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  1. Mine was shipped Wednesday I think? When you receive it let me know (I left a note). PM or post =)
  2. Oh then that's okay, I'll let it be a surprise. Thanks!
  3. Mine is done, should have it out ASAP. We can say who it's for here, right?
  4. Sorry for the long delay fellas, commissions and real life are really getting in the way. I will do my best, but painting in general is taking a backseat.
  5. Good pop to the fig, though I agree that the sleeves would be better in purple. Because these guys are so small, we need to strengthen contrast so they eye can pick it up. So push those highlights and shadows deeper.
  6. Thanks mouse! Stubbdog: here are the color recipes. Face- Basecoat 75:25 Rosy Shadow:GW Scorched Brown. Highlight with Rosy shadow, rosy skin, and linen white sparingly. Shade with bright red added to the basecoat mix, concentrating on the cheeks and nose. This is also a sparing mix. Deep shadows add brown liner to basecoat. Beard- Basecoat Ghost White. Highlight reaper Pure White, then Liquitex Titanium White. Shade with cloudy grey. An update later, I hope!
  7. Oh yeah, I'm a guy. My avatar just shows my appreciation for good painting! Thanks for the compliments,
  8. Thanks for the kind words! Here I have basecoated his shoulders in steel, and done the faces in gold. I spilt a little on his beard tassel, but that's easily fixed. Gold still needs more shadows, I am going for colder ones.
  9. Chances are you're squeezing too hard. Often the consequences don't manifest until a few seconds later. Use a pin to completely clear the nozzle, and then squeeze ever so gently.
  10. OK. Face and beard both nearing completion. Comments and critiques encouraged. Also if you really want to know colors, please ask. Thanks!
  11. I took a 3 week painting hiatus. Instead of the usualy constant daydreams about which figure to paint and how, I focused on sports, academics, and girls! I must say, the social improvement is remarkable. And yet... I can't stay away too long. My inspiration will always come back. So, here's Thorvin. I have till January to do my paint exchange, which has to be Reaper if I'm not mistaken. So I'm hoping this fella will get me warmed up.
  12. My entry has yet to be started.... I hate painter's block. But hey, I have till January, right?
  13. In my opinion it could go either way. From a realistic standpoint maybe not so much, but from a stylized one..... yeah baby. On a second look, I'd advise you to work some more subtle warm browns in there, right now it's very cold.
  14. LOL, as one of the newer members of the plinthe crowd, I grudgingly will admit you're right Doug. It's cliched, but I still like it. And the mushrooms, again, same principle.
  15. I was looking just a minute ago at some of the Mcvey bases where they will cut a quarter of the base away and have an overhang. Not saying that just because it's Mcvey work it's god quality, but it was an effective technique that gave the impression of chaos or disorder. Much like jacketboss was going for that hilly uneven ground. Don't get me wrong; I'm firmly a member of the wood block club, but I definitely see the merit in both ways of doing things.
  16. Inquisitor, Malvernis. "The Weary 'Traveler'..." I'm hoping that this qualifies as the "side-by-side" pic?If not please let me know and it'll be fixed. Best of luck to all, I love the nightmare before christmas one (and the rest of course).
  17. Great freehand on that elf fella, I like it! The green is a bit flat, and could use both liberal shading and highlighting. Nice work though. The Queen looks nice too, and wow I just noticed the senmm on those greaves, superb work. Great contrast and evenness, I am awed.
  18. Nice work with the osl, the mini looks great. One thing regarding that though; until I read that the light was coming from the sword, I didn't know what I was looking at. Maybe brighten the sword a bit.
  19. Very solid mini. The blends got a lot better from the wip (your wip right?) and it's turned into a wonderfully classic figure. The darklining helps it pop, but the face's shading is sudden. Great work.
  20. Tabletop, that's great. They really are dwarfy, I especially like the green robed one. Very classic fantasy IMO. I'd be thrilled to have those on the table.
  21. Much better! The cloth now looks like it was meant to be bright, rather than accidentally so. I think the value of the highlights is getting there, but the application is a bit chalky, and could do with some more glazing and smoothing. Brighter I say, brighter!
  22. To be honest, I don't know what's highlight and what's light in the pic. I can see the shadows, but there's too much glare to tell about lights. As for the eyes.... keep plugging away! Do, and do again.
  23. I like the neutral colors, gives her a nice worn mercenary look. I think the lining is a touch thick in some places but it's a very nice job.
  24. Nice job with those. I especially like the sunlight on the air guy.
  25. OK, painted a lot of the silver areas, now is where I'm gonna begin weaving in the strory elements, mainly the blood. I really have to stop using blood as a default, but here I think it works! Blood on sign, ominous figure with bloody weapon (and mask!), moonlight, halloween, ergo town has been wiped out. but hey, let me know if I'm right. Also need to fix his chest bandolier, too harsh.
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