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  1. Probably gonna drive up with todd or solo with my own car on the 16th and either get my own room at the BW or roomshare would be super awesome :D
  2. my coolpics 4600 is finally dieing on me and I need some sort of replacement. I was thinking video camera as a suitable replacement/upgrade though I know nothing of video cameras. Can anyone shed some light on a good video camera that can capture the fine detail of painted minis? I think video gives a better true-to-life feeling of a miniature it it moves around a bit. thanks! :)
  3. Reapercon totally slipped my mind this year x.x could anyone offer me a place to sleep this year? I can pay for it of course and/or paint a mini as a form of gratitude :)
  4. just wondering where most of the out of towners are staying, currently eyeing up the Lake Dallas Best Western. I think that is the one I remember lots of con goers have stayed at in previous years. please correct me if I'm wrong :)
  5. African elephant skin(all colors are RMS colors unless specified): Basecoat: 1:1:1 of shadowed stone, intense brown and weathered stone Highlight: 1:1 of intense brown and weathered stone Shadow: 1:1 of shadowed stone and intense brown 'Pop' Highlight: pure weathered stone 'Pop' Shadow: 1:1 of shadowed stone and intense brown and a tiny bit of P3 Coal Black
  6. I'll post pics later if I can snag good ones. it does truely look awesome though! give it a try. it's super easy.
  7. put some super glue on the base where you want ice/melted snow and cover with either grainulated pure cane sugar or salt(what I use). looks great and dries shiny! don't use drying accelerator unless you like green ice :) PS: don't use your good brushes to apply the super glue, use something like a toothpick or a coffee stirring thing from mcdonalds or something.
  8. read the other review and it was much more comprehensive than mine :) the only thing I don't really agree on is the painting like another artist thing. this is just my personal opinion but I think everyone should find their own unique style and simply modify and incorporate other techniques into their own style.
  9. I have yet to see Hot Lead But I'll pick it up eventually just to complete my collection :)
  10. I don't keep a notebook for that kinda thing, I sound like a freak when I say this but I can remember all the colors I've used on miniatures that I've painted. if I tracked the time on minis I'd probably get upset at how long it takes me to paint faces :(
  11. jeremie's DVD set is by far my favorite! he gave an explanation as to why and lets you go find your own colors to use. instead of saying "exact paint name" he says a warm or cold brown/red/etc to help you figure stuff out yourself.
  12. in my experience P3 = reaper pro series more or less. the P3 metallics are much more lustrous than RMS and the P3 reds cover very well! similar to that of RPS.
  13. @awong: the last two DVDs are devoted to painting an entire mini, no commentary, just her, a paint brush and some elevator music. the rest of the DVDs are devoted to the classic techniques (Painting hair, painting NMM, etc.) she says she uses this color and this color for highlights and this one for shadows, etc. she goes into a little bit of a breakdown when she discusses NMM but not too much. with freehand she says "I usually start with practicing the design on paper a few times and then try on the miniature"
  14. ok, here's a review for anyone interested in natalya melnik's DVD set. initial thoughts: wow lots of DVDs! there must be lots of info on these! well we'll see when we watch. I whole mini from start to finish recorded, interesting! 15 hours of info! still have me interested! lets bust the shrink wrap and get started! initial quality: great quality! great timing on the translations! and awesome music! after 2 hours of watching and random skipping around: mmm...not really getting much out of this, she states what she uses like countless "other" tutorials but gives no reason as to 'why' she uses what she uses. she stated that she uses milliput to "smooth out the surface of the mini" not too much good info so far unless you're a painter that uses verbatim recipes. after watching the whole thing: not very impressed...she doesn't really 'teach' much other than "this is how I paint, watch me do it". I honestly had to speed up the "paint a whole mini on this DVD set" as it was a total snooze fest. I even had to speed up the already sped up footage to not fall asleep. final thoughts: I didn't really get much out of this DVD set and I'm kinda disappointed honestly. sure there's 5 DVDs but a good chunk is taken up with the paint-a-mini thing. maybe it's just because I've seen just about every tutorial and trick in this hobby but I didn't gain much from it. I'd recommend this set for anyone that can learn from pure observation with no actual teaching involved. sorry if this seems harsh but that's how I feel. enjoy for those that can. ~Mathew Baich~
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