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  1. Its all good. Its a great buy, even if you never use half the figs. I am sure there will be plenty of trade threads on the reaper forums.
  2. Oh geez, stop yer whingeing, you're getting 170+ figures for $100 at the vampire level.
  3. Its PVC, its cheaper than flour. PVC is stonking cheap. REALLY cheap.
  4. So everyone has already forgotten the part of this massively long thread where Reaper Peeps have said that part of the KS money will be used to bring manufacturing to the us.
  5. The CAV models were 3D printed, and then to convert them into a more durable form for mold making, these prints were sent to a jewler and cast into silver.
  6. Almost to next goal... Hah, hit it just as I posted.
  7. This is just insane now. I can only IMAGINE whats going to happen at Gencon. Reaper, if they have a booth there, should just have computer set up so people can sign on for the kickstarter.
  8. Actually, prices for 3D printers have stayed steady or fallen even as performance improves. Its following a trend similar to most technology, like PCs. Also, I'd say the technology is definitely there now. The problem is access, knowledge, and it can be a pain getting files 'just-right' though that has changed within even the last two years. The one sculptor who might be pushing the res limits on current 3D printing would be Tom Meier. But something on the detail of a Werner Klocke sculpt would print just fine. Anyway, no more distractions. If anyone wants to chat, PM me. :) Can't wait for my bones! That, and the figs from the redbox kickstarter.
  9. I do digital sculpting. Prices keep dropping and performance keeps improving. You can hit details smaller than 0.01" with some technologies. Ant, standing on a 3d printed chess board, which is not much bigger than the ant... http://www.finelineprototyping.com/perch/resources/1272647094antslide-w625h350.jpg
  10. Yes, they are a thing of the past. But I doubt reaper is gonna remodel every figure in the Bones line digitally. ;) My comment was more along the lines of what would be done, using the masters/metals they already have Example: http://www.padtinc.com/rm/rim/Epoxy_Tooling.htm
  11. As for the technology, I suspect epoxy based injection molds or roto molds may be used depending on size. Two part steel molds don't allow undercuts, and sculpted figs would have to be digitized or re-sculpted as 3-ups and pantagraphed to cut steel molds. With epoxy tooling, you kinda make it like you would a rubber mold. You make a mold frame, you fill half with clay or other support material, you push the figs into the clay, lay out gates, pour epoxy over the top ( usually with Aluminum powder filler to extend life ), then turn over, remove clay, pour otherside. Now you have a two part mold with a decent life for something as soft as pvc. And since pvc is rubbery when hot, undercuts don't matter too much, you can just pull them out.
  12. I suspect the reason Chronoscope, etc, were included, was because this kickstarter outstripped their wildest dreams. And once Paizo saw this, they went "Awwwwww-yeeeeeahhh!"
  13. Valiant Miniatures has most of the old Mag Egos line including the dragon http://www.veltd.net/32mm.htm The Dragon http://www.veltd.net/32mm/vel4011.htm
  14. Well crud, if I knew you guys were coming, I would have come down to PAX, but they are sold out. I live up in Everett now..
  15. And there was much rejoicing! Broken after the forum updates, I've fixed up the script, and put a new version on userscripts. If you are running firefox, you will need to install GreaseMonkey, if you are running Chrome, simply select install and it will run. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/2201 Hate it when people post sku #s in the forum, and you want to see what it is? Simply highlight the text containing the sku ( don't worry about highlighting too much ) and this script will query the Reaper store, and display a pop up containing a picture of the figure, its name, its price, and a link to it in the store. My hats off to the webmin, his new restful interface makes it easier... Sadly, the reaper store XHTML is non-compliant, the reaper store pages are served as xhtml, but the meta tags are closed improperly, should be <meta ... /> or <meta ... ></meta> and not <meta ... >.
  16. hey man, I'm living in historic everett as well. I'd love to get together - I'm into painting, but I'm not as good as I'd like to be. I'm frustrated that I've got to drive for a half hour to play at any given time. feel free to email me at my regular email: joevespaziani@gmail,com hope to hear from you soon - welcome to the hood. joeV Cool. Will do.
  17. We just bought our first home up in a nice historical neighborhood in Everett. Anyways, I am looking for fellow painters/gamers who might be interested in meeting up and painting/wargaming. I have a dedicated hobby room upstairs with ample terrain, a large garage for messier projects, and all sorts of tools. I'm willing to host meet ups as well.
  18. http://www.thetelegram.com/index.cfm?sid=346907&sc=79 Can you identify the symbols? One is the Darkspawn symbol, and a couple of the others I think are the old symbols for the Reapers from the booklet in the OLD-OLD-OLD pre-Warlord reaper miniatures game boxed set.
  19. Well, its not emailable, but I have 2 JavaFX based dice rolling tools on my website... http://www.3d-miniatures.com/node/18 Java 1.6 is reccomended. They make use of a cryptographically strong random number generator. Its about as good as you can get w/o using a hardware source.
  20. Last year, he was diagnosed with Bladder cancer, his wife left him, and he was living out of a van. Just this weekend, he was attending Megacon, trying to raise a little scratch, and apparently no one remembers him. Steve Bissette, of Swamp Thing fame provides a sad update on his blog: http://srbissette.com/?p=8259 So if you remember Thundercats fondly, if you can spare a little cash, Perry has a paypal account set up by a friend. And spread the word. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-03-12/news/os-megacon-comics-heroes-convention-20100312_1_megacon-comic-book-artists-comic-books
  21. Originally from Japan, called "X-Bomber" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Bomber Imported to the UK due to the popularity of the Supermarionation shows like Thunderbirds.
  22. Dingos and crocodiles. Just dump them in a river in rural Australia.
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