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  1. If you want remove mold lines, Get these http://www.micromark.com/5-piece-micro-knife-set,7653.html The curved small blades are great for scraping mold lines on metal or plastics.
  2. The RMS paints tend to seperate like the Vallejo Model Color. Are you shaking them enough?
  3. Some of the bones that were included as part of the initial KS offering were ALREADY AVAILABLE to retailers.
  4. Reaper could corner the plastic base market...
  5. I think you will find the folds made it over just fine, the problem is in the 3D view, the 'fake lighting' can make folds look more defined than they are. You won't lost subtle folds, you MAY lose really small details. The problem is, working using a monitor, it is possible to make folds too subtle, because either it looks too 'unrealistic' when displayed on a giant monitor ( in fact it is! But slight exagerration reads better when reduced to 28mm ) and so you tone it down, or the 'material' or 'lighting' you are using for your virtual model makes details look like they are more severe and defined than they actually are. You need to be very careful with the 'lighting' you use, and be aware that you are sculpting a small figure, and so wrists/ankles need to be thicker for durability, and other things need to be exagerated as well. It helps to have a material that matches the coloration and lighting of the final material. This will give you a better idea how folds and features will read.
  6. New business growing pains, and the sudden postal service postage increase which ate a lot of money from RBG. Trollcast is a solid product. The figs I've gotten look great. I think the casting issues are partly due to how fine Tre has sculpted the figures. The horns/spikes on some of them are SUPER LONG AND SKINNY. They'd be a pain to get to consistently casting in metal as well. As for "Everywhere else on a figure that is not a super skinny spike", I have seen a lot fewer issues than what I've seen in equivalent finecast figs from GW. Ed is at the point where he needs to get a CPA or some mentor to help with a business plan. If I had that big of a chunk of money coming in, I would.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Spectra-Digital-Photo-Frame-Keychain/dp/B002BZQ1UA/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1362206868&sr=8-9&keywords=digital+picture+keychain $6. http://www.amazon.com/Gear-Head-1-5-inch-Digital-Keychain/dp/B000XVP86M/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&qid=1362206914&sr=8-29&keywords=digital+picture+keychain $5 And yes, they have buttons to change the pics, else what is the point? :)
  8. This product already exists http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=796949&Q=&is=REG&A=details $11, supports jpeg and gif. There are hundreds of varieties of these out there. Looks like they don't support animated gifs. but the product is essentially out there now.
  9. The machining on those dies is terrible, either being run too fast, or with old tooling that is getting dull. There have been kickstarters offering better dies. And I know in 2004 or so someone was selling machined rpg dies ( d4 to d20 ) made from copper, brass and tool steel.
  10. Personally, I have no problem with miniatures exclusives tied to rulesets if they are simply different sculpts. I have no problem with pre-releases either, because eventually everyone will be able to buy them. The "Exclusive Figure with Exclusive Rules" smacks of videogame DLCs though, where you can be outgunned simply because someone got the preorder I know Reaper took a big chance with their ever increasing Vampire level. But the increasing amounts to get to the next level were a way to protect against that exposure, and it made perfect sense. Also, PVC is stinking cheap. I think the way to a successful wargaming/miniatures kickstarter would involve the following Offering bundles on existing figures whose cost is well known. If doing stretch goals, ensure each limit can cover the incremental cost including all previous levels Have some ACTUAL figures available to show. Have some ACTUAL rules to show as part of the kickstarter Kickstarter 'exclusives' should not be game changers. Offer swag. Cheap to produce, has high margins
  11. Most of the old figs were TERRIBLE. Miniguns with twenty barrels, chunky with poor proportions.
  12. Oh come on, you know you want one to draw cobwebs for giant spiders in your dungeon terrain! Or tyranid biofilms.
  13. Yeah, don't mix straight Future into Straight acrylic paints. Its useful for washes. 1 part future to 4 to 8 parts water. Use this to dilute paint for washes.
  14. Don't forget, you can also get 'prototype' quality molds made. These tend to be much cheaper, with a shorter life, but are you really going to shoot 100,000 miniatures in a mold, unless you are GW? There was a old TMP post a few years ago. Some UK company was having its injection molds made in Eastern Europe. They used electroforming. You sprue up the figures, pit a thin seperator around them where you want the parting line, then electroplate a heavy coating of metal, such as Nickel. Then you seperate the two halves, and back fill with either epoxy or a cheap pot metal ( like pewter or zinc ), and set it up to fit the machine. This tooling can be made for around $10k or so, will shoot about 10k-20k times. So the amortized mold cost is about $1 to fifty cents. You need to use a somewhat rubbery plastic though, as the above method can't easily support drafting, which is needed for stiffer plastics.
  15. Zona makes a nice Jewelers saw as well, you can find them at most hobby shops. http://www.zonatool.net/ http://www.zonatool.net/35-750.html
  16. Elemental lead is very poorly absorbed. Lead compounds, as found in lead pigment based paints, are much much worse.
  17. Kickstarter makes it very clear your money should and foremost be considered a "donation", and that any promised gift for any pledge level may or may not be delayed or even delivered at all. Its one giant bet. Pushed back to March? Who cares! I am in the US, but chose 1 giant order because, NEW BABY, and my birthday is in March. Everyone take a chill pill, Reaper will get it worked out, and you should get everything by then. And even if its delayed beyond March, I will still be happy. "Estimated Delivery Date" is just that. If I was ordering something from a company in Europe, I'd expect delays as well for being a US order. So chill, when you get it, you get it! One day, you'll come home, and there will be a box waiting for you full of Reapery goodness.
  18. IE is a broken browser. Only IE10 will even begin to truly support modern standards. So either you get the pledge manager now, or wait an extra month or two and get it with IE support. IE lost the browser war. MS just needs to break down and use Webkit under the hood.
  19. The only complaint I have is that its not obvious which options are already a part of your purchase. So some people might accidentally order a duplicate of something they are already getting as part of say, vampire.
  20. I don't know why they would be upset at $10,000 pledges, the paperwork isn't that much ( Its usually anti-moneylaundering paperwork ), and they don't have to pack 100 Vampire pledge sets ( $100 * 100 = $10,000 ).
  21. Mischief Whiskey out of Fremont is good too. Really really good.
  22. Its all good. Its a great buy, even if you never use half the figs. I am sure there will be plenty of trade threads on the reaper forums.
  23. Oh geez, stop yer whingeing, you're getting 170+ figures for $100 at the vampire level.
  24. Its PVC, its cheaper than flour. PVC is stonking cheap. REALLY cheap.
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