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  1. The arms on most of them are pretty swappable. A few are finicky though.
  2. Short term, they will be website sales only. I'm kinda time-limited to find a distributor to carry these for now. I will have a shopping cart, a store, and should be able to take echecks, paypal, and credit cards. Packaging wise, they aren't going to be fancy. A poly bag, and a business card. :) And here are some better pics:
  3. Well, I just got a batch of masters plus some samples back from the caster. The scouting part has ARRIVED! :D I'll get some better pics tomorrow. :)
  4. We need these modeled for AICOM. :D http://www.calicolightweaponsystems.com/videos/calico.mov It's an impressive little gun, you've probably seen them in movies and tv shows already.
  5. http://www.magnificentegos.com/ "Down due to non-payment" So first, they were joining up with Paizo, now this? What's the word? What is going on?
  6. Mega Minis also makes some generic decor items in pewter as well.
  7. Best catalog evah! It's nice to see concept art amongst the sculpts, and it's well laid out as well.
  8. Eh, it's not rocket science. Low Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone rubber molds are available for spincasting. You can vulc right from 3D prints with them, and pewter casts fine. Castaldo VLT for jewelry size molds ( works great! ) Nicem Green for spincast molds. It's slightly more expensive than organic rubber molds, buuut, far far cheaper than getting 3d prints investment cast in silver first.
  9. I think it depends on the model. If you read talin's post in the thread, he mentions the restrictions for making a model that can be cast easily in plastics. So depending on the figures, existing metals may be used as masters, or new ones sculpted.
  10. The GF9 tools are the same junky ones that are sold for a dollar a dozen by other hobby shops. You can get them cheaper elsewhere. The "nice" ones are sold by jewelry stores. But it's hard to know unless you see them. They could be 'junky' ones marked up in price, or the real nice with actual cutting edges on the scrapers, etc.
  11. Another update, I've shipped the figs to the caster on Monday who will make the masters, along with some pre-release figures.
  12. You could just divide the final numbers by 10 or 100, or whatever works to keep the numbers reasonable.
  13. Quick update! Found a caster who has experience with working with 3d printing materials! :D So hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I'll have some metals.
  14. Yeah, it's supposed to be a lil retro. Sim came up with it, and we've started to run with it as a theme. We've got a levitating emissary, and some ideas for their evil floating brain overlords!
  15. I've been working with Sim Furniss in the UK on designing a line of alien figures. The problems we've been having is getting these guys printed ( solved! ) and then produced ( almost solved! ). The material is a transparent orange acrylic-like substance. The aliens printed out darn nice, though some of the features are a lil thin, like the hands, the feet, and the rifle bits. This is not a fault of the printing, but our modeling. :) I will bulk them up with a lil putty. Another problem is finding a method to make masters from these guys. You can use RTV's and resin, but it's tedious, and far more expensive than getting a master mold pressed! That is, until I stumbled across a vulcanizable rubber from Castaldo that cures at low temps and pressures. Problem is, it's used for jewelry molds! Then someone mentioned Niceme Green, which also vulcanizes at nearly the same pressure and temp! Both can take pewter casting as well. So I've got to talk to the caster, and see if he can use these materials. We also have some 'junk' prints made on a lower res, with nearly the same material properties as our highres prints. So the caster should be able to practice on these. "Great so where are the pics?" They are difficult to photograph! They're transparent orange, so you gotta play with the lighting to get something halfway decent. And before you start kvetching about the layers, blame the harsh lighting! These layers are about 0.5 thousandths of a inch thick, and the photo flash really exagerrates them. You can barely feel them if you run a fingernail over them. The perfactory printer even managed to capture the tiny nostrils located on the alien's forhead! Hopefully, primer should cover up the slight texture just fine. If it doesn't, a really gentle polish of the pewter masters should. I can't tell you how cool these guys look in person. Even I had my doubts as to the surface finish. But I am really really happy with them!
  16. Back in my day, it was playing DOOM on God Mode using just the chainsaw. Cutting things up was darkly satisfying. :)
  17. http://www.livescience.com/animalworld/070...color_mice.html Basically, most mammals are colorblind, unable to see red-yellow-orange like primates can. Scientists added the red color vision gene to mice, and tests confirmed the mice can now see the color!
  18. Dang, that's really nice! Love the pose, details, and the overall style. Nice blend of realism and a more comic book style.
  19. Needs more flamethrower for that true Venture Brother's flavor! Next, a motorcycle driven by a polarbear with a frogman riding in a sidecar!
  20. Okay, I'm really starting to like the anatomy now. I got some bodybuilder pics for reference, and redid the arms, back, and tweaked a few more things. I think I'll do some overpaints of what accoutrements I want to add.
  21. While people have joked about it, Zbrush3 does not have a "Make Monster" button... ;) And I suck at drawing much more than sculpting, besides drawings are rarely consistent with each other and require a bit of conversion work to achieve the final sculpt. But I do think that moving forward, it will become necessary. As RP machines enter the home, as game makers want to be able to create content usable for a variety of scales/media, etc. Plus it's fun, and lot easier than squinting and trying to poke that eye just right. I'm still working on his anatomy. While I'm pretty satisified with the bulk of the muscles, they still need better definition. I'm kinda going overkill for something that may be printed out to just 40mm high. But, that's how you learn. :)
  22. Some more tweaks. Bulked up the legs and musculature. Reworked the belly ( better beer gut look ). Started more texturing, tweaked the height of the head, extended the jaw forward. Detailed the serratus muscles and rib cage. Hmm, calves still need work. Not satisfied with them yet.
  23. So enough with the head doodles. On friday, I built a base mesh in Silo, which took a little time, but mainly because of my clumsiness. It's not the cleanest mesh, but I'm not intending to animate these guys, only pose and displacement paint them. Hopefully, with the rumored armature improvements in Z3, this will be even faster. I then loaded the base mesh into Zbrush, and started detailing. There is more work to do, but I am happy with the head, and most of the anatomy. I didn't model toes in the base mesh because he will eventually wear boots. I haven't started on fine detailing yet, except for the pecs and face. I also want to make the muscles 'pop' more, and I'm still tweaking the belly. And the nice thing about digital work, I can tweak the proportions in various ways. So at any stage, if something looks off, I can easily correct it. So this guy's lower legs look a lil short, well it is trivial to stretch them out. So here he is, my virtual Ogre, rendered in a virtual Greenstuff material. I'll post more updates as I progress. When Z3 comes out, I intend to fully pose and clothe him.
  24. I think the point is, 100pts of x should win/lose against 100pts of y 50% of the time, baring the problems that crop up with uberspecialist troops. And a 50 pt model in one faction, could have wildly different abilities/stats than a 50pt model in another faction. But the combat should come out to 50/50 each time. Having models cost the same from 2 factions doesn't mean they are the same.
  25. 28mm aliens printed on a Perfactory. Sim is shipping me the originals to me, as I have finally found someone who can convert them into something more durable for producing production molds from, and is both reliable and prompt. Okay, I was wrong, Zbrush 2 doesn't export STL. But there are plenty of convertors out there that can transform OBJ ( which ZB2 can export ) into STL http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/ Can import OBJS, and export STLs.
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