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  1. 28mm aliens printed on a Perfactory. Sim is shipping me the originals to me, as I have finally found someone who can convert them into something more durable for producing production molds from, and is both reliable and prompt. Okay, I was wrong, Zbrush 2 doesn't export STL. But there are plenty of convertors out there that can transform OBJ ( which ZB2 can export ) into STL http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/ Can import OBJS, and export STLs.
  2. You're probably thinking of the 3 and 4 axis wax mills, which can't handle complicated shapes in 3d space very well. Great for machining wax rings and other simple shapes. Here are the aliens I've been working on with Sim. He's much more of a pro at this than I am. http://3d-miniature.blogspot.com/ These were produced on a Perfactory 3D printer. Since it prints using layers, it handles overhangs just fine.
  3. That's my eventual plan. <:) Along with a mini holding it.
  4. So first off is the human head. I took a little time to build a proper base mesh, but it's not essential. There is no hair on any of these busts as it ideally would be a seperate 'piece' in terms of the 3d model. For the elf, I quickly softened the wrinkles and some of the more austere features. I went for a more 'poison elf' inspired look than the kind of superhumanly beautiful elves described by Tolkien. Using the move, pinch, and smooth tool, I softened the features a lil, made the lips/palate smaller, and toned down the chin. I also made the head narrower, and raised up the top of the skull, along with given it a larger frontal dome. For the Ogre, I did the opposite. I widened the head, lowered the dome of the skull, widened the nose, and in general made the features larger and coarser. To suggest leathery thick skin, I thickened up the normal facial wrinkles, and added a few more. I made the neck thicker as well. He also has a large underbite, though this doesn't show up well in the front view. You could add a tooth or two, sticking out the side from his bottom lip. Once the human head was done, each of these tweaks took about 15-20 minutes to perform. In Zbrush3, I'll be able to store these all as morphs in one file. I can then choose which one to use, and work on the base body form from there, posing it, sculpting uniforms, etc.
  5. That jangling and rustling you hear is just the chain on the ball.... ;)
  6. Here's another bit I did. The basic shapes was designed in moi3d, and the detail, such as the gem, wing ribbing, and vampire face on the blade was sculpted in Zbrush. I think the work in MOI took longer, since I was designing it off the top of my head. The blade is a lil thin towards the tip to be successfully used as a sword on a 28mm figure. The killer thing about this though, it that it could be printed for use at 28mm, for a 56mm/72mm figure, or at a larger size for a letter opener. :) Next, I'll post of my head studies, all made from the same base mesh, and originally 'human' but tweaked into different creatures. The time I put into the first mesh, is paid back again and again in the variants. I plan on building a 'library' of basic components, that can be assembled, tweaked, and worked into figures. And before people start saying "How is this different than poser?", it's different because I can do a lot more extensive editing and posing of the meshes than poser allows. Slapping together ill-fitting components into a poorly posed character is not what I am intending to do. I plan on building a digital 'conversion' library to produce variants, and from there, be able to detail and tweak them as needed.
  7. Not all production facilities overseas are polluting hellholes. I do hope reaper is doing some investigation into a reliable, environmentally responsible supplier. The facilities in Taiwan and even china can be quite nice and modern. The fact of the matter is, a company producing action figures for many different folks will have reason to invest in the proper air scrubbers as opposed to a small company ( such as reaper ) who is only making one line.
  8. Properly prepared and smoked, they can keep for years!
  9. Then you'd lose weapons all the time. And that takes away from the "Ready to play" aspect. Plus the hilt of any insertable plastic weapon may be too bendy. Of course, it's plastics, so doing your own conversion is super easy and fast.
  10. I don't have anything against what Reaper is doing but I do see a decline in hands on hobbies. And I don't. 10 years ago, your only yarn sources were often whatever junk WalMart carried in their feeble craft section. If you had a Joannes you might be luckier. The dedicated quilt/yarn shop was a scarcity. Nowadays, nearly every small town has one or the other. The internet has made it possible for anyone, anywhere to get what they need, even if their town doesn't carry it. Magazines like Craft and Make were but the feverish dreams of do-it-yourselfers. Nothing like the Craft Mafia, or Knitta Please existed. Now it's everywhere. And as other people mentioned, I've seen the massive growth of minipainting at several gencons. In 2001 it was a pretty small affair, compared to later years. All of this, inspit of the rise of pre-painted plastics.
  11. Even though Knitting, quilting, and other crafts are seeing a MASSIVE resurgence? Look at how many specialty yarn shops there are now compared to 20 years ago! Even in small towns! Craft magazine wouldn't have existed then. Crafts aren't dying, and plastic minis will not kill miniatures. The market will grow and shrink. All Reaper is doing is offering the figures people need to buy a lot of at a great price point. Hate the paintjobs? Repaint them!
  12. Revell has enough production run to be able to afford to make injection molded plastics. While it may not be their heyday, they aren't small potatos either.
  13. Any profitable company has a "War chest" for R&D, startup expenses, etc. Reaper has been spitting out metals for years, so they know how much it takes, etc. So they know the costs involved. So undoubtably, they've been socking some away, and it's from those funds R&D money comes. If you need people to sculpt for a new line, you find them. There are more sculptors out there than Sandra, Bobby, and Werner folks.
  14. Plus, think of them as cheap terrain bitz! ;) Heads on a pike, skeletons hanging in gibbets, casualties. You can afford to hack a plastic apart... ;)
  15. Also procreate is weird... Mix in LESS hardener to make it stiffer, and more hardner to make it softer. :) Did you keep the lil cardboard liner that came in the pack? It lists mixing instructions, ratios, resulting hardness, and other things. :)
  16. Everyone's jumping to conclusions and no one knows anything yet. 1) Mage Knight precisely because it WAS collectible, and Wizkids drastically changed the rules for 2.0, making everyone's rares and existing collections worthless. That's what killed it. Not plastics. They PO'd the fans, and like collectible game, it eventually died out. Reaper is making Skeletons, and Orcs to start. Skeletons and Orcs aren't going away. They will always be useful, to everyone in nearly any wargame or system 2) If plastics WERE cheaper than metals in every case, then GW would have switched entirely to plastics long ago! But they haven't. Plastics are great for things where you need lots of figures, like Skeleton hordes. You don't buy 20 wizards at once, but you do tend to buy a horde of skeletons. And plastics are only economically cheaper for things that you are going to produce a lot of, like hordes of spiders, goblins, orcs, skeletons, etc. They're not gonna sell 20 packs or wizards, or theifs, or 20 PCs, etc. 3) Wotc may come back with non-blind releases for grunts, or may not. But they've set themselves up as a Mageknight. They really can't offer "Ultra-Rare" monsters for purchase by everyone w/o ticking off existing fans. Also, Reaper is targeting the wargames market as well. So it's likely these figs will come pre-painted with square bases, not round like WOTC. This is a minor but big difference. No one is going to buy 20 orcs from WOTC, and saw off and glue them to square bases for use in Warlord or WHFB, or some other games, when Reaper will sell them ready to go. So will everyone stop predicting gloom and doom?
  17. Well, Pixologic has announced Zbrush 3, and it hits the street on May 15th. it's a free upgrade for all 2.0 users, and after release the price will go up. Video of some of the new features: And we're talking a program that's showing MASSIVE speedups. Way more polys on the same hardware, lots of new tools, and you can build and pose characters out of multiple meshes. In anticipation of this, I've been working on my sculpting. I plan to eventually produce a line of fantasy miniatures using these techniques. First up is a orc head. I'm also working on tweaking some of the finer features, but he's mostly done. The geometry is not the best, sculpted on a simple sphere. But, I can always retopo it in zbrush 3, and preserve all the detail. And I can use this head to build full figures. The 2 million poly limit of ZB2 isn't quite enough on my PC though... ;) *OOPS, this orc pic was rendered before I had done the hair.... :D * Next, is a brutish hacking sword. The base shape was modeled in MOI3D, and then detailed in zbrush. All the texturing, runes, and leather wrapping is actual geometry.
  18. Are you using the same stuff I am? I find procreate to be between GS and Brownstuff in hardness. You got a bad batch, or are doing something wrong.
  19. Of course all the good painters will keep on painting after they are dead... Because I will raise them up as Zombies, and have them finish off my unpainted pewter. The only problem is, they'll only paint rotting fleshtones...
  20. But people don't BUY reaper metals for squadsof figs. I mean, Warlord is pretty small potatos compared to other games. People buy the metals for player characters, and the painting hobby. Besides, it getting to expensive to fight LARGE battles with metal figures. I think Wargods of Aegyptus is a great game. But it's too darn expensive! Selling plastics of 'grunts' is not gonna impact Dark Heaven, nor most of the existing Warlord line. People are still going to buy player characters, generals, officers, etc. It's the grunts that kill me. I mean, Warmachine is approaching $5/fig now.... So let's just get them a chance! I know for me, figure costs are incresingly impacting how involved I can get. Back when metals were around $2/fig, I played battlestorm with skeles. Now, I can't afford to do that.
  21. Hey, if someone wants a custom fig done, talk to me again in May. I won't be able to print it in color, but a one-off metal is a definite possibility. :D Could even get it in bronze....
  22. Oh, and I'd kill for some eventual cav plastics as well. I think I will buy a pewter Emperor, because the "Thunk" of that bad boy hitting the table is so much fun... But I also want my swarm of dragonflies! :)
  23. Well, that's the last nail in the coffin of Warlord for me. I don't like being sucked into something cool and then having it changed to crap. It's a very GW thing to do. Take that. So you're going to STOP playing a game because reaper is making it easier to find players who can afford to get into it? Let's face it, costs WILL drive people away. I mean, Warmachine is almost hitting $5/fig for grunts now! And how is it junk if there are plastics? The ruleset is the same. They're gonna be doing something no one else has, easy, off the shelf cannon fodder! Right now, I don't have the time or were-withal to paint every grunt to a high level. I paint leaders, I paint solos, etc. If I can strip the plastics easily and give them a good quick paint job, I will. But the whole "Plastic, ewwww!" has got to stop. I mean really. Details, weight, who cares? Reaper will still produce metals. But my buying habits for wargames has slowed, because I can't afford $100 to put 20 figs on the table. $5 for a single for display? No problem! I'll probably still strip and repaint the plastics. But being able to put out massed units cheaply, w/o dealing with rares and other nonsense, is fine by me! So let's end this elitist snobbery. Those who just want to play, will be able to. Those of us who want to field lots of grunts cheaply, will be able to. And plenty of people who enter the game because of plastics will also want to learn to paint, to convert, and make it their own. This won't attract the CCG/CMG people so much as cash/time strapped wargamers, and it's a different mindset. CCG people are willing to accept that a blue piece of paper is water. Wargamers eventually want to make a model of it, or convert the figs, or paint them better. So get out there, and embrace them with open arms. Invite people in. Show them how to convert and strip plastics. Hurrah! Because it's still just a game, we are all just pushing little glorified green army men around the board!
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