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  1. Perhaps your paint was not mixed thoroughly enough? I am not an experienced user so that's all i can say =)
  2. I used it for a couple years, it's great for priming lots of figs effectively because of the amount you get. The coat is not amazingly smooth, but it's definitely a good primer. I now use tamiya, but that comes in tiny bottles.
  3. Thanks Loim. I saw those sites in my search but I wasn't sure of the conversion between say an 8/0 and a high grit. I'll check them out!
  4. I'm thinking 1000 and upwards. Any knowledge is welcome, thanks =)
  5. Good work there mate, you've got good contrast going. Now you need to work on your blends! The sword looks very convincing if I squint, but that's because it's too rough. The placement is there, just not the blends.
  6. Very good so far; I like the senmm type metals.
  7. Bravo sir, bravo. Yet another source of inspiration for sculpted display backdrops. The story this figure tells is just awesome.
  8. After seeing this guy in person, all I can say is wow. He was probably one of the top 5 minis in the show! An unlucky category placement aside, I absolutely love this fig. I am going to try my hand very soon at these milliput bases and water. This piece is just so atmospheric it's hard not to stare at. Great work Aaron.
  9. If I didn't know better I'd say those were real turbines =P
  10. If I were to use any primer it would be Tamiya fine surface.... but others will swear by Duplicolor, Krylon, GW, Armory, etc. Honestly they're all good so I'd just give one a shot. As for the fig, yes just bring up your highlights across the board. the knee plates are my favorite part as of yet, but I can't see his shoulders that well. And make sure that face is expressive!
  11. Before I advise... are you using primer at all? If not, it's a really good idea. It allows you to see details clearly and provides a good grip for paint. Ok: I think the metal looks great right now, it is very dirty and grungy. There don't appear to be many bright highlights, but then again I don't know how far along you are. I guess I'll have to keep watching! =)
  12. Well with cork, you get that signature rough texture, so it's sort of hard to replace. I am discovering the wonders of milliput nowadays, and I would highly recommend that (1000 times better than Green Stuff for me). You could use real rocks but then you can't pin a fig onto them. I also remember a tutorial by Mike mcVey I think about layering some sort of putty to create wonderful shale. I'll get back to you. EDIT: Here we are. It was by Peter iforgothislastname =P. http://coolminiornot...article/aid/367
  13. Well done, the zenithal lighting is spot on. I'll echo what's been said already: more contrast, and that the base is not a display base. Though a base doesn't have to be display style, it's a shame to see such a beautiful figure on classic cork and flock :P.
  14. Haha yeah I really like this guy but I abandoned him sometime back. Hopefully I finish him soon! Thanks for the praise guys. I planned to enter him to gc, but just ran out of time and motivation!
  15. I like your paintjob a lot. I think the metals look good, but too bright for an orc. Some juices of brown or grey liner would help with contrast and grunge, I think. The parts on his gauntlet where you did rust are very well done though, they just need to be more noticeable and spread out imo. Great work on the rest, he's one of your best!
  16. Good stuff! Keep at it, you've got skill.
  17. Haha nothing's happening, just painting a lot. GenCon always gets me inspired i guess. Yeah I'll see if I can find you a link or something. What's poppin with you bro?

  18. is preparing for Gencon.... 2011!

  19. Huzzah! No but really great job, he's a really wonderful fig. It's a shame I couldn't find him a that Rackham booth =(
  20. HAHA man.... I can't wait to see you next year. Great work on the mini, I wonder if you remember my critiques?
  21. Hey didn't I meet you and your drunken buddy? Great work, get him to post his guardian of fom nur!
  22. Yeah everyone at Reaper is very helpful and friendly! I love especially getting to talk to the management and my fellow painters. I know I talked with Lyn and GreyHorde for a while, and had a long convo with Aaron. Good times man
  23. I like the colors and the idea a lot, but the blends do need work. I like where it's going!
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