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  1. We need a "Tin Offset Fund" where mini makers can invest in Tin futures, and use the proceeds to offset rising tin prices... ;)
  2. I'm interested in how STRIPPED models compare to their metal brethern.
  3. Using Castaldo VLT ( Low temp vulcanizing silicone rubber ) and a jewelry mold frame you can make some very nice molds of figs.
  4. Well, one company will be releasing a home 3d printer with a cost <$200, printing out Nylon parts. The problem is the cheaper printers don't have good resolution for miniatures. But they would be great for some kinds of terrain.
  5. Hope he gets a better camera with a better macro though. His pics are horrible, which is sad, because the figs look awesome.
  6. This forum needs a LOLcat... ;) Happy birthday Reaper! I made a version of this for my sister, and then generified it. :) Made with The Gimp and Inkscape.
  7. In all honesty, and in deference to Reaper, since I've started selling these things, I've decided not to discuss these anymore since this is their board. You all of course know how to reach me. :)
  8. Well, the first batch are done, so we've been working on the heavy troopers. He's almost done, just working on some kit. I've been playing with posing the base mesh, and he poses quite well. Also, a WIP of some poor sap afflicted with a strange alien disease!
  9. Well, I was considering that, but I figured that if I kept the costs of individual figs down, then it would have the same effect. :)
  10. Your model has to be 'watertight', IE no holes in the mesh. Game models will be kinda boring, as a lot of the detail is in the texture.
  11. Some hackers have inserted code that only comes once in a while in a page. I'd check the server kit, just to be sure. Not just the page source.
  12. I should post a pic of a primed model so you can see how the slight texture fills in. I'll do that later today... <:) The tools are perhaps the biggest hurdle, as it is a different workflow, and I'm still learning them. That said, I've been working on the heavy warrior, and after experimenting, have found a wonderful quick way to rapidly model swords and guns. Cost wise, I don't know if it's applicable yet to 1 off figures, in terms of time / money tradeoff. Can I work fast enough that paying $50-$60 to get it printed for my client is worth it? For complicated figures, possibly. But the prices are always dropping, and I am getting quicker. And as you model, your 'props' library grows. I will say, for units, the price is pretty compelling. You can save time, via posing the same base meshes, and money. There is an extreme amount of reusability in the process. The printing costs are around $60 for one fig.
  13. Let us not forget "The Mighty Orbots"
  14. Checkout pages 39/40 as well! ;) Very good ezine, great stuff! Reminds of my days working on Beyond Adventure! *sniff*.
  15. It didn't take 20 years for the Apple laser to drop in price either... I'd say within 5 years, there will be a home desktop printer.
  16. One company is developing a "Consumer" level 3d printer for sale within 3 years, price point <$2000. It doesn't have the res to handle miniatures, but for terrain or other items, it will probably work fine. It wouldn't suprise me if someone, in parallel, develops a higher res model for smaller objects. With printers, price seems to stay fairly constant in terms of resolution versus build volume. So for the same amount of money, you can get a very high res printer for small objects, or low res printer for large objects. And these prices are falling. Within the past few years, prices have been steadily falling. Some models used to cost 60k, and have now fallen to around 15k for machines with the same resolution. The Perfactory is around 50k for the large version, and 14k for the desktop model.
  17. "sword elf cleric" pulls up options it shouldn't. AFAIK, none of the model returned match any of these. Just disable partial word searching. I don't see how it's useful for the limited case of miniatures. Maybe stick in simple pluralization support. But is there a case where partial word search works for this? I think you should keep male/female in the titles, as how can people know what a figure is when browsing the store? It's hard to tell the sex from the lil thumbnails. 1) Keep male/female in the titles 2) Disable partial-word-search, I can't think of any case where it's useful in the finder 3) Support pluralization ( limited partial word search ) sword->swords, etc.
  18. So here is one pic of the prepaints, and a few others are floating around. They're basically prepaint plastic versions of existing reaper models.
  19. When I attended in 2005, the only choices were stagg chili and hotdogs... ;) Not a good thing if you eat it 3 days in a row. What was the weather like? 2005 was HOT!
  20. Haw Haw, the joke will be on them when they get charged with a felony for stealing only a few dollars worth of stuff! ;)
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