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  1. Actually I like the Malvies as number two. Not sure what that says about me when the Templars and the Malvies bookend what I like
  2. hmm, I wonder why p-65 went away?
  3. Look at Girot's picture. He's totally a Cylon
  4. -- You need to give me your user name and we can die together. Though Im stuck with Titanfall right now. I got the special edition with the big plastic model and want one for real! :-) Not surprisingly, it is Papabees. I share it with my son though so if a 11 yr old answers don't panic.
  5. Don't sweat it CAVBOSS. When I play Battlefield 3 I'm only good with my M16 for about 40 yards anyway (stinkin game)
  6. CC was always a bit more abstract in CAV. A unit had a close assault score, per se, that represented melee and blazing away at short range with auto shotguns and such. The scores were compared and some rolling was done and you had your results.
  7. Maybe I misinterpreted the post, but how does one have any idea whether or not a models battlefield function changed without referring to previous rules (in my mind when i say this I think rulebooks, which to me include the fluff as well)? As to your question specifically, I was speculating that maybe the Kraken digital file was one that went by-by. **edited to make coherent sense at 6ish in the morning.
  8. Wowsers. Some of the seam lines are really rough. I'll probably be sanding off some details to cover them up.
  9. Templar all the way baby. Cleanse the galaxy of the heathen and charge them interest while you do it
  10. Love the models. I would like to see most of the legs in a wider more dynamic stance like the Cataphract. (I'm sure CAVBOSS is sighing as he reads this)
  11. Look, regardless of the hows and whys, the previous incarnations of CAV for all intents and purposes have no support. If someone wants to play them, awesome they are there to play. I think that as we approach the new game the best way to make it an enjoyable experience is to view it in isolation from previous rulesets, fluff included. Most of the old guard will likely be able to look at "X" and say they liked it better in the old version (myself included) but at this point I think that's water under the bridge. Now as to the models themselves, I think it was mentioned somewhere that some of the digital files for the models had been corrupted so in some cases they are required to create "new" models.
  12. My one issue with CAV historically has been how it has treated Gunships. They have always actually been more like Jets. I have difficulty looking at something like that and seeing it hover around the battlefield like a helicopter/grav type thing. It looks like a fighter to me which would make strafing passes. I've always thought of gunships more along these lines: http://zhangx.deviantart.com/art/Space-Ship-02-326915361 http://zhangx.deviantart.com/art/daily-practice20110730-245448770 I'd really rather see something like this as a rule add on, kinda like Alpha Strike does with aerospace fighters. You have an abstract airmap and if your fighter gets to space zero (which is the ground map) then you can make a ground attack that turn. Then the fighters would only need to scale to each other. That said, if one of these was sold at 4" I would buy it for the cool factor but I'd certainly not use many of them on the table. I think a good size was the old true scale Ghasts.
  13. Just make sure you use $30 in singles.
  14. I also think heroscape in now OOP.
  15. I look at this and it's a typical FF game to me. I never worry about the quality but count on it being overpriced. Looks like about a $50 game to me. And Star Trek Attack wing kinda scratches this itch for me. Now if they did a BSG Xwing type game I might be in trouble.
  16. The Ritter are on their own world. Yay. I always thought the two races on one world was a little silly.
  17. -- They were. I just felt some of them were to "big" for that purpose and as I needed some dropships...I repurposed them! So assuming stretch goals are reached will the models actually be larger than the old true scale ones?
  18. Majorly cool. The Malvernus looks like he is saying "Come at me Bro!".
  19. And now the shipment got flagged by customs. lol. Par for the course.
  20. I had to set up an account to download them. It said my order was processed but I have yet to receive any directions or an email of a pdf.
  21. Thanks for turning me on to this. Sounds like you and I are on almost the same page. I jumped in at the last minute for the ten dollar pledge.
  22. CAVboss stated earlier they will come with plastic hexbases.
  23. If it's like their other games, Mantic will publish the rules free online. Rules will be shown tomorrow. *waits* By shown tomorrow do you mean explained a bit or available as a download?
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