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  1. Reich of the Dead is the new "Hot Thing", then once it really gets going, someone will want to do a complete rule rewrite ( even though the existing rules are fun, pretty balanced, etc ), and it will die too.
  2. My father worked as a plant manager and VP in the lead acid car battery industry for years. The only time a worker tested with elevated lead levels was due to doping. The worker was grinding and ingesting small paint chips to keep up a elevated lead blood level so he could be on paid leave till the level dropped. Handling minis, even pure lead ones, will not give you lead poisoning.
  3. Haven't had a single problem. It may be your machine have different updates, or anti-virus interfered with the installs. It is a BETA though.
  4. Cut out all soda. If you drink a can a day, that's 1400 calories/week! Also, remove white bread and any overprocessed starches from your diet. When I don't do these, I gain it back... :/
  5. Seperate PROCESS. People seem to be freaking out over memory usage stats, but remember, 2 processes share the executable parts of a image, so really the increase in memory is only due to the data being used by each process. It's called "Copy on Write". It's spiffy fast, and it's opensource.
  6. Get it here: http://www.google.com/chrome Explanatory comic here: http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/ It really is nice. It's fast. Each tab runs in a seperate process, so bad plugins or javascript doesn't hang the entire browser. The browser header bar is very narrow, and it's layout is simple, yet packed full of tools. Oh, and it's JavaScript engine, V8, is very fast, compiling JS to native code for speed. I'm a big firefox fan, but Chrome is impressive.
  7. My father worked for 30+ years in the lead-acid car battery industry at the manufacturing plants. This involved lead injection molding and apply lead sulphate / Oxide to the plates to make battery plates. In spite of all the exposure, he never had high lead levels in his blood. The only time someone did was due to to fraud. This worker was ingesting small amounts of lead sulphate to qualify for paid leave ( ie, lead too high, the company pays for your leave till blood levels drop ). From the wikipedia article: "Metallic lead is attacked only superficially by air, forming a thin layer of oxide that protects it from further oxidation." So once the oxide layer forms, no further oxidation occurs. Lead rot is due to impurities in the lead, and exposure to a acidic enviroment, such as storage in boxes or some plastics that can emit acidic fumes. So I think your concern about lead fillings turning into potentially more poisonous oxides is overblown.
  8. I've never had Reaper's tin alloy break on me, unless it was really bent in the packaging, but then a lead mini bent to that amount would have snapped to. My only concern with lead is multi-part metals in blisters banging together and flattening detail. I know Antimony is added to lead to make it harder, which Rackham used, but Rackham's lead alloy was very brittle.
  9. It stuns me when a movie that hardly has any real dialog can tell a story better than 99% of Hollywood films. WallE is incredible, from the visuals to the storyline. And while most movies with a message try and nail it into your skull, WallE pretty much lets the story work on its own. Also, dirt never looked so good. Pixar is understandably proud of having captured the look so well. Some conservative bloggers complain WallE is a environmental hit-piece, that it predicts a malthusian catastrophe. Sorry, but the situation shown in the movie ( towers of compressed garbage taller than skyscrappers ) is so over the top, it is a obvious literary device. The fact that humans built a starliner, and they are fat and happy in space proves they didn't suffer a Malthusian death. No, the message is "Do the right thing". Any society capable of building a spaceliner, or robots is capable of recycling, of keeping the planet clean. And yet throughout the movie, we don't see them do it. On the spaceliner, the 'recycling' shoot leads to the garbage hold. It also notes that where being responsible stewards is involved, corporations tend to fail. Buy'N'Large could have set up recycling for it's goods, but in the end found it 'cheaper' to simply abandon earth. Internalized versus external costs, and all that. WallE is a story about love, cute robots, the dangers of OCD, and being good stewards for the earth. And expertly told to boot. Go see it now. And the environmental message upsets you, oh well.
  10. Usually a combination of "Damp basement" and "Smelly Gamer".
  11. They are very pretty, and amazing to watch. Rare for a moth to beat it's wings that fast.
  12. Craigslist is the BEST job board, try it out. I've gotten my last 2 jobs through craigslist, and lots of high quality interviews as well. None of that stale old postings recycled endlessly, as on dice/monster, or idiot recruiters.
  13. I've seen aluminum injection molds quoted at about $5k-$8k, but they don't last long. I ran the numbers a few years ago, and to make figs ( say grunts ) and meet the GW price-point, you have to run the mold to it's expected life, sell the entire run, and things get tight when include packaging and distributor/store's expected price point. Machined steel molds last a LOT longer, and price-per-shot is really low, but again, you need a REALLY popular line if you are going to compete with GW or Dragon on price point. I have a link somewhere of some sculptor getting plastic molds made in russia. Apparent the tech is very cheap, with some odd limitations. The molds are made by electroplating metal onto the masters. So you sculpt masters, cast them into a intermediary form, mount them in what would become the plastic sprue framework, and then electroplate a thick layer of metal over that, with some sort of seperator in place so you get a two part mold. The metal shell is then back-filled with some cheaper/softer metal, and this is used in the injection molder. Apparently it is very cheap to do, at least in Russia. It has severe limitations though. The mold MUST be a simple two part mold, so the figs can only have simple parting lines. I'll see if I can find the link.
  14. I don't have any LE figures, but I did paint many of the unpainted "Painter Edition" plastic Mage Knight figs. In general, they can be close. The biggest problem is the plastic paint tends to obscure detail. I'd still like to see some pics of the 'naked' unpainted plastics. On "injection molding", the startup costs are extreme! We're talking $50k for one mold at the very least. Hopefully, more tin mines will come online, thus dropping costs... ;) But the weak US dollar is probably not helping either. 15 year tin prices: http://www.infomine.com/investment/metalsc...c=Tin&r=15y 15 year lead: http://www.infomine.com/investment/metalsc...=Lead&r=15y Also, you need to realize that metallic lead is poorly absorbed. The lead oxides and salts found in old paints are much more toxic. My dad has worked in a car battery factory for years, and never tested positive for elevated blood levels of lead.
  15. The paints he are using are rubbing alcohol based acrylics, so the salt won't dissolve entirely. I think water-based acrylics may prove problematic.
  16. Tom Meier at Thunderbolt will be releasing 100 castings of his set. They are incredible. https://www.thunderboltmountain.com/product...products_id=142
  17. Apoxie cleaner is a bit 'cleaner', not as tackey.
  18. What about the body of Clay Aiken after having eaten a Olsen twin? Still pretty skinny for an orc.
  19. Obviously, the answer is to invest in Tin Futures. :)
  20. Use bits of wire bent into 'pincers' to act as a primitive caliper. I've also used digital calipers to measure things dynmically and make sure the proportions are correct.
  21. Decadent? If anything we're considered prudes. With Naked News shows in Europe where hot women give the weather in the buff, and other craziness, I hardly bat an eye at this.
  22. We need a "Tin Offset Fund" where mini makers can invest in Tin futures, and use the proceeds to offset rising tin prices... ;)
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