human progress. Well, this hasn't happened for a while. But the former founders of the X-Prize have turned their eyes to the next great thing. Now that civilians will soon be able to reach space ( Albeit expensively, but cheaper than buying a trip from Russia ), they want to start racing them. I watched the prize-winning X-Prize launch over the net. And by-gods, I think I'd actually watch this. Like a bunch of WWII German Komets ( Only safer ) streaking around the sky on orange jets of flame, it's a childhood dream. For space travel technology to start becoming so mundane, that we start racing it, selling it, using it in more ways every year. In some ways, I feel like a person sitting at those early auto or aeroplane races, amazed at what is coming, at the changes being heralded. http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/10/11/popsci.rocket/index.html
  5. A few more. I'm practicing my skillz. Scales are super fun and easy. I doodle the borders on the mesh, and then fill them in and texture them with the 'pen'.
  6. You sealed it before the wash was completely dry. As it dries completely, it pulls away from the top coat, and leaves a white 'pocket' under the dullcote. It happened to me several times when I used too much retarder, or tried using Glycerol. The wash LOOKS dry but it isn't. About the none-sealed one, I don't know. You can pin-print the white areas, then wash with a solution of future+rubbing alcohol which will go in and seal it.
  7. The wings are a bit stiff looking, but overall, good work!
  8. Also, while it's not as bad as other paints, Reaper MSPS will settle some. So if the first squirt of paint is too thick, or thin, try shaking the snot out of it for a good minute after you hear the skull agitator start rattling. Once shaken up, it doesn't require much to keep it that way. But yeah, some of my various greyish colors came out on the thick side till I shook them to death. :) Oh, and the Admantium Black, the ghoul skintones, and the moth greens are perfect for Cryx goodness. And those gore reds are PERFECT! :D
  9. Some more fun: This rhino horn headed cyclops mutant guy was displacement painted in silo 2. It's in Beta, and it's no zbrush, but it allows me to practice for cheap. <:) It's a quicky practice model. Here's hoping Mudbox is affordable, or that I'll be able to pick up a zbrush license sometime. ;) Or that someday I'll be able to purchase a Claytools system, :D Oh, and it's sooo fun to do! I mean, procreate is great and all, but hey, if the head is too narrow, or the jaw doesn't just out enough, it's such a easy fix digitally!
  10. Adding or removing, it depends on the 'brush'. In most programs the brush can also be a image so you can stamp a texture. Normally, when using a subdivision modeler, the shape of the mesh is the only way to determine the shape of the model. So every wrinkle & crease has to be modeled in the geometry of the mesh. But with displacement painting, you can 'displace' the subdivided mesh, irrespective of the underlying geometry. So you paint bumps and creases right on top of it.
  11. Some more fun with displacement painting: It needs to be cleaned up, but here is a quick-n-dirty vampire themed sword. The basic form of the sword was quickly modeled from a cylinder, the hand guard, hilt and pommel were done with some quick displacement painting over the base mesh. If I had a clay tools system, I wouldn't have to worry about the edge flow as much, and that would kill some of the artifacts seen in the wings. *EDIT* Okay, I could have sworn I added this image into it already... :P
  12. Speak of the devil, my new tutorial on making sculpting tools is up as well. http://reapermini.com/TheCraft/27 I'll get one done for wire armatures soon. I make mine by twisting fine florist wire.
  13. I've worked with 3D modeling, and modeling clay, and in the end, the claytools system is cheaper than buying a 3D scanner for getting your model into a PC... ;) Plus it's voxel based, and that has many advantages over pushing polygons around with displacement painting. Mind you, zbrush and it's ilk are very good.
  14. If anyone has the old appleseed comics, read shiro's take on future warfare in the back of each one. Shirow considered the "Landmate" the largest that any 'mech' would get, able to still reasonably use cover while being as mobile as a human. Any bigger, and they suffer from multiplying weight issues, while gaining less and less from cover. Beyond that, powered armor ( muscle suits like the Gaisim K5 ), 'pocket' tanks that can use urban cover, would also be used. Also, the age old rivalry between helicopters and 'tanks' would continue. Weee! All on one page: http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/towers/1073/mecha.htm
  15. If you take those scraps to Reapercon, you can get new figs for them... :)
  16. Buy a jar of Ceramcoat Burnt Sienna from your local Joanne's/Michaels then. Works just as well for washes. The other thing too, is that the higher areas will get a bit dirtied by the wash, that is inevitable. So you'll come back and clean them up later with the base color again. Or starting from white primer, wash the flesh ares with dark tone, and then paint up to the high areas. That way you won't care if the wash got on the high areas, it'll be painted over! :)
  17. Also be careful that the color you're washing with isn't too dark, or cool/hot relative to the flesh tone. If it is, it will dirty the flesh color, and look out of place. If you are using MSPs, try sticking to the fleshtone triads as this makes it easy. For a shading wash, I often use Burnt Sienna as a base ( A red-orange brown ). YOu can then mix it with black to make it darker, or tone it with other colors to change racial skin tones. Chestnut ink, and flesh shade ink are also very burnt-sienna-y colors. The nice thing about burnt sienna like colors as a wash is that they unify the skintones as a whole, and are still dark enough to shade the recesses (especially if you add black). If you take burnt-sienna (or similair browns ) and add white, you get a good flesh tone base. And this is exactly what it's used for in painting. It's such a handy color.
  18. Which is exactly why we're doing it. GW and WizKids have done some figure work. But GW mainly sculpts 3 Ups and scans them in. Wizkids has worked with John Bear Ross ( as has reaper ) to produce mecha. So far, I don't know of any organic miniatures that have entirely been produced via 3D modeling. I could be wrong, but we are trying to catch the tip of the wave... :)
  19. The image link is hosed, and it looks like the HTML maybe malformed. http://www.reapermini.com/images/green/06_10_13_WKQueen.jpg Goes to a empty link
  20. Ansell cleaning out a graveyard of the zombie menace. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
  21. Yeah, when I saw it, I scratched my head. First off, reverse the size of the fonts. It's too hard to see that this LTP kit is about skintones. Put LTP up where skin tones is. Also, maybe reverse the way the blisters are displayed? The back of the blister is a large flat area that could be used for a old-style 'cover' image which is what sells the kit. So print the back of the card in full color, with images of the painted figs, etc. Then display the blisters 'backwards' on the rack. That way you have a nice full card advertising the blister contents. It also cleans up the 'display' as well. So the back becomes a new 'front'. :)
  22. Wings3d while great for gaming level models, just can't do displacement painting. It's a good quickie low-res modeler though. Blender is free, and very powerful, with support for rendering, animation, etc, but it's interface is like old-school wordperfect. Lot of uncustomizable keyboard shortcuts. www.nevercenter.com Silo 2.0 is currently in beta, and improving rapidly. Currently, you buy 1.4 for $109, you'll get the upgrade for free. Silo 2.0 will be $159 when released. Silo 2.0 also supports displacement painting, but the beta does have some bugs. It's also not zbrush, which can support editing of models of several million polygons. It is very customizable though, supports wacom tablets, and excels at what it is, a modeler.
  23. We're still tweaking the meshes. And it's really easy to do digitally what you are saying. :) The wonders of displacement painting.
  24. Oh, they'll be others as well eventually. These will be 28mm to start. But there's no reason they couldn't be printed at 15mm or 28mm eventually.
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