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  1. I received mine today!! Fruggs, the dwarf is awesome. Thank you so much! I can't wait to show him off. The pics you posted were great, and he's even better in person I'm still trying to get mine wrapped up. I've had a massive, unexpected, job change/move 500 miles away. . We're in the process of trying to get our house ripped apart while trying to get him finished up. Hopefully this weekend will allow a couple hours to get things done. Depmat
  2. Got mine and getting stuff ordered today. . ... thanks Erin. . .
  3. depmat

    Teal Wagga

    Meg, This little guy is great. I've been off the boards for a couple weeks trying to get back in the mode of being school so I've missed the WIP's. Looks like I've got a bunch of catching up to do. I always enjoy seeing your work. Great Job!!!
  4. So now that I've successfully gotten started back in school as of this week and, with trying to maintain some sanity at work and with my wife and kids, I've finally gotten some small bit of painting in. I've really been playing with this one to some degree to figure out what colors I like and how I like them. As I said originally, I am looking to accomplish kind of a rusty orange look. I've also managed to get some yellowish undertones which I kind of like. Not sure that they show up real well in the photos, but in person, I'm fairly happy with them. I'm continuing to highlight the painted areas while also starting to play around with ideas to work on the fur with. I've not really started trying to finish anything out on the face as well. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. .
  5. thank you, thank you, thank you for this. . . I've already passed the link to all my guys who work for me. . We needed a laugh this week.
  6. Meg, this is looking great. The green has turned out wonderful. I've spent some time working on getting comfortable with hair and hair colors. I like your choices and I the highlighting a lot. Definitely something for me to remember when I start working on my next piece. It has lots of hair so I should be able to get a lot of good practice in. Thanks. . .
  7. the pieces that I have done to this point have all been primed in black, so I'm interested to see how it goes as well. From some of the things that I've read, it sounds like the lighter the color primer, the easier to pick the details out. I'm excited to work with it.
  8. Ok. So I'm still pretty new to the mini universe. After hanging around the forums and seeing all awesome work that everyone is producing, I finally bit the bullet and started something larger than a GW plastic dwarf. This is my first Reaper mini, so I'm excited to finally get to work on one. This is also my first real attempt at basing to any real extend. When I originally saw this mini I had a flashback to my wonderful years of comic book collecting. It immediately reminded me of the Sasquatch character that was in several of the Marvel comics. At this point, I'm thinking of sticking close to their orange/rust colored scheme, however, it's subject to change. I've gotten it to the point of being satisfied with the base itself and I've gotten it primed. I may end up adding to it a little more once I get things going with it, but we'll see how it goes. Moving forward will probably be a little slow as I'm back in school as of next week. However, I'm hoping to keep on it as much as possible. I'm open to ideas and suggestions so please take a look at the pics and let me know what you think.
  9. depmat


    Welcome to the boards Hobbitmom. There are a lot of extremely talented people here and they are a blast to learn from. Enjoy!!
  10. Congrats. . my wife and I just had our 15th this week. Best wishes for many years to come.
  11. This is an awesome set of minis. I love the freehand. They are a fantastic set.
  12. I'm in with the others. I love the color selection. I agree with VV on the straps as, I think lining would help with the straps on the front of the dress. I like the color, but I think lining would help to bring out a little more definition. Overall, great work so far.
  13. I'm right there with you. That does add a nice, bright spot to the day. .
  14. PM sent I'm still pretty new to things, but I'm game for the challenge. thanks for organizing things CBP!
  15. depmat

    working on Dwarfs

    I've enjoyed working on them, just for the fact that there's plenty of them to learn on. Plus my daughter was interested in starting to learn to paint as well, so there were plenty to go around. I am getting ready for something different though. . .Just for a change of pace. Hoping to go shopping this week. . . .
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