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  1. Hey CAVBoss, (I know you always hate it when I start posts like this ) Any chance of getting the Reapers legs set a bit wider on the final production model? The pose seems a bit static and since it's fast approaching in the unlocks I'd love to see it standing looking like it was getting ready to unleash missile hell.
  2. Also, any model can be used with any faction. However, there are faction doctrines (perks if you will) that you can only use if your entire force is made of that factions models. That is the official line. Obviously what you and your buddies decide to do on your table is up to you.
  3. How are the seam lines on the missile door covers? and can you model them all closed or is it two and two?
  4. Sweet. Good choice on the first tank models as the Despots were never made in actual 10mm. It will be nice to have those models in the right scale.
  5. Not looking good for these. I thought it might be tough to fund. While they look nice, they still look like tiles and if I have to have tiles anyway why not buy heroscape off ebay for a lot less.
  6. Hmmm. with a little love you might even be able to use these for Psyros.
  7. The new rules will have options to build your own CAVs... well build everything actually.
  8. and legs that couldn't possible function...lol. Nah it's actually OK. I just wish the legs were more like the Ronin's or Regent's.
  9. Starhawk 6 - Agreed! Katana - You must have hit your head after posting about the Hawk 6 because this thing is butt ugly
  10. I've always jumped in at the end of any previous Kickstarter's I've done so I am unfamiliar with how they have trended. I wonder if the mold for a larger model is substantially more or if say a hobbit mold for bones and a CAV mold for bones are similar in price.
  11. Grrr... seems like it starting to slow a bit.
  12. We'll if Wheedon was on board i think they'd be ok. I'm always a fan of good writing.
  13. -- You get me 3 million in pledges and I will see what I can do ;-) Deal.
  14. I may be off but I believe that you can run whatever but if you have a force made up of particular forces then there are perks that you receive based on your chosen faction. So you have a carrot to play a specific force but are by no means required to. Which I really like.
  15. For what it's worth I'd love me some 15mm CAV :) The vees would be what I was after though. Chieftains and Banshees.
  16. We can't get Firefly back on the air but we may get the Tick. I just don't know what Networks are thinking sometimes. http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/entertainment-eonline/20140902/b575025/
  17. I was just curious how you came to this conclusion, since, based on the faction list here: http://www.talon-games.com/newcavs/MODELLIST.pdf The core force breaks down as follows: Tiamat - Ritterlich - Fire Support Halberd - Templar - Attack Razor - Malvernis - Recon Specter - Malvernis - Fire Support Assassin - Malvernis - Attack Wight - Malvernis - Attack Cougar - Ritterlich - Attack Dictator - Rach - Attack There are no Terrans in the core force and only 1 of the 8 are Rach. I'd love to see all Terran and Rach, but unless I'm looking at the wrong faction list, that doesn't seem to be the way it's going at all. I was mainly looking at the unlocks. The core force is a copy of molds they already had but the new addons have all been Rach ot Terran (or used to be unless something as changed).
  18. It looks as though so far there is a pretty Rach centric and Terran centric focus so hopefully we will see the Starhawk VI come up shortly . Oh my goodness, in my enthusiasm I almost used the "S" word.
  19. It's the first with tanks, infantry, and aircraft as well.
  20. I'm also hoping for the most part that the pegs match so that hot swapping arms is easy peazy.
  21. Gunz, I was amused by how different your profile pic is here than over at CBT.com. If you can dig up the original rule book it has some info and you might also look here: http://www.reapermini.com/Games/CAV
  22. I'm starting to wonder if I'll see my CAV bones from Reaper before I see wave 2 from Palladium.
  23. And no type of update from Palladium to update us as to the package now being en-route. I just don't understand those folks. There are so many simple things they could do that would make it easier on themselves.
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