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  1. Well, with all those CAD models around, it would be easy to start a CAV computer game, half the artwork is already done... ;) That, and some real good game engines are already available for licensing ( the Unreal game engine core, among others ). Heck, if Heavy Gear could get made into a game, how long until CAV? And hardly anyone locally plays Heavy Gear. It would be pretty wicked to be flying a Tsuseki NOE on a attack run... Or the deafening roar of the Emperor's main cannons. One thing is to get the sound effects 'right'. Ever since Doom/Quake, gatling guns have never sounded right... ;) Lasers would be a ear-splitting crack-zap sound. A half-watt laser is audible. A multi-megawatt one would be deafening. Gauss cannons, well, heck, they'd be thunderclaps. Their ammo would be eye-searing pinpricks of bright white light in flight, trailing sonic boom cones. All cavs are equipped with IR and VIS chameleon systems, and peering through the ECM chatter would be another thing too. Something fluffy, yet 'fun'. -Daniel
  2. You have to remember this is the BETA. :) Thus the lack of fluff, mechanics, scenarios... -Daniel
  3. But horde armies often tend to have very little uber-powerful stuff. The "X" always autohits is a point of brittleness in many a game. I never got a chance to field my Pharon Radtrooper zombies with SMGs in VOR, but they would have been the most combat effective shooty unit in the game. 6 points, 3 attacks, Pow 3 hit, HORDES of them. No morale checks, yada-yada... That said, as long as other groups have abilities or powers to handle 'hordes', it should be okay. It's just something to be aware of. And Mike G, this is Warlord, not "Hero-Hammer". The guy IS tough, just not invincible. If he gets dog-piled, he's done for. If you want Hero Hammer, play WH40K V2, or any previous version of Warhammer. There were some characters who could kill entire armies in the first turn. -Daniel
  4. I've been looking ALL through my CAV books ( rulebook, JORs 1 & 2 ) and I can't find the answer to my question. Some weapons have a "AA" mode listing, noting they are designed for anti-aircraft use. This implies they somehow negate a penalty for firing at air units or something... So, then, what ARE the rules for firing at air units with AA vs non-AA capable guns/missles etc? I checked all my books, and I can't find a rule anywhere... >.< -Daniel
  5. Good! The forces of my "Death's Head" mercenary company will be ready! -Daniel
  6. Well, I stayed away from CAV, doubting how long it might have lasted in the market. I got into VOR just as it died, and I vowed not to do it again... But, I just couldn't stay away from CAV. It was CRAZY at origins. Met and talked to a lot of the CAV folks, played a few games, and had some fun. The rulebook had enough mecha to play the game. The JOR had enough additional mecha to make the game really fun. The JOR2 rocks! I mean, combined arms works now! All sorts of goodies and options! And it's production value is TOP NOTCH! I plan on picking up the dragonflies when they come out. At Origins I bought a pretty much complete and I think fairly balanced force... 1 Rhino 1 Mastadon 2 Duelists 2 Sultans 2 Kahns 6 infantry stands with heavy mortars 4 Badgers 2 Tsutsekis 4 Kikyus A good mix of anti-cav/anti-infantry weaponry. I plan on getting some light infantry stands too. That way, I can mix and match, for whatever style game I want to play. Dragonflies and Sabretooths are on my list too. -Daniel
  7. No "Satan's Right Hand" Just like jesus is the "right hand" of god... IE, the Devil's main man, his representative on earth... Text from barrel text on Abrams that pulled up in front of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. -Daniel
  8. Someone really dropped the ol ball on the Archer. It is TEENY, not much bigger than the puma. What's funny is it has 6 DTs, compared to the Katana's 4, and the Katana is a HYUUGE CAV fig. The design is lackluster though, lacking a lot of detail that other cavs have. Probably the weakest design in the JOR. But hey, one wonky mech is better than BT's average... ;) Oh Kaimaster, I'm stopping by the CAV demo at The Source tomorrow, I've finished the new dictator. "Satan's Right Hand" is ready to rock.... -Daniel
  9. http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy/greens_o...date=2003-04-04 The Dark Wizard would work well too, I think... :) -Daniel
  10. Rustoleum takes forever to dry though.... A Krylon painted / primed piece is ready to paint within 30 minutes to an hour. This is pretty much true for any krylon matte paint or primer out there. Rustoleum takes forever to cure, and also goes on heavier. I know, I bought both, and I never used the Rustoleum again... -Daniel
  11. Well, except for that Highlander and Bathalian shouldn't be anywhere NEAR the top of the board... I digress... It's just a contest...
  12. One can like bright colors, and another judge can like subdued colors, but both should know good painting. The rest is negotiations. I know, I've had firsthand experience watching and listening to the judging at 2 Gencon contests. And even a guy who prefers 'subdued' colors can still tell with the brushwork is good on a brightly colored fig! Come on, you can't honestly tell me that the "Judas Bloodspire" pic that was on the leader board yesterday deserved to be there? No, the craft is NOT relative. Some people paint very well, others paint poorly. I can see the quality in the painting styles of Verzani, Haley and Vaitalla, all who paint with very different styles. -Daniel
  13. Ripoff! GW paint is relabled Krylon paint, just marked up. GW spray white primer is Krylon Sandable white primer, which sells for about $4 at Wal-Mart. Krylon also makes a sandable black primer, but it's hard to find in stores. Krylon ultra-flat black works just as well. -Daniel
  14. The only thing that works is having people who know how to paint, vote. Sounds elitist, but true. In this case, any REAL prize should be awarded by Reaper, 100%. A Viewer's Choice award is fine otherwise. The last time the "Design a Mini" contest was done, some truly horrible paintjob won. And I'm sorry, those figs currently on the leader's board are NOT the best on the list at all. If Eredain got kicked off, it is truly sad. I've been to painting contests where the people were asked to judge ( non-painters ). Usually the 'coolest sculpt' wins, and not the painting. So what's the point in painting then. -Daniel
  15. Well, it's happening again. Except for 2 entries on the current leader board, it seems awful figs are winning again.... The other three deserve to be nowhere on that list. Personally, I think online voting is overrated, people will always get their friends to vote for them. And thus those who deserve to win, never will. At least the Reaper design-a-miniature prize will be awarded and judged in-house. A massive improvement over last time. -Daniel
  16. Here's my critique of Larry.... His figures are flat, stiff, undynamic, and look forced. His backgrounds are not much better. Though I saw some recent sketches, and it looks like he has improved. Brom, Matt Wilson, and Adrian Smith have much better Skillz than Elmore. Matt Wilson is one artist working on War Machine, along with several ex-GW staff artists. It shows. Larry's work has never impressed me, and neither has Dennis Mize. His female faces all look the same, except for the rare occasion. And almost all his female sculpts are 'clones' in different costumes. Oh well... -Daniel
  17. Well, dullcote is definitely the fastest, a ultra-flat sealer from Testors. I spray a light coat between layers, so correcting mistakes is easier ( you can wipe them off before they dry, w/o damaging paintwork ). After a while, your mini is nigh-invulnerable from all the coats of sealer. Dullcote is thin and flat, and durable. -Daniel
  18. That's a GIVEN in game development. Someone tries to sue for 'stealing' an idea, and you need the paperwork to either prove them a lier, or show you developed it earlier... Anyways, yeah, I'm still headin to Origins. -Daniel
  19. No, it's a 'primer' to get the paint to stick to a smooth surface, and a 'sealer' you paint over the top when done. So yes, it can be used as a varnish. I like to thin it in half with water, and paint on using a soft watercolor mop. The mop can be used for any sealer. -Daniel
  20. Yes, it's as flat as Testor's model master flat! I've used it before, for a while I though it was the source of my miniatures' clouding in a few months. It was not, the problem was Ceramcoat extender/retarder. Do not use them! The Folkart Glass and Tile Medium is ultra-ultra-ultra flat. -Daniel
  21. Actually, the druids came in to my store today... Including the 72mm Sophie ( Incredible), Jaatu, the Formorian, the fat toad Demon, Stirges, and many others -Daniel
  22. If it comes out looking like water, they need to be shaken. You have to SHAKE vallejo like mad! Say 1 minute. Once shaken it will take less to mix them every other time. Being stored for months in a store really causes them to settle. Then they'll come out thicker. It should form a puddle/mound. The normal vallejo paints need to be thinned with water before use. Vallejo game colors require a wet brush. -Daniel
  23. I find microsurgery blades to work well too. They're smaller and thinner, and you can pick them up from micromark.com -Daniel
  24. That seems steep. The little portable rechargeable cordless dremel should only be about $30. Hmmm.... No, no one carries greenstuff in-store. I know, I looked in hardware stores years ago. Reaper carries greenstuff, as does fortressfigures.com -Daniel
  25. I don't know how far they are into play-testing the psyros. ( And yes, I know they are not due till 2004 ). But while driving home, I thought of some ideas that would be 'neat' and tie into their hive-like nature. As it stands, since Psyros don't have a WSO or Pilot, they don't get the big bonuses CAVs do. I have no clue how this works currently, but here are some ideas.... 1) Allow Psyros to purchase a "ECCM" like ability, that gives them a + to hit. The radius of this ability is equal to the level bought. Any friendly Psyro within the radius of a psyro with this ability gains the same + to hit. The psyros with this ability are "hive node" psyros, more intelligent and are a focus of the psyro exploration and defense. They're the 'leaders' of a psyro exploration or recon force. Although it functions "similair" to ECCM, it really represents the fact the 'hive node' psyro is directing the other psyros. A anti-psyro tactic then becomes hunting down the hive nodes and destroying them so the rest of the force works less efficiently. Limit this to certain psyros in the group. If one psyro buys it at +6, then at most, you can have 2 more Psyros at +3, and 4 at +1. Thus as psyros get killed, the initiative of the group degrades as it relies on 'backup' leaders with less efficient C&C systems. 2) While psyros do have some nasty anti-personell weapons in the form of plasma throwers, perhaps they need smaller man sized units to route the pesky flesh-things from buildings and cover. The 'bug bots' are about man size, clambering on 4-6 sharp ended legs and carry a variety of anti-personelle weaponry. They're not made to take on cavs, merely to root out infantry. They shoot, stab, leap, etc. They should be faster, but less durable than heavy infantry. Some "brood" psyros should be able to carry a 'stands' worth or so of bugbots into combat, kinda like a APC. The bug bots are deployed in a closed up 'canister' form that falls off the psyro, then unfurl and skitter towards the enemy. Others carry a modified 'rocket' launcher that carries up to say 3-6 stands of bugbots in cannister form. Treat it as a missle weapon, but you really can only target areas of the table. Deviate, etc as normal. Instead of 'blowing up' when they hit, the missle breaks open, and deploys canisters of bugbots. The canisters open up, airbrake, land, and open up into a stands worth of bugbots. Each missle contains say 2 stands at the most of bugbots. This gives the Psyros a quick, fluffy, cool way to deploy 'infantry'. It's speed is made up for by the fragility of bugbots relative to heavy infantry, and the short range and inaccuracy of the deploying missle ( say 12 inch range. ). I give permission for Reaper to consider and use the above ideas in future CAV products. I only ask be listed in some appropiate fashion in the book. What do you guys think? -Daniel
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