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  1. Yes, They have art of what the finished product will look like.
  2. Just added a pretty cool Dragon add on sculpted by Julie Guthrie.
  3. About $400 away from the next unlock. I want that Jackal Priest as well.
  4. Funded. Now on to some Egyptian Undead goodies from the second faction which is actually what I am interested in.
  5. There are also stretch goals that allow you to get much of their current stock at a discount. If you have missed previous Kickstarters but were looking to get into the game now is a good time. $40 bucks could get you a starter and the Living rulebook.
  6. papabees

    The Terran Starhawk V (aka Templar Warhawk) CAV!

    That Warhawk is really growing on me.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dgsgames/snakes-and-skulls-freeblades-fantasy-miniatures?ref=user_menu I couldn't find this listed yet so here we go. DGS has a great history with Kickstarter and these new factions are a fun little twist on the norm. Take a look and see if it tempts your fancy.
  8. papabees

    Help Finding a Miniature

    Ordered the Elven Hunting Cat today. Thanks for all the help!!
  9. papabees

    Help Finding a Miniature

    That Elven Hunting Cat is pretty cool and looks very feral. Definitely a possibility. Grump, which one is the pic at the very bottom? That looks good as well.
  10. papabees

    Help Finding a Miniature

    Hello. I play Freeblades from DGS Games (Awesome Fantasy Skirmish game by the way!) and I am looking for a proxy. While I love their minis, this one in particular just leaves me wanting: https://www.dgsgames.com/product/witchcat/ Anyone know of a good proxy from any line. I'm thinking a Panther type mini but am open to any cool cats in 32mm. I checked Reaper's Figure Finder and basically came up with a tiger that was OK but might be a little small. Help me Reaper Community. You're my only hope.
  11. papabees

    28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    this is a solid generic ruleset that allows for vees and troops. Nice sandbox game. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/154500/victory-decision-future-combat/mygames/collection
  12. papabees

    Mystic Circle

    Excellent. I had a hard time finding the Crypt as well. I have Dragons don't share and know about the Crypt and Mystic Circle. Any other big terrain pieces?
  13. I can't find this in the store. Is it available yet?
  14. papabees

    US-IMF : 28mm & 15mm Sci-fi Armour

    There models are fantastic. And I love 15mm. Going to have to take a close look.
  15. papabees


    Did this part of the forum go away with the upgrade? It no longer shows up when I log in?